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I am a Gypsy Fortune Teller by Heritage, Living life as a Pagan Wiccan (by Heritage as well!)

Here is a WITCHY QUIZ I took to help you get to know me better!

1) how do you label yourself as a witch? (Pagan, Wiccan, Eclectic Solitary Witch, Green Wiccan, Asatru/Heathen?)

I am Solitary as I practice my Pagan religion as an individual, rather than as a member of a larger organization. I take Eclectic meaning that I have been shaped and molded by numerous other traditions. I believe all things are interconnected and that the earth is sacred. Every being has the freedom of choice and is solely responsible for the positive and negative consequences of those choices. A Kitchen Witch as my magical tools can be found in my kitchen, my cooking is magically delicious and have studied Herbalism for decades, I garden and Wildcraft my own herbs, therefore I can I identify as a Green Witch. I am connected to my Gypsy Heritage as I have great intuition for readings. So I must be an Eclectic Solitary Pagan Gypsy Green Kitchen Witch?

2) do you believe in or follow any gods, goddesses, entities? If so, which ones?

Mother Nature is my Deity, the Creatress of all life, the Triple Goddess ( Maiden, Mother, and Crone).

3) name three simple things that make you feel like a witch:

– Wax Scrying for clients is a very powerful feeling of Divination for me.

– Any time I’m in the Kitchen creating and entertaining guests.

– The power of using Positive and Negative energies. Using the Positive and avoiding the Negative!

4) are there any aspects of witchcraft which you excel in or have a stronger pull towards? (herbs, candle magic, healing, animal magic?)

A Kitchen Witch definitely. The power and magic of creating food can be very intense. When I’m cooking and creating new dishes, I can feel the power of Positive energy flowing through me and being absorbed by all my guests.

5) what is your stance on curses?

I would never even think about putting a curse on anyone, I think that’s just bad Witchcraft – more for the dark arts. What ever you cast out comes back to you threefold. Just like the saying what comes around – goes around. If you touch everyone in a positive way – your life will truly be enriched!

6) how many people (if any) know that you do witchcraft?

Very few. All of my closest friends know. Aldora Dawn is my alias, my Wiccan name. I can’t wait for the day when my belief is widely accepted amongst the other “religions” of the world.

7) what age did you start practicing witchcraft?

When I was 15…. So 26 years ago!

8) are you pulled closer to the light or darkness of witchcraft?

I don’t see light and dark in witchcraft, I use the term Positive and Negative energies. The craft is a reflection of the person and their intent. And I think I’ve made myself pretty clear being on the Positive (lighter) side of the craft.

9) name your favorite animal, plant and color to work with in magic.

– Cats & toads. I’ve had many Witchy cats that were very spiritual, but I’ve always collected frogs – even as a kid I always had live ones in jars as pets! I adore my stuffed African toad 🙂

– Fresh Basil for sure, I create with it most often. Picking wildflowers would be a close second.

– Purple or black are definitely tied. Black is cozy, safe and protective. Purple is spiritual,  and brings a very powerful feeling and connection to my female spirituality.

10) do you have any witchy friends where you live?

Mostly, it’s just me.

11) is your spell work done formally (all planned out with specific clothes and rituals done before starting) or done on the spur of the moment?

I live by the spur of the moment, and what feelings are being driven from within at the time.

12) have you made your own tools before? If so which ones?

I have a collection of hand carved wooden spoons which I like to find at sales and sand down re-furbish and bring to life. I tumble my own precious gemstones, and make my own candles from beeswax.

13) what are some talents that you have that don’t pertain to your spiritual self? (singing, dance, artwork)

I paint, sketch & sculpt clay figurines.

I write stories and poems & cookbooks.

Create beautiful Stained Glass.

Digital Arts Specialist.


10 Responses to Aldora’s Tab

  1. Vanessa says:

    Hi, I have a question do you know what witches’ hat,witches forks and witches broom mean on palms?

  2. londa says:

    this is an awesome site thank you so much do you know why everyone is fighting.. angry…unbalanced the planets are un balanced i’m sure that has something to do with it but there are a lot of people ota sorts look forward to hearing from you and yes i’m a gypsy magic lady myself..

  3. christina says:

    Hi, my name is christina and I had a question to ask. Recently i have become spiritual however before all that happen it began when I was younger I felt like I was drawn to witchcraft. I believe in it and i respect it so much i never believe in doing harm to no one. Ifeel as if this is my calling i feel it within my soul.

  4. Dearbhaille says:

    Hi there,
    Firstly I’d like to thank you for creating this site and taking the time to acknowledge our queries.
    Recently I have become more familiar with witchcraft and it has become apparent that I myself have many of the attributes of a witch,potentially based on my heritage,but from my dad.Both of us share dreams,healing,intuition and a connection to loved ones who have passed.My father is very private and doesn’t divulge much about his abilities,but noticed them in me.I myself was very sceptical before but I feel that finally I make sense in the world.I have since moved back into my family home temporarily and perhaps it is because I am closer to my dad,but my dreams are clearer and a stray cat has adopted me as her human and sits on my bedroom window sill morning noon and night.This has always been the case mainly with birds and cats.My question is,how do you advise I should progress and find out more about myself?I’m still feeling a little lost as to how I can find out more.I am sorry for rambling by the way,it is just exciting to see others feel the same.Thank-you again.

    • Aldora says:

      Dearbhaille – you are doing exactly what you should be – living and moving forward with your dreams. Don’t push it as it is all coming naturally to you. Embrace it and each day you will grow with it. Aldora

  5. Luka Lokmer says:

    Hello my name is Luka.I am a 15 year old boy that got instrested in witchery from a minecraft mod(sounds stupid…).Anyway,I cannnot practice wichery as my family are a strong christianity belivers…I have a hard life as school bothers me alot.Everybody considers me as a freak and nobody respects me as a person…I often have suicidal thoughts but tought of becomeing a witch someday keeps me alive.I am not a huge Harry Potter fan so I don’t want to become a witch becouse of that but becouse I want to protect the nature around me.Non the less I have a few questions I have to ask you:
    1.Can a male become a witch?
    2.What type of witchery should I practice?I love animals,plants,moon and wildlife in general.I find night time as the most beautiful part of the day.I am not a huge fan of cats nor toads but I adore cranes and owls(all bird in general I love them).I am also strictly againts negative witchery as I have always had a soft heart.
    3.How do I become a pagan?Do I have to do something special to abadon christianity?
    Thank you for reading this message till the end.You really did inspire me to press on with my dream.

    • Luka Lokmer says:

      I don’t understand,how does one simply turn from christianity to paganism,is there some kind of a ritual or do I just start “beliving in paganism”.I don’t want my whole life to base around paganism if I didn’t become on.It’s really confusing…:(

      • Luka Lokmer says:

        I also have a few new questions,please don’t hate me for bothering you :).
        1.I read that a witch has to have a wiccan name.So how do I come up with mine?
        2.How do I deal with frustration when someone uses witchcraft as a joke and makes fun of it.
        3.I didnt come from a wiccan family so does that mean I am simply not gifted for witchcraft and have absolutly no enchanting or and divination powers?If I am not gifted there is simply no way of me becoming a witch right?(I still think I can become one tho…)
        4.Is there a way of me getting an owl as a pet.I really adore them and they are my favorite animal becouse they(to me) represent night time,moon,wisdom and many more thing which I really love.

  6. Hello everyone i never new that i was a witch until i gone through a horrible fine place in my life were i lost my father first and than i was loosing my husband and loosing everything long stoy short is that i been married for 16 years now but a year ago me husband separated from each other to find out were i ment a person who believes in SANTA MUERTE she told me that i needed help that witch craft was done to me and my family bad to separated me and my husband and for me to loos everything to my 4 kids and husband and home cars than die than for my husband to die of a heart acc for loosing me and our kids to go with my mom well all this was dont to ous by my mom and my husband mom my mother that i remember when i was little use to read cards for pepole and do work and my grandmother use to heal others well back to the lady that has SANTA MUERTE she said she can help me and she did and than i find out i was born with SANTA MUERTE has she was in my pic when i was getting married to my husband 16 years ago and she was in white happy as can be the lady that told me so happens to be a witch thats has SANTA MUERTE well after all this long story short i found out i was born with gifts and i am a witch its in my family blood and on my husband side as well i now that i did cleansing to my body and my family thanks to my SANTA MUERTE ME AND MY HUSBAND ARE BACK TOGETHER MORE STRONG THAN EVER went through the worst of the worst but was left to die last but i over came it all found out my mother is a bad witch did promises that they told me but of what i dobt know and she hated me bad but live the rest of my sisters was working on me to hurt me i still dont know why to this day why she hates me so bad and disowned me for i became now a witch and never made since when she was one to and now she denies it and she says she is with all god dont get me wrong i also believe in god but also in my SANTA MUERTE and my ancestors and now i am proud of what i am and proud to be a witch weather or not anyone likes it and since i found out my family is way better off with no problems and i am on top of everything the only thing is i dont know what typ of witch i am i love doing candle work herbs cooking i work with animals i do tattoos and cleansing on my family in my home learning how to card read i can sense peoples vibs and Energies to bad or good or if they lie to me i just know and i can since pepole thoughts some times tell them things were they are shock were i even shock my self since i was little i always been this way amd i can even feel bad spirts to good ones and were i can here or deep them and i am not crazy i have my own dog breeding business and i can not stand the heat only cold love the nights and love to be out in the wildness with animals i have horses to chickens and much more love all animals but i am still learning how to be a witch and go protect my family at all times from the bad but what i want to know is what typ of witch i am they said i can work both ways but i am not here to hurt anyone will help anyone that needed me to all kids my husband befor we got back together he also went to a white witch she told him the same thing what my witch friend told me about what our mothers did to us that they did not wanted us together and that his white witch told him i was a witch to and it shock him so when he came back to me he had told that he new everything and its ok he loves me for me and our kids so to all my sister witches that read this if u can help me in way would be great thank u all sorry so long Blessed Be All

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