Fortune’s Told & Wise Woman Client Counseling

One Time Email Session $20 (CLICK THE DONATE BUTTON AND SUBMIT $20)
In one email, you may ask me any questions. Tell me a little about yourself and any concerns you may have. (Sometimes it may take a few emails for us to go through your questions if I need more information). Pay $20 through the “donate” PayPal tab on the right hand panel. Be sure to put a return email address at the bottom of your email. You will receive a very personal thorough email in return based on what you have asked. This is very personal and follows all the basis of my regular clientele code of ethics which are stated below. I am the owner of this website and a sole practitioner – I will be the only one in correspondence with you! (Don’t confuse this with teaching – this is counseling.)

Option 2: Becoming a Regular Client: $60/week – (CLICK THE DONATE BUTTON AND SUBMIT $60)
(includes an initial client questionnaire  and brief history/bio) – Upon approval of the initial email set up (meet & greet) I will take you on as a new client. I will in turn be available to you through email to answer all your questions. Writing your thoughts, concerns & questions into an email is easier for some than meeting face to face or being in a group setting. It’s easy, fast & efficient! Want answers about life direction, hardships, advice, counseling, & spirituality? As a Solitary Elder and Wise Woman – I have 22 years of experience of holistic counseling, a Medic by profession & a Herbal Practitioner. I provide integrated wellness and achievable life strategies. All your personal information will be safe as by tradition, Witches keep secrets. Commitment to silence arose as a response to persecution, an effort to protect each other and our Craft from harm, an implementation of the Wiccan Rede.

Your emails will be placed in folders with your name and I will know who you are by all the info you have given me. (When you feel the need to stop sessions all your stored information will be deleted.) These will become professional counseling sessions in which you can ask questions and I guide you to the best of my abilities. My main focus on counseling is to facilitate wise choices and decisions for others that are in need of guidance. The first introductory email will guide you through the sign-up process.


To sign up as a client Email me at AldoraWiseWoman at
Include your email address in order for me to privately respond to you!

8 Responses to Fortune’s Told & Wise Woman Client Counseling

  1. Tara says:

    Hello my name is Tara I am interested in your Monthly Sessions

    I have two issues
    1, Sleep Paralysis
    Astral projection

    I tried to see a traditional Doctor on this issue and was very general with him, so that he did not think I was crazy – I left out the scary evil presence and that I have touch it and felt its breath and that I fight with it to wake up and the next day I am so tired and sore I must sound crazy I know
    So he just gave me pills and that was that. This has been happening since I was 14 I am 37 now I have always thought something was wrong with me and afraid to tell anyone.

    2nd Acne I have been battling since I was 20 I am 37 and I have tried every cosmetic procedure on the market for the past 10 years my skin will just not respond to treatments I have spent a ton of money one specialist after another and I am not a wealthy girl (then now Women )The Doctors have no explanation or cure its allot of maintenance just to keep my skin at 30 percent improvement .I am a fairly attractive Women and have allot youth left I would just love to have clear skin before I grow old
    I just feel like its hex or a curse or something I am starting to incorporate rituals into my skin care at night and would maybe need some guidance Idk if you can help or not either way you have a awesome site:)

    Thank you

    • Tyler says:

      yeah I’ve felt odd like i’m drawn towards storms and animals really like me I keep drawing these symbols that pope up in my head.

  2. Meg says:

    I just made a purchase for your monthly sessions and was not sure how you would contact me. It did not have me fill out any information, so I just wanted to make sure everything went through properly. Thank-you so much for your help.


  3. selina says:

    Hi my name is selina, I was wondering if you can teach me new beginnings and healing.

  4. Jen says:

    I suffer from severe anxiety and depression. I am a green witch, and I do not want to turn to western medicine as I do not trust it entirely. Something about the thought of messing with the chemical make up of my brain in its self creates the worst anxiety. What kind of spells/rituals could you recommend to help ease my anxiety? Thank you.

  5. What if I don’t know what I am or anything? It interests for many reasons …

    • Aldora says:

      Reading, research and time Ashley. There should be no rush. It takes life experiences to grow into the person you are supposed to become. Blessings, Aldora.

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