A Herbal Winter Tea Collection

I spent all Spring, Summer & Autumn foraging in the wilderness for wild herbs. I’ve been lucky enough to have dried a full Winter’s stock of collected herbs for tea infusions. I ordered some self loading tea bags, and presto, ready to go! I can make all my own combinations and I know exactly what is in my tea, and that’s really important to me. I get to regulate yet another food item I can control to give me peace of mind. My favorite this year is the wild mint that grows along our lake shore, it’s amazing! I dried rhubarb, diced orange & lemon slices, ginger and wild strawberries to go additionally into the herb teas. Should be a cozy winter, I’m ready… bring on the snow!


About Aldora

Come sit a spell, and have a cup of tea. For a Kitchen Witch is what I be – Ever minding the rule of three… Blessed Be Aldora Dawn
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