Law of Attraction & Dream Dictionary

Butterfly-with-Blue-Moon-WallpaperThe Law of Attraction is the name given to the belief that “like attracts like” and that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, one can bring about positive or negative result. This belief is based upon the idea that people and their thoughts are both made from pure energy, and the belief that like energy attracts like energy. The law of attraction states that we attract from the universe what we focus upon. The essence of what we think about, talk about, and picture the most is what is drawn to us. Our dreams also show, in symbols or literal images, what we are concentrating on.

Record Your Dreams Start a dream journal; recording all you can remember about dreams concerning the things you want. In particular, pay attention to how these dreams feel. Does getting what you think you want feel good within the dream? If so, you are probably focusing upon your true desire and also are in the process of attracting it to yourself. In contrast, does your dream feel badly and concern what you do not want to happen? If so, consider this as a guide indicating that you are actually thinking and picturing the lack of what you want more than your true desires. It helps to write the objects down that you dream about, then you can look them up in the Dream Dictionary below and interpret what your subconscious is trying to tell you.

DreamsYou spend approximately one-third of your life asleep. Dreaming is a journey without bounds; a roller coaster ride into a surreal world of the mind in which your own unique, symbolic language reveals your innermost desires, thoughts, and emotions. In your dreams, you can find your fears, anxieties, hopes, aspirations, and even self-healing. Most importantly, your dreams open a window into the workings of spirit — the reality of your inner and outer worlds.

Your dream experience, coupled with spiritual law, raises the natural question of whether or not your dreams while asleep affect the waking dreams for your life. Does what you create on your vision board begin its manifesting journey at night as the conscious mind recedes and the true power, the subconscious, takes over? Or, do your night time dreams merely resolve issues of daily stress, while your conscious intentional self partners in a dance of co-creation with the universe? Could both be true?

In sleep, you reconnect with your very essence as a spiritual being. You have available to you a mystical power that, if harnessed, can have life-changing effects. The language of spirit is symbolic and, in the dream state, you are fully immersed in the world of symbolism. Learning to understand and interpret universal symbols as well as your own unique symbolic language is key to harnessing the energy of manifestation. The dream state tells you where you are ready to manifest your desires. It also shows where work still has to be done to clear your energy on the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual levels in order to come into vibrational resonance with your deepest desires.

The truth is you are harnessing the power of the Law of Attraction all the time. In fact, you are an excellent sleeping helenmanifestor. Yet in the waking state you may not realize why you are manifesting what you are. The secrets lie elsewhere — in the spiritual bridge of the subconscious — the universal translator of spiritual truth into conscious experience. In the dream state you can access the secrets of the subconscious as at no other time. You are the star of your own reality show, and the subconscious is the camera that is always on, capturing and recording every thought, feeling, and experience.

Your dreams can gently and sometimes powerfully move you along on your desired path. When you deeply desire something, your night time dreams will keep working on whatever you have set in motion, even if it is still on the mental or emotional level.



Dreams of being abandoned by a lover, friend, or family member suggest that this is something you fear in waking life. Childhood feelings of being left out often translate into abandonment dreams. In this case, you need to work on strengthening your self-esteem. You may have not spoken up for yourself in a difficult situation. In that case the dream might indicate that you have abandoned yourself, your principles, or values.


Seeing your abdomen in a dream suggests the gestation or digestion of a new idea or phase of your life. If your abdomen is swollen, the birth of a new project may be imminent. If you have pain in your abdomen in the dream, you may be having difficulty digesting something that has happened in your waking life. The body also speaks in the dream state, so if you are feeling sick you may dream of an upset stomach.


If you’re abducted or kidnapped in your dream, it means you’re feeling pressured to do or say something you don’t believe in and don’t want to do in waking life. Abduction dreams often stem from guilt concerning things you’ve done or are about to do that aren’t typically in your character. If you witness someone else being abducted, it means you’re not acting on the opportunities you’ve been given. Abduction dreams can also indicate you feel someone else is unfairly receiving credit for your work.


If strangely formed things appear in your dream — a crooked mirror, a misshapen arm — don’t be alarmed. One interpretation is that your mind might be open to new and unusual things. However, the dream could also be telling you something that appears “normal” is not what it seems. If you dream someone you know has an abnormality, your intuition could be cautioning you that the person is not who he appears to be.


Dreaming of abortion is not usually literal. Many times, an abortion dream reflects the guilt you feel about doing something you shouldn’t. The abortion in the dream is a warning to “abort” your actions and stop. The dream can indicate fears about a direction you are taking in your life. It may warn you that you have a tendency to stop out of fear and miss opportunities the new direction presents. Dreaming of an abortion might indicate a relationship has suddenly gone off course, or that your behavior or the other person’s is killing some aspect of the relationship.


Dreaming of going abroad may predict positive new situations you’ll soon encounter. It can also represent a desire for a change from your day-to-day life. Notice how you feel in the dream. If fear or anxiety is present, you might feel you are in foreign territory when dealing with something or someone in your waking life. If you are happy or excited in the dream, you may be expanding in new and positive ways.


If you dream someone is absent in your dream, you may be looking within yourself for something or some quality that person possesses. This is a form of an anxiety dream, where you are searching for important items in your life. What are you missing, either in your work situation, a relationship, or within yourself, that you need to be happy?


If you dream of being abused, it’s a sign you feel you’re being taken advantage of in some way in your waking life. You feel powerless or helpless to protect yourself in a situation or relationship. You may also be receiving information from your subconscious that you are abusing some responsibility or gift you have been given.


Dreaming of falling into an abyss signifies that some part of your life is out of control. It could be you’re not working hard enough or not taking care of yourself. Maybe you’re due for a move — in your career or elsewhere. You could also be feeling that you are losing yourself in a situation. Looking into an abyss means you’ll soon be challenged to go deeply within. An abyss dream can also encourage you to trust the void within, even though you can’t see your way to the bottom.


This could be a release dream if you feel out-of-control in some area of your waking life. If the accelerator on your car is pushed down and you can’t stop it, you feel things are moving too fast and you don’t know how to manage the rapid change going on.


Hearing or speaking with a foreign accent indicates you may feel like a “foreigner” in a situation or relationship in your waking life. Your dream may be encouraging you to gain insight into an irksome problem from a different (foreign) perspective. It may also signify that you will be traveling soon.


A car crash in a dream can be a literal warning — be careful in the coming weeks or months. However, vehicles in dreams often symbolize transitions in life. A car accident, particularly if you are driving in the dream, may indicate you feel the changes you are making in your life won’t succeed. A skiing accident or crash while going very fast is an out-of-control release dream. It advises you to take hold of your life before things get more complicated. A plane crash usually indicates worrisome thoughts. Where are you experiencing worry or anxiety? Accidents at sea relate to your emotional nature — perhaps you feel your emotions have gone dangerously off course or you are on a collision course with someone important in your life. Most crash dreams are not precognitive, so first try to see what information the dream might be giving you about where you are going in your life, not just in everyday matters but on many levels.


Accordion music often signifies a longing for the past. The sound of an accordion has a melancholy quality, so you may be feeling nostalgic or melancholy about an earlier time in your life. What are you missing about your earlier life? Try to integrate those experiences into your current life.


Accusations in a dream may be literal. Do you believe you’ve done something wrong? If you’re accused, you may feel you’re being judged or unfairly treated. The person judging you in these dreams is usually you. This dream could also reflect worries about how other people perceive you.


An ace in your dream is always a good omen of things to come. Aces and the number one stand for positive beginnings. Perhaps a new business opportunity is coming your way, or a new friendship or love interest.


Aches or pains in your dreams can be literal sensations coming from the physical body while you are sleeping. If the ache or pain seems severe in the dream, it might be time to get a checkup. If you actually feel the pain in the dream, you’re probably half-lucid and feel the pain in waking life, as well. If the ache is imaginary, it could mean you are hurting emotionally in your waking life at this time. Often the body sends a message during a dream to alert you to something you may not be aware of in your waking life.


To dream of acid being poured on you signifies your anxiety levels are high right now. It may be time to take a break. If you dream of drinking acid, the dream is a metaphor that something is “eating you up.” Figure out what’s bothering you and fix it.


A dream about an acorn is usually an abundance dream — you want something you don’t have. Acorns signify the ability to be patient while your desires manifest. Squirrels often hide acorns for times in the future when they will need them. Consider small steps you can take toward your goals — the harvest will be there when you are ready.


Performing acrobatics in your dream is a good sign that you feel vital and healthy. It could also mean you’re able to overcome emotional difficulties now because luck is on your side. Perhaps you feel someone is making you perform complex maneuvers to get what you want. If you are anxious in the dream, it could be time to stop jumping through hoops to please others.

actor or actress

Perhaps you’re only seeing your own or someone else’s persona — the side that person wants to show to the world. Seeing yourself as an actor in the spotlight suggests a desire for publicity or a more public life. Such a dream can also suggest you’re acting out a role or putting on an act for someone. Another interpretation is that you admire the qualities of the actor you are dreaming about. If so, those qualities exist within you — your dream wants you to recognize and develop them.


If you dream someone is an addict or has an addiction, your dream may be alerting you to something that has not been revealed about someone you know. If you are the addict or addicted in the dream, your subconscious is letting you know you are obsessing about something to your detriment. You don’t feel in control of whatever is happening in your life and seem helpless to control your need for the situation to continue.


If you dream of the numbers of your house you are being given a message from spirit about your current living situation. You feel at home where you are right now. If you see the address of your childhood home in a dream, the dream is asking you to relate experiences from that time in your life to a current situation in which there are similarities.


If someone is admiring you in the dream, it’s a sure sign you’re feeling good about yourself. If you’re admiring someone else in the dream, it signifies your insecurities may be your downfall with your current problem. The other person could have qualities you wish you had. Your dream is telling you that those qualities exist within you. You have only to seek them out.


If you dream of adopting a child, it could be a literal dream; perhaps you’d like to do so in the future. This dream can also indicate you are ready to adopt new ways of being or a new start in life.


If you’re committing adultery in a dream, it could mean you worry you could fall into it or that you’re contemplating doing it. If you dream your partner is committing adultery, chances are you worry he could. But it doesn’t necessarily mean he is unfaithful. In this case, use the dream as a jumping-off point to explore possible problems in the relationship. Adultery can just signify you are not being honest about your needs and feelings in a relationship. Make sure you communicate with your partner often to maintain closeness. If you are not in a relationship, think about where in your life you may be betraying your values.


Dreaming that you have an affliction of some kind can mean you feel some part of you is unable to do what you want. Figure out what it is that is holding you back. This dream rarely signifies an actual physical affliction.


Dreams that take place in the afternoon suggest clarity and lengthiness, as daylight is at its strongest and longest in the afternoon. Are you with friends in the afternoon? If so, the dream describes positive and lasting associations that exist now or may soon be formed. Notice the events and people in your dream to further understand the dream’s meaning.


A dream of old people who are strangers might indicate a fear of aging. However, it can also signify reason or wisdom coming from your unconscious. Do the old people in the dream give you advice? Take it. Your inner sage is telling you what to do. This is also true if you dream of yourself as an aged person. If you dream of an older relative who has already passed on, you may be receiving a visit from the Other Side.


Aggression in a dream could be an emotional release dream of pent-up frustration or anger at a person or situation in your waking life — even at yourself. If you are not the aggressor in the dream, you might feel someone has control over you. Perhaps you feel weak and vulnerable. Think about where you are being pressured and by whom. If you’re the aggressive one, you may harbor resentment against yourself or the person you’re attacking. Usually, this type of dream signifies an emotional release of stresses built up during the day.


Air symbolizes the realm of the mind and, in some cases, the realm of spirit. When you are moving through air in your dream, you are almost certainly dealing with your thoughts about something. Your dreams are suggesting you need a fresh perspective or should watch your thoughts concerning a particular person or situation. Your subconscious can also be letting you know what you truly think and believe, regardless of what you have told others. Air also represents the breath of life, so if you dream you need air or are trying to catch your breath you may feel pressured in some way. If someone is cutting off your air in your dream, you might feel suffocated by a personal relationship. If you dream you need to “get out in the air,” you are seeking freedom and space.


Airplanes not only fly, they traverse the medium of air. This clue signifies that plane dreams represent your thoughts or even spiritual matters. If you are flying a plane, you are making a shift in how you think about your life. Perhaps you are gaining new perspective on a situation or experience. If you are a passenger on a plane, you are being guided, perhaps by divine energy, to change how you think about things or to change beliefs that no longer support who you are. If you dream you are in a plane experiencing turbulence, you are struggling in your waking life with changing thoughts and beliefs and have not yet become reconciled to a new point of view. If you dream the plane is going to crash, you are releasing fear in the dream state that you won’t be safe or survive if you let go of your old way of seeing things. You may be soaring to new heights in some facet of your life or taking a metaphorical journey into the unconscious realm. An airplane dream can also mean career advancement or refer to an upcoming journey. A flying dream can be used as a launching pad to a lucid dream. If you miss your airplane, it refers to a missed opportunity you need to look into.


An alarm ringing in warning in your dream indicates you have worries about some aspect of your life. Try to figure out what the problem is, and do something about it. In some cases, an alarm in a dream may be literal. It’s time for you to wake up.


To dream of one or more space aliens indicates you feel you don’t fit in some situation in your life, or something about the situation feels “alien” to you. You may fear trying something you have not yet mastered, or you feel incapable of handling a situation that has come up. If you dream someone you know is an alien, something about what that person believes or how he behaves may be foreign to your nature. This person could also represent qualities you have rejected about yourself or feel are not part of who you are.


This symbol may suggest you’re being thick-skinned or insensitive to someone else. It may also signify danger. An alligator that guides you or talks to you may be your totem. Notice your emotion in the dream. If you’re not afraid, think about what an alligator represents — perhaps you need to be more thick-skinned yourself and less sensitive to the remarks of others.


In your dream, you’re looking down from great heights. What are you standing on? Is it something steady or is it shaky? If it’s a big mountain, for example, you might feel on top of things at this time in your life. Looking down from a high place enables you to get a fresh perspective on things. Notice where in your life you need to change your thinking about a situation and gain a new view. If you are fearful in the dream, you may worry that you have taken on more than you can handle or you may be feeling overwhelmed.


Being in an ambulance most often indicates a release of anxiety and a desire to heal your emotional imbalance. You may be worrying over things that are out of your control. If you have a medical problem in the dream, though, it might be time to get a checkup. If you see someone else in an ambulance, you may have hidden guilt about hurting that person in some way. If you have been dealing with one crisis after another at home or work, everything can feel like an emergency! In that case, learn to ask for help.

amusement park

Dreaming of an amusement park may suggest you need a vacation from your concerns over a troubling issue. To dream of being on a ride denotes enjoying life and letting go of inhibitions. You are being reminded to play and to make time for the carefree, spontaneous activities of childhood.


To see an ancestor in your dream could represent a part of you that this person portrayed in life. What it is about your ancestor that you want to find in yourself? If she appears to you in a loving, vivid way, it may be an actual visitation. Enjoy it and feel blessed. You could be looking to the past for answers. Usually, this suggests you are releasing your worries in a dream.


An anchor grounds you. It acts as your foundation. It also holds you in place, which can be either beneficial or detrimental. If you need to let go of a situation, this dream advises you to do it now. If you’ve been contemplating making some kind of commitment, it’s a good time to do so. An anchor also predicts stability and security. If you dream of having problems with the anchor, however, it means you’re currently dealing with a difficult situation that needs to be resolved.


Angels represent help from your higher self or from a guardian. The appearance of an angel may suggest a growing spiritual awareness. If you encounter an angel with a human face, it is most likely your personal spirit guide. Listen to what he or she has to say.


Animals can represent your instinctual nature, wisdom, innocence, predatory tendencies, or sexuality, depending on the perceived nature of the animal. An animal can also symbolize the physical body, or appear as a metaphor for an astrological sign (such as a lion for Leo). It could be letting you know about a pain within your physical body. If you’re not scared of the animal in your dream — especially if you’re intrigued by it — this may be your totem, your personal animal guide or guardian spirit. Your dream may encourage you to discover what qualities of the animal you possess and need to develop or express.


To dream of an anniversary signifies current and/or future happiness and many festive occasions. It also indicates good health. Note your feeling about the anniversary. Are you happy? Envious? Interpret the meaning as it applies to you.


This signifies difficulties that can be overcome with a little bit of work. Normally, they’re small problems you may be making into a big deal. Look within yourself to find the source of the negativity. Ants suggest restlessness (“feeling antsy”). They also indicate small annoyances and irritations. Alternately, they may represent feelings of insignificance. Consider the number of ants in the dream. A single ant? A colony? A huge, swollen anthill? One ant suggests loneliness. Many ants suggest trivial problems are “bugging” you.


Anxiety is one of the most common dream experiences. Normally, anxieties in your waking life translate into your dreams in strange ways. Anxiety dreams do not need deep analysis. Let your subconscious work it out for you while you sleep on it. Just know you have released some of the anxiety that has built up during your day.


An apparition can signify a message or warning. It can be seen as communication with the dead. Alternately, you might feel that another person in a relationship is like an apparition — he’s there, but not truly present. If you are the apparition, you may feel you are losing yourself in the relationship.


Applause in dreams signifies you are seeking a reward for genuine efforts. This is a healthy dream that means you feel good about what you’ve done, and you’re looking for the respect and appreciation you deserve.


An apple in a dream is usually a good sign. Apples stand for wholeness and for knowledge. Ripe apples on a tree may mean your hopes and hard work have borne fruit. Apples also stand for long life and achievement. To dream of eating an apple suggests you’re currently in good physical health.


A missed appointment signifies the same thing as a missed train, bus, or airplane. You’ve missed an opportunity or will miss one if you don’t act soon. Figure out what that opportunity is, and put your best foot forward. If you have an appointment coming up and you dream you’ve missed it, you are just releasing anxiety about something that is important to you.


April is the time of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. When you dream of April or your dream is set in the month of April, you may be experiencing the flowering of aspects of yourself. April can signify new beginnings or long-held efforts beginning to blossom. April is also associated with the warming of the sun and time to be outdoors, as well as spring weddings and new beginnings in love. Look to what is happening in your life to understand what April means to you. April in dreams can also refer to someone born during the month, so look to see what aspects of yourself might be reflected in friends or family having April birthdays.


Passing under an arch in a dream may symbolize a transition in your life — a move from one phase or stage to another. If you avoid walking under the arch, you could be resisting transition or change. Note the characteristics of the arch, whether it’s adorned in any way, and whether other people are also passing through it. This will flesh out the symbol’s meaning for you. An arch can also suggest you are opening up to new experiences.


If you have a dream in which you’re arguing with someone, it could mean you fear intimacy with this person in waking life. On the other hand, it may also be that you’ve had an argument or sense an argument is soon to come. If you see two people arguing in your dream, it indicates you feel there is too much confusion around you right now. Lighten your load.


Arms allow you to manipulate things in your environment. The same might be true in a dream. Seeing an arm suggests you can maneuver or manipulate things in your dream environment. If the arm is pressing against you in some way, you may be feeling “strong-armed” by someone.


An arrow often signifies a precise message — look where the arrow points. If you’re defending yourself from a foe, this dream means you’ll have the strength to triumph in whatever situation you’re soon to face. Arrows indicate directions, so notice the direction in which the arrow is going. In a precognitive dream it can signify a path you are to follow.


To dream of yourself as an artist suggests a great need to express your emotions and creativity on a bigger scale. It doesn’t necessarily mean you want to paint. Try to integrate some of your creative ideas into your work or personal relationships. You are the artist of your own life.


Are they the ashes of a person or from a fire? If you dream of ashes from someone you know who is alive, you may fear losing that person. If the ashes are from someone who has passed away, maybe that person is actually giving you a message from the Other Side. If the ashes remain from a fire, you may fear an endeavor that is important to you might not come to fruition.


Dreaming of an atlas may suggest you are considering moving or taking a trip, or that you should. It can also mean the world is yours for the taking. Big things could be on the way.


If you’re being attacked in a dream, physically or otherwise, you believe you are under emotional attack in real life. Chances are you’re feeling very vulnerable. Who’s attacking you? If you dream you’re attacking another person, it means you have strong feelings of resentment toward someone.


Whether or not you have a real attic in your home or grew up in a house with an attic, you might find yourself dreaming you are in an attic. Usually, the attic is the place of memories and family legacies. If you dream you are in the attic, you may be feeling nostalgic about times past, or you may be processing family patterns that are causing distress in your waking life. The attic can also be the place of rediscovered treasures you didn’t know you had. If you dream you find a precious heirloom in the attic, your subconscious is alerting you to gifts you have within yourself that you need to rediscover and express. Perhaps you should take some part of yourself out of “storage” or dispose of things you are clinging to from your past. You may be exploring the realm of the higher self or seeking knowledge from a higher source in your dream.


August represents summertime and relaxation for most people. You may be working hard and looking forward to time off. A dream about August could carry a message about a particular person, including you, whose birthday falls in August. Look at what you are doing in the dream to interpret its meaning.


A dream of being in a position of authority can be a release dream or a wish dream. However, you are the authority in your own life, so your dream may be bringing that part of you to the fore. Usually, you work out responsibilities from waking life in your dreams. This is simply a matter of figuring things out during the nighttime, when your choices make you less vulnerable than they would in waking life.


During an avalanche an extreme amount of snow buries all in its path. This anxiety dream suggests you feel overwhelmed emotionally. The dream is helping you release your fears at night. Examine the jumble of emotions you experience. If you can change your daily situation to reduce stress, do so.


If you’ve won an award in your dream, it may mean you secretly desire more recognition for your achievements or that you are actually being recognized for your work. You have positive feelings about your capabilities and what you are worth. Create some momentum. It could be time to ask for a raise or promotion.


How is the ax used in your dream? If you’re wielding it, it means that you are trying to chop a problem or situation down into manageable pieces. If the ax is aimed at you, you may fear someone is trying to take away important parts of who you are.




A baby in a dream almost always represents new life or a new beginning. Your dream may have nothing to do with a physical pregnancy; instead it may represent an idea that is gestating or growing. It could also relate to the pending birth of a child or a desire for a family if that is on your mind. Alternatively, a baby could indicate dependent behavior or infantile longings you are demonstrating in a particular situation. Notice how you feel toward the baby in the dream to see if you are joyful or afraid about moving into a new part of your life.


If you dream you are a babysitter or need a babysitter, the “caretaker” part of you is being called forth to nurture and care for yourself. Do some inner child work to connect with the small, helpless, vulnerable part of yourself so you can feel confident and secure in your waking life.


A dream of being a bachelor indicates unwillingness to shoulder responsibilities in your waking life. You feel weighed down with responsibilities and desire freedom or escape. If you are afraid in the dream, it could signify that you fear being alone and not having someone with whom to share your life.


Your back is a source of strength and support. If you turn your back to someone in a dream, you might be turning your back on an opportunity or rejecting a part of yourself. If someone in your dream turns her back to you, you are experiencing rejection on some level. You may be asked to take on a lot of responsibility, which will require effort and strength. If you have been trying to see all sides of an issue, your dream may be revealing what is hidden from view.


If you are carrying a backpack in your dream, you may be feeling weighed down or that you have taken on too much in some area of your life. If you are carrying someone else’s backpack in the dream, you are assuming responsibility for problems that are not yours. If the backpack is light and easy to carry in the dream, you feel you can easily handle your responsibilities.


If you dream you are walking. moving, or traveling backward in your dream — or slipping backwards — you feel you are covering old ground in some situation in your life. You may be slipping into old patterns of behavior, thinking, or emotional response.


If you are in the backyard in your dream you may be feeling relaxed and at ease. Notice who is there with you and what you are feeling. The backyard is where you entertain, relax, and have fun, so most likely you are feeling good about an upcoming event in your life. In the front yard you are visible to your neighbors, so you may dream of being in the backyard because you want to hide something in your life from prying eyes.


A dream of bacon may relate to your financial situation. Notice if you are worried in the dream — are you able to “bring home the bacon”? You could be experiencing worries about your continued employment and ability to support yourself. If you are enjoying cooking and feeding others the bacon, you feel you are a good provider.


Dreams in which you are being told you are bad relate to inner judgments you make about your own behavior or value. If you dream someone else is bad, you see in that person an aspect or quality of yourself that you feel is not healthy for you. If you feel bad in the dream, you might be feeling guilty or sorrowful about an action you have taken or failed to take that has, in some way, let you or others down.


Seeing a policeman’s badge in a dream may mean you believe you have done something wrong and are worried you will be found out. If it is a merit badge of some sort, you are feeling a sense of accomplishment and recognition.


If you dream of a badger, think about the qualities you associate with this animal. In nature a badger is a resourceful creature whose adaptability helps it to survive. These qualities may represent aspects you need to cultivate or express at this time in your life or in a particular situation you are currently facing. The animal can also represent the literal word — you may feel pressured or “badgered” by someone or you are pressuring someone else.


Like the backpack, a bag in a dream can symbolize the “baggage” you are carrying in your life and in your relationships with others. Notice whether the bag is heavy or light, and whether or not it impedes your movement in the dream. You may be trying to “bag” something in the dream, in which case the dream portends an opportunity you hope will materialize.


If you dream you are in jail and hope to be bailed out, you feel you need help in some area of your life and that this help has to come from someone else. You don’t feel you can be successful on your own in the situation, so it is time to ask for the help you need.


A dream of baking could be literal — you’re thinking about upcoming events. It may also signify that you crave more self-nourishing activities. Baking in a dream is a sign that your creative juices are flowing and you want to make something that will also nourish others.


If you are on a balcony in your dream you are being seen by others in an elevated state. Consider the condition of the balcony. If it’s clean and polished, the dream may indicate that others hold you in high regard. If the balcony is crumbling or tarnished, the dream may suggest you need to repair your public image.


For a woman to dream of being bald indicates her fear of getting older or losing her femininity and appeal. For a man to dream he is bald signifies his fear of loss or a desire to come completely clean in a situation.


Because a ball is round, it connotes wholeness and completion. If you are playing with a ball, you are being asked to embrace your inner child and make time for play. If you are competing in a game such as ping pong, you are experiencing life’s ups and downs but holding your own. If you dream of attending a ball or big event in a ballroom, you desire more socialization and prestige.


Seeing a balloon in the air indicates a wish to fulfill some desire or fantasy. You’d like to be more creative and rise to new heights. It also may refer to a longing for childhood. If you dream of a child carrying a balloon and it blows away, it signifies your sadness at the loss of the child-part of you.


If you are part of a band in your dream, you long for creative expression and want to feel you belong. If you are watching or listening to a band, you are expressing desire to have that experience of togetherness and collective purpose in some area of your life.


A bandage indicates you feel wounded in some aspect in your emotional life, but you have the resources to comfort and heal yourself. If you dream of putting a bandage on someone else, you are trying to heal something in your relationship with that person that you see as unhealthy or detrimental to the success of the relationship.


Generally, a bank is a symbol of security and power — a foundation — but the meaning depends on what you’re doing in the bank. If you are receiving or depositing money, it’s usually an auspicious sign, an indication that you are financially secure. If you are waiting in line, it may mean you are literally waiting for a check or money to arrive. If you’re holding up a bank, it may symbolize that money you’re expecting is being “held up” or delayed.


You may dream about being bankrupt even if you have no financial problems. Though the dream could be literal, more often it suggests you feel you’ve missed an opportunity that was foolish to pass up. You might also be expressing worries about your finances.


If you dream you are at a banquet this may be a time in your life when you are feeling well-nourished emotionally. It could also mean that you want more opportunities in your life or that you want to “have it all.”


Baptism is a rite of initiation into a spiritual life. If you dream you are being baptized, you are undergoing a spiritual initiation or embarking on a new part of life. If you dream of a baby being baptized, you may be inaugurating a new project or venture.

barbs/barbed wire

Barbed wire in a dream may indicate you feel confined or restricted in some area of your life. If you are trying to go somewhere and have to cross barbed wire, you might be in a life transition that you fear will be painful. If you cut yourself on a barb or barbed wire, you fear being emotionally hurt in a situation, possibly by someone’s “barbed” tongue.


If you dream you are searching for a bargain you may feel something you have agreed to do in your life is exacting too high a price. If you are excited about getting a bargain, the dream is telling you that you feel you got something of high value with little effort on your part.


If you hear the sound of a dog barking in your dream, it is most likely a warning to alert you to something going on in your waking life from which you need protection. Notice the action in the dream to understand fully the message the barking is meant to convey.


If barriers in your dream are keeping you from getting where you are trying to go, you are experiencing the same feelings in your day-to-day life. If you are the one in the dream putting up barriers, you may feel vulnerable in a relationship, situation, or undertaking, and fear you won’t succeed.


The basement most often represents long-buried dreams, fears, and hopes for your life. When you dream of being in a basement you are connecting with your subconscious mind, the repository of that long-buried information. You could also be unearthing something hidden in your past that you need to examine (see underground).


A dream of holding or trying to fill a basket can represent what you feel you have and still need in order to make your life complete. If you are carrying a basket to someone else, you are offering what you have to another.


In a bath you wash away dirt and grime, and feel refreshed and clean again. When you dream you are taking a bath you are cleansing yourself — mentally, physically, emotionally, and/or spiritually. It represents a desire to restore yourself to a pure state in some area of your life and wash away what is no longer needed. If you are watching someone else bathe, you may feel that person needs to “come clean” with you about something, or that you need to do the same with her.


The bathroom is the most personal of dream locations. It is where your most private self comes to your attention. In the bathroom you hide yourself from the eyes of others to perform intimate personal functions. If your dream is set in the bathroom, you may be processing old feelings of shame and embarrassment. Your dream may also be letting you know where you have feelings of inadequacy about your self-image or body-image. What it is about yourself that you want to keep private from others? Because the bathroom is also the place where you perform bodily functions, dreaming you are in your bathroom can mean you want to release or get rid of emotional or mental “waste” in your mind, heart, or life. If you dream you are trying to go to the bathroom, you might need to. Your physical body sensations will intrude into the dream state to let you know when you need to wake up. Dreaming of being in a bathroom could simply mean that your bladder is full. If the bathroom is crowded, the dream could mean you lack privacy. If you find yourself in a bathroom for the opposite sex, it may suggest you are crossing boundaries.


A battery provides energy. If you dream you are charging the battery in your car, your dream is telling you that your own energy needs refueling. If the battery in the dream is dead, you feel depleted and need to rest and restore yourself.


To dream of being on a beach is, most likely, a wish or release dream. You’d like to find some time in your life to take off, go on vacation, and leave your responsibilities behind. If you’re on the beach with someone, notice what he or she is doing and examine the symbolism related to it. If you are lying on the beach looking at the horizon, you are anticipating an unknown future that has deep emotional significance.


Like all animal symbolism in dreams, a bear can have many meanings, depending on the feelings and actions in the dream as well as your own associations with the animal. Consider the bear’s characteristics and how it behaves. In Native American cultures a bear represents strength, so if you have a bear in your dreams you may be facing a situation in your waking life that requires strength. You also may be being asked to “bear” a certain responsibility, condition, or development.


If you dream of someone with a beard, you may feel that person in real life is hiding some part of himself. If you dream of yourself with a beard, you may be trying to conceal some aspect of yourself that doesn’t fit with your public persona.


Being assaulted in a dream is most often a dream in which you are releasing the emotion of fear. You fear something in your life is going to hurt you emotionally or hurt your opportunities. Think about the people connected with the situation in your life and whether or not you feel they would hurt you to get ahead. You may also feel “beaten down” about something that has heartfelt meaning to you. Your dream is expressing the depths of your discouragement so you can find your power in the situation. If you are beating someone else in the dream, you have unexpressed anger or frustration about a particular person or situation. Or, you dislike the qualities in yourself that the person in the dream represents.


A beaver is a hardworking animal, known for building dams in water. If you dream of a beaver, think about where in your life you feel you need to “dam” up your emotions for your own safety and protection. You might also possess the hardworking qualities of the beaver and feel at home in your emotional life right now. The beaver can also represent someone close to you whom you admire for his beaver-like qualities.


Your bed is your place of retreat and rest, and where you engage in physical and emotional intimacy with another person. If you dream you are in your bed, this is a dream about intimacy. Notice if you are alone or with another. What you are doing in the dream? Think about where in your life you are longing for greater intimacy.


In the bedroom you dream, rest, and restore yourself, and experience romantic, physical, and emotional intimacy. When your dream is set in the bedroom, most likely you are processing something about your intimate relationships and/or your physical and emotional needs. Sometimes noticing you are in your bedroom in a dream can trigger a lucid dream — a dream in which you realize you are dreaming even though you don’t wake up. Think about the emotional and romantic relationships in your life when you dream of being in your bedroom. Your dream may be letting you know whether or not your needs for intimacy and connection are being satisfied. Even dreams of sex are often dreams about unexpressed desire for greater intimacy with someone rather than the physical act of sexual intercourse.


Bees are industrious creatures who live in colonies and have common goals. If you dream of bees, you may desire to have a greater common purpose with others in your life. Or, you may recognize qualities you associate with bees in yourself or another person. If the bees are stinging you, your subconscious is asking you to wake up to something in your life that needs to change.


If you dream of a beggar, notice how you treat this person. Your dream shows how you feel about your weak side. Are you kind to him? If so, it most likely means you are good to yourself. If you’re nasty to him, you need to be less hard on yourself.


If you dream about a beheading, notice who the victim is. If it’s you, think about where in your life or your relationships you are “losing” your head and not thinking clearly. If another person is being beheaded, you are trying to get rid of some qualities you associate with the other person that you see in yourself as well. Beheading dreams can also be past-life dreams.


Hearing the sound of a bell in a dream may mean unexpected good news is on its way. If you’re ringing a bell, it means you may soon need to call upon trusted friends. They’ll help you in your current situation. If you hear bells at a distance, you may hear from someone far away or from your past. If you dream of a joyous bell ringing, expect happy communication.


If you dream you are sitting on a bench, there may be a situation in your life where you feel you are sidelined and out of the action. Perhaps you’ve been working to create something and are waiting to see results. Think about where you are procrastinating in your life and not getting into the action — make the necessary changes.


If you dream you are riding on a bicycle you believe you can accomplish what you want under your own power. Your own hard work will get you where you want to go. A bicycle also requires balance, so you may be feeling balanced in your life now.


Often in dreams you see things bigger than they are in normal, waking life. When something or someone is big in a dream, it indicates that this person or situation looms large in your thoughts, emotions, or actions. If you are bigger in your dreams than in your waking life, you may be growing as a person. Your dream is using the symbol of size to acknowledge that development.


The appearance of a bird in a dream could indicate you wish to be free, to fly away, or to flee from something. Because birds fly through air, when you dream of a bird you may be receiving messages about detaching from a situation so you can see it from another angle or perspective. As with all animals, you have your own personal connotations to birds. In many cultures, birds can be spiritual symbols. Among certain Native American tribes, an eagle symbolizes spiritual knowledge. If the bird you dream about is very colorful and has beautiful plumage, you might be feeling particularly attractive. If you dream of a bird such as a peacock, you may have pride of accomplishment or think someone you know is stuck up. Dreaming of a mythical bird such as a phoenix may portend a rebirth in your life.


Birthday dreams can have contrary meanings depending on the context. To dream of receiving birthday presents may mean happy surprises are coming, or advancement is in order. If you are in your childhood home in the dream, you may be receiving messages about events from your past at a particular age in your childhood that are causing you distress in your adult life. Notice your feelings around the birthday: whether you are alone or at a celebration; whether you are happy or sad; whether you get what you wanted or are disappointed. All these clues will help you correctly interpret what the birthday symbol means in your dream.


The color black in a dream may indicate transformation and canceling out negative energy. It can be a good sign, depending on how you feel toward the black object. The color black can also signify boredom, but the former translation is usually correct. In some cultures, black represents the void (think “black hole”), and in others it signifies wholeness and unity.


Blood is vital to life. To dream of bleeding suggests a loss of power or a change in matters of the heart. If you dream of having your blood sucked by a vampire or other entity, a partner or friend may be draining you emotionally. End contact with this person.


Blue is a cool color and is associated with the fifth or throat chakra, the place of self-expression. If you dream of blue, you may feel the need to communicate with someone about a particular event or situation. A calming and relaxing color, blue makes you think of the oceans and the sky. It is often associated with spirituality and teaching. When blue shows up in your dreams, you may be feeling calm and relaxed, or you may be feeling “blue” and experiencing sadness about some situation in your life. In some areas blue is associated with improper speech, e.g., “the comic’s jokes were blue.”


Like cars, boats in dreams can come in all sizes, shapes, and degrees of power. If you are rowing or sailing your own boat, you feel in control of a situation or transition. If you are a passenger on a ferry or other boat, you don’t feel you can control what happens. Boats traverse water and water in dreams relates to your emotional life. Anytime you dream you are on a boat you are trying to move through an emotional situation, either in your current life or from the past. If the boat is trying to break through ice, your feelings around the issues are old, frozen, and hard to access. If the boat is navigating through rough seas, you are experiencing emotional ups and downs in your life. If you are in a small boat and cannot get to shore, you feel out of control regarding an emotional issue in your daily life.


A bomb in your dream suggests you worry that your emotions will get out of control and you will “blow up” at someone. If you are trying to defuse a bomb, it means you are attempting to get control of your emotional reactions.


Dreaming of a bombshell may mean you are feeling particularly attractive at this point in your life or aspire to that kind of recognition from others. You could also be processing unexpected and surprising news that has upset you.


Bones in a dream signify the bottom line — bones are the raw material of a dream. Are the bones scattered? Maybe you’re torn in waking life over a decision you have to make. Notice the condition of the bones. That’s how you feel about a current nagging issue.


A book in your dream can signify new beginnings or a new chapter in your life. Books also represent inherent wisdom and listening to your gut. An old or worn book means that you should leave the past behind you and look happily toward your future.


A dream of your boss suggests she has qualities that you either like in yourself or that trouble you. It may also advise you to become the authority in your own life or embrace your innate leadership abilities.


A bottle holds liquid, which in a dream equates with emotions. Think about where in life or with whom you are “bottling” up your feelings. Your dream is encouraging you to deal with your emotions in a more healthy way.


To dream of having a mental breakdown indicates you feel completely overwhelmed and out of control in waking life. Talk to someone and ask for help with the responsibilities on your plate. If you dream your car breaks down on the road, you don’t feel ready for a transition occurring in your life, or you worry that you don’t have everything in place that you need to be successful.


Dreaming of someone breaking into your house means you fear people changing your ideals or getting involved where they shouldn’t in your waking life. If you hear noises, it could also be a literal dream and you should investigate. Is the security for your home adequate?


Women’s breasts may relate to sexual desire. They can also symbolize nurturing and motherhood. Are the breasts exposed? If so your dream could reveal a concern about exposure. Are they diseased or injured? This can be an indication of how you feel personally.


To dream of a bride, whether it’s you or another person, indicates you are about to join your fortunes to another in some way. It may also indicate a deep desire for marriage if you are unmarried. A bride is also about to embark on a new stage of life, so think about where in your life you are ready for a new beginning, a fresh start.


A bridge connects one place to another, and in dreams it may represent crossing from one state of mind to another. Because bridges most often span bodies of water, you may be trying to move from one emotional state to another. Consider the other elements in the dream. What’s waiting for you on the other side of the bridge? What did you leave behind? You may be trying to connect two experiences in your life that share a common emotional response.


If you dream of a broom, you may be trying to sweep something under the rug, hiding some action or issue you don’t feel good about. This dream can also suggest you are in the process of cleaning up a part of your life.


Bubbles in dreams stand for rebirth or a completely different way of looking at things. Bubbles floating in the air indicate excessively lofty ideas. You need to be more practical about the matter at hand. Bubbles can also be fun and joyful; you may be feeling particularly playful about a situation in your life.


Seeing bugs in a dream usually means that something is “bugging” you in your day-to-day life. Think about what is going on in your waking life — what or who is causing you distress? Something you need to complete could be weighing on your mind and may need to be resolved.


A bull is a powerful, dangerous, and stubborn animal. Think about where you or another person is evidencing those qualities in a particular situation in your life. Perhaps you feel out of place like a “bull in a china shop.” Someone might be bullying you, or you may be exerting inappropriate power over another person.


Dreaming you are on a bus is similar to a car dream, except that you are with other people on a vehicle that makes stops along the way. A bus has a predetermined route and destination. When you dream you are on a bus, you know you will eventually reach your destination. However, you may be impatient with the stops and starts along the way and your inability to control the amount of time it takes to reach your destination. Buses also have fairly frequent schedules, so you always can catch the next bus if you miss the one you wanted. In that way, a bus speaks to the mundane, predictable nature of daily life. Notice other aspects of the dream, such as the luggage you’re carrying, your destination, and what you’re leaving behind.


Butterflies are magical creatures of transformation and beauty. When you dream of butterflies you are undergoing transformation on a very deep level. Ask for support from your angels and guides as you become who you are meant to be.


Buttons in a dream signify social change and how the public perceives you. Are the buttons fancy? Do you have problems buttoning your clothing? If they’re very tight, it could mean you are being too rigid in your ideals or behavior.


If you dream you are buying something it suggests you are open to allowing new thoughts, feelings, or perhaps people into your life. If you dream you have overpaid, you feel a new situation in your life does not have the value you’d hoped it would.


Cabbage represents simple and inexpensive food to which everyone has access. When you dream of cabbage, it may signify a longing for simpler, easier times.


A cafeteria in a dream can signify social times in your life that offer no real connection. You may yearn for more emotional nourishment. Is the cafeteria nice and clean or dirty and depressing? Its condition shows how you feel about your social life.


A cage represents possession or control, and what you see in the cage is the key to interpreting this sign. A cage full of birds may signify abundance, whereas a single bird may indicate you are narrowly focused at this time. An empty cage may mean the loss of something or someone important to you. A cage full of wild animals may signify you have control over a particular aspect of your life and you will triumph over your emotional ups and downs.


A dream about a cake may mean a celebration is at hand. It can also indicate there’s something to celebrate that has been overlooked. Maybe you should push for something you desire, such as a promotion at work.


Dreaming of camp depends on how you feel there. If you’re having fun, it signifies longing for youth, fun, freedom, and a release from the constraints of everyday life. If you’re not, it means that you feel someone is trying to steal your thunder and take away your simple pleasures.


Canals represent a journey through the unconscious. Pay attention to other details in the dream. Is the water muddy or clear? Are you traveling with friends or family? A dirty canal suggests you have hidden emotional issues you need to work out as soon as possible.


Dreaming of cancer doesn’t mean you have the disease or are going to get it. To be successfully treated for cancer in a dream signals a change for the better. Dreaming of cancer may symbolize a desperate or fore-boding situation, or a draining of resources.


Usually the appearance of candles indicates spirituality. A candle provides light in the darkness, or guidance through dark matters or the unknown. If a candle burns down to nothingness, it might indicate a fear or concern. A candle being put out could mean you feel overworked. A steadily burning candle may signify a steadfast character and constancy in friends and family.


To dream of cannibalism shows that your unconscious feels a need to consume someone else’s energy. Are you emotionally draining the people around you? If you dream of someone eating you, be careful of the people with whom you surround yourself. They’re not good for your self-esteem.


Canoes suggest a short journey that requires some effort, but that journey is often pleasantly tranquil. Pay attention to other elements in the dream, such as the state of the water and how hard you are paddling. A dream of paddling on a calm stream symbolizes confidence in your own abilities. If the river is shallow and quick, the dream may indicate concern over a hasty decision in a recent matter. To dream of paddling with your lover may indicate you are on the same page in the relationship; but if the waters are rough, there are some issues that need to be smoothed out.


When you dream you are in a car, notice what you can about the car. Is it going forward or in reverse? Is it a shiny new model or an old clunker? Are you the driver or a passenger? Are you in the front seat or the back? Is the road the car is traveling on straight or winding? Is the car going too slow or too fast? Is the car broken down or unable to get going? These questions will give you clues as to how you feel about your capability to get where you want to go in life. The car symbol can also tell you a lot about what you feel you deserve in life, or how you regard your station in life compared to others’. A moving car may mean you are headed toward a goal or moving ahead. Being in the driver’s seat symbolizes taking charge of your life. Is there a back-seat driver in the vehicle? Or are you taking the backseat in some situation in your life? A stolen or lost car could indicate you are losing control of your life. Cars sometimes represent the physical body, so take note of the car’s condition. Even if you feel in control the car may have fits and stops. Maybe it circles back around or has to climb a particularly steep hill. All these events may indicate the level of difficulty you feel you must face to move forward in your life and get where you want to go. If the car is going backwards, you may feel you are slipping backwards in some area of your personal life or work.


To dream of riding a carousel suggests that you are going around in circles and not making any progress in your endeavors.


Carrots, in dreams, could mean you’re a solid, earthy person with great inherent value, in the same way that a carrot has great nutritional value. If you are upset in the dream, someone may be enticing you with a promise that doesn’t materialize. You need to be true to yourself.


Seeing one of these majestic structures in a dream might suggest power and strength, security and protection. Castles in the sky are fantasies and illusions — you may wish to escape from your present circumstances. Help will come soon if you need it.


Dreaming of castration refers to feelings of inadequacy or impotence in life. You fear the unknown. Think about situations in your life where you feel powerless, helpless, or at the mercy of outside forces.


Cats have had many mystical and superstitious connotations throughout history. Cats have been reviled as evil and bad luck, and revered as gods. Most often, when a cat shows up in your dream, you might be wishing for more independence in some area of your life. Or you could be receiving a message to be more curious and adventurous. Cats are hunters, so you may be in the process of trying to hunt down some important piece of information or lost object. If the cat in the dream is purring, you may feel particularly content in a relationship or situation. Cats can represent independence, the feminine spirit, or sexual prowess. They can also stand for evil or bad luck, or represent a catty or cunning person.


To dream of healthy, content cattle grazing in a green pasture suggests prosperity and happiness. Conversely, dreaming of weak, poorly fed cattle warns you are wasting your energy on the wrong things. Stampeding cattle imply that something in your life is out of control.


A cave represents the hidden you — the person you truly are. How did you feel inside the cave? Were you frightened? Was it cozy? Caves also refer to rebirth and changing old ideas.


Cedar represents strength of conviction and health. It can also signify earthiness. Do you need to get back to basics? Cedar chips can refer to scattered thoughts. Get your ideas together and focus on your priorities.


Celebrities in your dreams can signify a yearning to be more involved in the social scene. This dream also represents a part of you that craves recognition for past efforts. Dreams about having sex with celebrities are merely wish-fulfillment dreams or indicate a desire to embrace some quality in yourself that you associate with a celebrity.


Dreams about ceremonies indicate you’re entering a new phase of your life. Do you feel comfortable with the changes? Are you enjoying the ceremony in your dream? Dreaming about a ceremony is usually a positive sign of good things to come.


Seeing a chain in a dream means you are in the process of connecting different experiences, thoughts, or emotions together to make a whole. If you are chained up in the dream, you feel restricted or trapped in some area of your life. If you dream you are chained to other people, you feel your own ability to do what you want is tied to the fortunes or actions of others, whether you like it or not. You need to find your own power to chart your course.


If you dream of a chair, perhaps you need to sit down and reflect on a situation in your waking life, or you just need to take a break. It is time to rest and just be with yourself.


Hearing chanting in your dream can refer to two things. If the chanting is loud, it means you’re ignoring a problem in your life. If the chanting is soft and meditative, it means that there is too much confusion around you — your subconscious is telling you to slow down and take a break.


Riding in a chariot in a dream suggests you want to speed up whatever is happening in your life. You are determined to take the reins and beat out the competition. In rare cases this could be a past-life dream.


Food in dreams almost always shows how you nurture yourself. Think of your associations with cheese and whether or not you like cheese. You may need to adopt some self-care habits. If you dream of Swiss cheese, there may be some aspect of you or your life that feels incomplete (holes). Alternatively, you may feel something or someone in your life is cheapening you (cheesy).


The mixing of potions in a dream refers to intensity of life, alchemy, and purification. What things do you need to simplify in your life in order to make it work? Are you balancing your life well? This dream also indicates you need to take responsibility for your actions. You have the formula to make your life work.


A cherry can signify lust, female desire, and forbidden fruit. It also represents wholeness, as a circle does. Who in the dream is eating the cherries? Are they in a bowl? Are they beyond your grasp?


Dreaming of childbearing signifies you are giving birth to new ideas, to a new part of yourself, or to a new stage of life. If the childbirth is difficult, it means you’ll have some serious struggles along the way, but your efforts will eventually come to fruition.


Dreaming of children may mean you yearn to return to a simpler, less complicated life. Such dreams might also relate to a desire to return to the past to recapture good times or to satisfy unfulfilled hopes. Children in dreams can also represent creative projects that are heartfelt and need to be nurtured.


To dream of a chimney signifies a spiritual ascension and approach to life. Your dreams are becoming more defined, and you need to follow your instincts. If smoke is going up the chimney, you are sending your wishes up for divine support. Alternatively, you may be worried that long-cherished plans will go “up in smoke.”


Chocolate suggests a need or a desire to indulge in something. Or, conversely, it can indicate a need to limit your indulgences. Chocolate speaks to your sensuality and shows you want to sweeten a situation or relationship in your life.


If you are a smoker, this dream could be a literal warning to quit. If you are a nonsmoker, dreaming of cigarettes could indicate you feel the words you are speaking could be harmful to yourself or others. If another person is smoking in the dream, the same may be true of someone you know. Cigarettes could simply indicate an unhealthy habit of thinking, or that you are addicted to certain patterns of thought or speech.


A circle in Jungian terms represents the self and wholeness. It can also be a symbol of protection or social connections, as in a circle of friends. If you’re “circling around something,” caution is indicated. If you dream you are “going in circles,” you feel confused about how to proceed in an area of life or frustrated that you are not accomplishing what you set out to do. Dreaming of a circle can also reveal a desire to marry, as a ring shape might indicate hopes of partnership. If someone gives you a ring in a dream, it may represent your desire to marry or move your relationship to the next level. In many cultures, artists paint or create mandalas, large circles representing the spiritual nature of life. Notice the colors and designs of your circle, as many layers of meaning may be present. If you dream you are inside a circle looking out, you may feel trapped by a situation or sense a need to protect yourself from some person or situation.


Circling around and around can mean that you feel you’re going in circles without getting anywhere. Pick and choose your battles. Analyze your goals.


Cities represent challenges, fun, and new enterprises. Are you starting something that can directly affect your financial situation? If so, examine how you feel about being in the city. That’s how you feel about the way the tides are turning in terms of your career.


Climbing up in dreams represents a longing for more knowledge. It can also signify that you want more challenges, yet emotionally you may feel drained. You’re searching for a belief system that matches your ideals.


A cloak hides your true intentions. It protects your secrets. Are you feeling guilty about something you’ve done? If someone else is wearing the cloak in your dream, chances are you feel left out of the loop.


A clock can mean you are worrying about having enough time for something in your life. This dream symbol can also refer to a past event you wish you could change. Don’t be so hard on yourself.


Closets are places where things are stored or hidden. If you are hiding something in your life, your dream may indicate that it is time to release this secret.


The clothing you wear in your dreams represents how you currently feel about yourself and your accomplishments. Is your clothing regal and expensive? Or is it tattered and torn? The clothing you wear refers directly to your self-esteem.


Dark, stormy clouds rolling in at a low altitude and flashing lightning may represent your anger regarding a situation. A slate-gray cloudy sky might indicate that your views on a subject are clouded. What in your life needs clarity? Dreaming of white, billowing clouds floating in a blue sky suggests matters are clearing up.


This is a good sign that happiness is coming your way. A clover always signifies luck. If the cloverleaf is any color but green, it will take a bit of perseverance on your part to make the good things happen.


Clowns can represent fear of the unknown and the dark, insecure side you feel within. If your reaction toward the clown is one of happiness and joy, it can also mean you long for happier, simpler times.


If the club in your dreams is a weapon of some sort, it might symbolize hidden aggression from your past. Because clubs were used long ago, it can refer to an old hurt that something current has unearthed. If someone is shaking the club, it could be a warning to deal with current emotional issues. If you dream about a group of people who form a club, your dream could be indicating you feel part of something, connected to like-minded people. Or perhaps you want to “join the club” but don’t feel you fit in.


Dreaming of a cockroach can be a literal dream — you saw one while you were awake and it filtered into your dreams. Think about what you associate with cockroaches. Do you believe they are dirty or carry disease? If so, think about recent events — some situation in your waking life may have made you feel unclean in mind or heart. Roaches are incredible survivors, so depending on your association with them, you might be receiving a message about your own resiliency. Perhaps something in your life that you thought was over has reappeared, and you don’t welcome it. Were the dream cockroaches in your house? Because a house represents your life, consider what has been going on in your current life that might be “bugging” you.


A cocoon represents safety, warmth, and protection with family and friends. It also signifies rebirth, a new stage in your life that’s soon to come or has already begun. This dream advises you to accept the new factors in your life. This is a positive change.


Drinking coffee is a pleasurable morning ritual for most people, so if you dream of drinking coffee, you might be feeling content at this time in your life. If you are making coffee in the dream, you want to start your day off right, or you might be nurturing yourself, family, or friends. If you dream you have spilled coffee, you are worrying that you have lost something you hold dear.


People gather in a coffeehouse to talk and share ideas with each other. Where in your life would you like more social interaction and the chance to relax with like-minded people? Make time for such activities and personal connections.


A coffin may symbolize a feeling of confinement. Coffins also relate to death, so ask yourself what might be causing you to feel “dead” on an emotional level.


A coin in a dream indicates a change in resources. A dream of many coins signifies money and prosperity. If the coin is heads-up, it means things are going in your favor. Tails-up on a coin indicates the tides are about to turn.


A collar refers to possessiveness. Who is wearing the collar in your dream? If you dream you’re wearing the collar, it signifies oppression you feel from others. Are you looking for your dog’s collar? Many people dream of a dog’s collar if the dog is sick or after the dog has passed away. It indicates true love and affection for your animal.


College represents distinction and the attainment of your hopes through hard work. To dream of a college may suggest you will advance to a long-sought position. Dreaming you are back in college could mean you are working to achieve distinction in an area of your life. Rewards will follow a period of hard work.


To dream of a building with columns suggests higher wisdom, intelligence, and authority. Are you standing near the columns? If you are, it means you long for more mental stimulation. Columns also stand for sexual prowess and virility. Incidentally, the akashic records — on the Other Side, where your soul’s purpose is written down — are said to be located in a building with huge columns.


This dream can be a warning about your health. If you feel you’re contaminated in the dream, it may be your body senses something is not right. This dream can also refer to obsessive tendencies or worries that someone else’s viewpoint is contaminating your own belief system.


Seeing a contract in a dream means you are making a choice that involves a significant commitment on your part. It may refer to your finances, a relationship, or even commitments to yourself about life-style changes you intend to make. If you sign the contract, it means you are comfortable with moving ahead. If you don’t sign the contract, this could indicate you don’t feel ready to commit to something at this time.


Corn refers to fertility, health, and rebirth. Usually corn in a dream is a positive sign of good things to come — think cornucopia. It can also mean you have thoughts that are now outdated (corny) about your life, others, or yourself.


To dream of yourself as a corpse or to experience your own death usually signifies a major change in your life, such as a divorce or the ending of a long-held job. If you dream of killing yourself, it could mean you are going through a traumatic personal transformation and want to leave your old life behind. If you dream of someone you know as a corpse, then the dream is telling you that an aspect of yourself represented by that person has died. Think about the qualities possessed by the person who is the corpse in the dream, and then reflect on whether or not you have failed to nurture those qualities in yourself. Often the message is an alert that a critical aspect of self has died through neglect or unawareness. Once you know what it is, you can take steps to revive that aspect of yourself if it is vital to your personal happiness.


Are you wearing a costume in your dream? If so, this is how you may see yourself. A costume represents a disguise you wear and show to others. Is someone else wearing the costume? This may be how you see him or her.


A couch in dreams represents analysis of the self. Are you comfortable on the couch? If so, you’re probably comfortable with who you are and how things are going in your life. Is the couch tattered or torn? If so, it’s time to do some self-examination and reorganize your priorities.


A dream of going to court can reflect a literal situation. Is a legal matter pending in your life? Dreaming of being in court also indicates a fear of being judged. Who is the presiding judge in your dream, and why do you feel he or she disapproves of you?


A courtyard in a dream represents tranquil, peaceful times. It can also refer to family. What are you doing in the courtyard? If there is a lot of greenery, the dream can be a positive omen of prosperous financial times ahead.


A cow can represent fertility, sustenance, or even prosperity. Because cows give milk, this might be a dream about your need to be nurtured or to nurture others.


A coyote is considered a slick, sly creature. Is there someone in your life whom you feel is sneaky or taking advantage of you? In your dream, are you scared of the coyote? If you’re not, the coyote could be your totem.


Crabs live in water and walk sideways in a funny pattern rather than straight ahead. Dreaming of a crab may indicate your moods are unstable right now, or that you are having trouble finding a clear direction in a problem or relationship. It can also indicate pesky annoyances or fear of being brought down by trivial matters. If a crab bites you, it means your emotions are getting the best of you. The crab also refers to the month of July and the zodiac sign of Cancer.


A cradle in a dream can have a literal association if you have a baby. It can also symbolize yearning for one. Cradles signify protection and comfort. Who is in the cradle? Is the cradle secure? If the cradle is faulty, you might feel you’re not providing a stable life for yourself or a loved one.


A creek represents a short journey or a new experience. Are you exploring a creek with a friend? What is the condition of the water in the creek? Water in a dream symbolizes emotions, so the creek’s characteristics will describe your feelings about your journey. Note the other aspects of the dream to discover more about the journey or experience you are undergoing.


A crevice signifies the unknown. Be wary of upcoming situations in which you may be placed. Is there something inside the crevice, or is it simply dark? This also refers to hidden desires in your unconscious mind.


If the crocodile in your dream is immersed in water, it means you may be looking for the key to unlocking hidden emotions. Something is blocking you. If the crocodile is on land, it may signify you’re not being truthful with yourself.


Crows are messengers. What is the crow in your dream trying to tell you? If someone is crowing in the dream, you may see that person (or yourself) as boastful and arrogant. If you fear crows, the crow in your dream might represent some aspect of your personality that you consider dark or negative.


Being lost in a crowd can signify a loss of individuality. You may feel the need to stand out from others. This dream can also describe confusion around you, or even boredom. Maybe it’s time to break away or travel.


The obvious definition is wealth, position, power, and authority. But is the crown something desired or feared in the dream? Is it within reach or escaping your grasp? A crown may also indicate good advice from an older, wiser person or mentor.


If you have a dream about crutches, you may feel you’re relying too heavily on something or someone. It can also signify fear of being more independent and venturing out on your own.


To dream of crying indicates repressed sadness, usually referring to problems of the heart. It can also signify a release from problems. Try not to analyze this dream. Let your unconscious work it out for you.


Notice the other influences in the dream. A cup indicates that the answer to a current situation or problem is right under your nose. Is the cup full or empty? Cup symbolism can show you how you view situations in life — is your cup half full or half empty? If you dream of a full cup, then you are feeling satisfied and satiated in the situation. If empty, then you don’t yet know how to resolve the situation. A cup can also be a gift coming to you, so pay attention to signs and synchronicities in the days following the dream.


If you dream that someone is shouting curses at you, it could mean you are upset with yourself for something you’ve thought or done and feel a need to be punished. If you are the one cursing at others, you are releasing built-up frustration and irritation through the dream.


A cypress tree may indicate the desire to travel to a Mediterranean destination. It also signifies the mystical qualities of wholeness, immortality, security, and wisdom.


If you dream of a dagger, you may be feeling threatened emotionally by a situation in your life. If you see daggers in someone’s eyes, you feel disapproval from him. If you are the one shooting daggers, you disapprove of something in yourself or in another person but are not directly communicating or trying to clear up the situation.


Daisies are light, happy flowers that bloom in the summer. Dreaming of daisies indicates you feel good about your life right now and are hopeful about the future.


A dream about dancing represents movement, freedom, joy, and a time of happiness. It also indicates liberation from constraints and a deep connection with your current emotional state.


Darkness is a symbol of the unconscious, the hidden, and the unknown. Darkness can also stand for lower impulses, death, and fear. To dream of being overtaken by darkness suggests fear or trepidation about a matter at hand. To dream that you lose a friend or child in the darkness indicates you may be unaware of certain behaviors you have that are driving others away. You may also be losing aspects of yourself mirrored in relationships with others that you are not paying attention to and illuminating in your daily life. Darkness speaks to the hidden, shadow-side of our psyche. It is the ultimate unknown, and in the dream state our psyche reaches out to let us know where darkness is obscuring important information about our thoughts, emotions, behaviors, relationships, and actions.


Dawn signifies rebirth or embarking on a new direction in your life. Translation of this symbol depends on how you feel about the dawn. If you’re afraid, it could mean you feel turmoil about moving forward with new projects, ideas, or undertakings.


Daybreak indicates the outlook on a matter is brightening. A gloomy or cloudy day suggests you feel discouraged about something you are doing, whereas sunlight represents clarity and hope.


If you dream of someone who has crossed over, most likely you are reconciling unfinished emotions (grief, anger) concerning that person. You may also see qualities in yourself that were qualities the deceased exhibited when she was alive. In that case the dream is pointing out similar attitudes, beliefs, and patterns of behavior, so you can learn and grow from the experience. If you dream of a loved one who has passed away, and the dream is vivid and deeply loving, it may be an actual visitation from that person.


A death dream usually isn’t a premonition of death, but it may indicate a death of some part of yourself or an area of your life. If you feel no sense of fear in the death, the dream can mean you’re letting go of something. On the other hand, a corpse can indicate you feel stuck in a lifeless routine.


A dream about decapitation can happen when you feel a sense of disconnect from your body. You may want to stop certain thought patterns, or wish to reconcile certain ways of thinking with your physical day-to-day life. You may also fear “losing your head” over a situation in your waking life.


Decay, in a dream, can indicate you are ready to get rid of the old to make room for the new. It can also signify you’re neglecting your body or mind. Notice what is decaying in your dream.


December is traditionally a time of giving and receiving gifts. To dream of this month can suggest anticipation of good things to come. Because December is a winter month, you might be worrying about a time of dormancy or loss.


Deer are graceful and gentle creatures that are easily frightened. In folklore, deer are the messengers of fairies and therefore could be messengers of the unconscious. Are you feeling fearful in some area of your own life? If you dream of hunting deer, and are not a hunter, this might indicate you are trying to capture the gentle, graceful nature of the deer for yourself.


Going to the dentist in a dream could be literal reminder. Do you have an upcoming appointment or do you need a checkup? If not, dentists in dreams can refer to worries that something is wrong. Your dream might also indicate a need to rely on an authority figure. (See teeth for more associations.)


A desert is usually thought of as a barren place, where little grows. It can symbolize a fear of death, or of being infertile. But dreaming of a desert can also alert you to hidden beauty and hidden life that is camouflaged by ordinary perceptions.


Desserts represent enjoyment, forbidden pleasures, and hidden guilt. How do you feel about eating the dessert?


The devil is an archetype for your hidden, nonconforming side. Dreaming of the devil might mean you feel you are acting in a way that is harmful to yourself or others. Perhaps you believe someone close to you is acting in a malicious way. Are you scared of the devil in your dream? If you’re married or in a committed relationship, the devil can represent your partner. Pay close attention to how you feel toward him. If you are “bedeviled,” you are being asked to have a sense of humor about a situation that is frustrating you.


Dew represents tiny treasures or small pleasures. To dream of sparkling dew may portend a coming blessing.


A diamond symbolizes love, as in a diamond ring, as well as hardness and endurance. It may also symbolize wealth. A lost diamond, especially a ring, may reveal concern about a love relationship. A gift of a diamond depends on who is giving it and other circumstances. A diamond passed from a parent or relative could refer to an inheritance; one from a friend might indicate a wish to obtain the person’s love.


Digestion could be a literal dream alluding to what you ate before going to bed. It can also signify spiritual nourishment or becoming more emotionally committed to your personal relationships. If you dream you are having trouble digesting something, think about what is going on in your life that you are not able to accept.


What are you digging for? If it’s something lost, you may be attempting to retrieve a part of your past. If it’s a treasure, you may be delving into the unconscious — a treasure chest of knowledge. However, if you are burying something, it indicates a wish to cover up an act, hide your feelings, or obscure the facts of a matter.


When you dream about earth or dirt, you may feel “dirty” about some recent action. Or, you may be trying to bury feelings that are making you uncomfortable. If you have been stressed at work or in your life in general, you may be dreaming about the ground to symbolize your desire to “ground” yourself and your anxious feelings.


This is a common dream in which you are searching for a missing person or item. If it’s an object, you’re merely coping with a trivial loss. If it’s a person who is nowhere to be found, it means you long for a connection with this person. Perhaps you’ve had a disagreement and you want to make up, but your unconscious knows this may be impossible.


Being disciplined in your dreams could refer to how you feel about yourself or others. Are you getting things done the way you should? If not, you may feel you need to punish yourself.


Disinfectant in your dreams can refer to cleaning up your own life. Do you feel dirty about particular emotions you’re experiencing? Are you comfortable with your own sexuality? Using disinfectant could also show you are attempting to deal with bad situations in your waking life.


Dismemberment, in a dream, refers to breaking apart before putting things back together. It suggests joining the pieces of your own life puzzle.


A dream about being disobedient signifies that you’re feeling too many restrictions in your life right now. You want to rebel and break free.


To dream of diving into a body of water may indicate you are about to dive into something in your waking life that has strong emotional content for you. On a deeper level, a diving dream may symbolize an exploration of the unconscious.


A doctor can indicate healing or a healing guide. For some people, a doctor in a dream might symbolize mainstream thinking as opposed to alternative health options. Dreaming of a doctor may also mean you need to visit one but are afraid to go.


Dreaming of a dog can mean you’re seeking companionship, affection, or loyalty. Dogs are beloved around the world. In animal companions, such as dogs and cats, you may see qualities that reflect ones you would like to have yourself. In your dream, notice how you interact with the dog. Is it friendly or wary? What color and breed is the dog? How do you feel with the dog? Most often, unless you are afraid of dogs, they symbolize friendship, unconditional love, and loyalty. If you are dreaming of dogs, you might see these qualities in yourself or another person. Or you might desire a romantic partner who has these qualities.


Dreaming of a doll refers to childhood thoughts and memories. Is the doll in good condition? If so, it means you’re feeling good about your past. If it’s in poor shape, it’s a sign you need to heal certain issues from your past. Also, think about any situation or relationship in your life in which you feel you are being toyed with or treated like a toy.


Because it resides in the sea, a dolphin may be considered a messenger of the unconscious or a guide to the unconscious realms. You may be diving into your unconscious. What do you fear? What do you hope for? Because a dolphin is at home in the water, you may feel emotionally balanced. Dolphins are also playful, so your dream may be telling you that you need light, playful experiences in your life.


A common dream symbol, doors can indicate an opening or a new opportunity at hand. A closed door suggests something is inaccessible or hidden, or that an opportunity has passed by. If a door is broken, something may be hindering you from taking a new opportunity. The condition of the door, the material it’s made of, and any markings that appear on it often provide clues about what lies behind it or about your perception of reality.


If you dream you hear a doorbell ringing, your unconscious is trying to get your attention to let you know something new is arriving in your life. If you are ringing a doorbell in your dream, you are trying to get someone’s attention.


A dove in a dream is always a lucky symbol meaning peace, affection, love, and prosperity. Notice where the dove goes. Is this the direction of your heart’s true desire?


Dragons refer to intuition and psychic ability. You may know that something is about to happen, but you don’t want to admit it. Dragons also represent authority and power. How do you feel about the dragon in your dream?


A dream of a drawer or putting something into a drawer signifies putting aside foolish pursuits and dealing with the current situation. You may dream of drawers when you’d like to keep a part of yourself hidden from the rest of the world. If you take something out of a drawer, analyze the object to determine what part of yourself you’re now ready to share with people.


To have a dream that you’re dreaming usually indicates you’re having a lucid dream. In these dreams you can learn how to control outcomes and steer things toward positive results.


Symbolically, water is related to the unconscious and emotions. Drinking may suggest you are being nourished or thirst for emotional involvement. As a metaphor, drinking spirits may suggest a search for spiritual sustenance. For an alcoholic or someone who is close to an alcoholic, a dream of drinking alcohol may be a warning.


Driving signifies a need to take the wheel and gain control of your life. If you’re driving and the car swerves out of control, or the accelerator is stuck in place, it’s possible your unconscious knows you don’t yet have the skills to get where you want to go. The dream may also warn that you are being reckless or moving ahead too fast.


Generally an unfavorable omen in a dream, droughts represent the absence of life or the drying up of your emotions. Are you with someone in the dream? Maybe an unresolved issue between you and someone you are close to is leading to a quarrel or separation.


Drowning in a dream signifies a deep-rooted fear of delving into your unconscious mind or your deep emotions. You are emotionally overwhelmed at this time in your life, or fear that if you give in to your emotions they will overwhelm you. The more you express and process your emotions, the less overwhelming they will seem.


Many times, dreams about drugs are literal — you’re under their influence. But being offered drugs in a dream usually refers to negative influences around you. Who is the person offering you the drugs? Drugs can also indicate that a part of you wants to be released from responsibility.


Dreaming of a drum or drumbeats may relate to a primitive urge or the universal heart. Alternately, a drum could symbolize communication, magic, or even an entrepreneurial spirit, as in “drumming up” business.


You often dream of being drunk when you’ve had too much to drink in real life. If you dream of seeing a drunk, it could indicate you feel you’re being foolish and indulgent in a current situation.


Dwarves are traditionally associated with magical powers. Dreaming of a dwarf could be an extremely fortuitous sign. On the other hand, a dwarf can symbolize a stunted condition. If growth is limited in your waking life, your dream may advise pursuing an alternate path.


Dreams of dying represent the end of an emotional state, relationship, or situation at hand. To dream that you are going to die suggests inattention to a particular aspect of your life that requires your focus. If you dream of other people dying, you fear the qualities you possess that you also recognize in these individuals are passing away.


If you dream of dynamite, you fear a potentially explosive situation. Are your repressed emotions about to explode? Examine other features in the dream to determine where the problem lies.


The eagle, soaring high in the sky, can symbolize a spiritual quest. It can also stand for combat, pride, courage, and ferocity. Eagles are traditionally associated with nobility. They also can represent a father figure or the sun.


Pay attention to the type of earrings in your dream. Are they cultured and demure, like pearls, or fun and large, like colorful hoops? If they’re conservative, it may be you’re longing to change the way people see you. If they’re outrageous, you may be worried about the way people see you or you seek a larger role in life.


A dream of human ears can indicate you need to watch what you say. Ears can also call attention to something. Listen carefully to what’s going on around you.


The earth is the ground underneath your feet. It is the soil in which all things grow. To dream of the earth signifies an awareness of the inter-connectedness of all things. It also may indicate you need to be more grounded and stable in your relationships and/or financial matters. If you dream you are digging in the earth, you may be searching for stability and a strong foundation in some situation. If you dream of seeing the earth from space, you may be longing to return home, to be nurtured by a familiar setting. A dream of gardening and working in the earth suggests you are growing as a person and planting seeds you want to blossom. If you dream of someone who’s “earthy,” you might want to connect with a part of you that is more comfortable with your physical nature. If you dream someone is “down to earth,” you consider that person, or an aspect of yourself, to be real, honest, and trustworthy. Dreaming of the earth is usually a positive, healthy sign.


Dreaming of an earthquake might suggest your personal, financial, or business matters are unstable. Is something upsetting taking place in your life? Earthquakes can also have sexual connotations, such as the desire for sexual release. If there are other people in the dream, does one of them make the earth move for you?


East is the place where dawn breaks, thus it represents new beginnings. It is the symbolic and allegorical spring. If you are heading east in your dream, you may be about to embark on a new project or a new beginning in some area of life. Many South American shamanic traditions consider east the place of the visionary, home to the eagle, and symbolic of a new point of view or spiritual vision for yourself and the world. The sun rises in the east, so perhaps your “sun” is about to rise. A promotion or other positive development may be on the horizon for you.


A dream of eating might suggest a craving for love or nurturance. It can also mean you are enjoying life or indulging in its pleasures. If you are the one being eaten in the dream, ask yourself if something is eating at you. Do you feel as if you are being eaten alive?


To hear an echo in your dreams can mean you feel nobody is really listening to you or hearing what you’re trying to say. Or, it could suggest that your feelings of loneliness are calling to you, encouraging you to connect more with others.


An eclipse suggests a disruption of what’s normal. When something is eclipsed, it means a period of activity has ended. Also, dreaming of an eclipse can mean cosmic forces are at work in your life.


An eel, like a snake, can be a symbol of transformation, sexuality, healing, or hidden emotions. Take your cues from what the eel is doing in your dream.


In the Jungian view, eggs represent wholeness, fertility, and new life. Eggs can also symbolize ideas that have not yet hatched. Finding a nest of eggs might indicate a waiting period, or that ideas are gestating. Financially, a dream about eggs can allude to your nest egg. What is the context of the dream? Is someone egging you on?


Eight is the number of infinity, eternity, and universal abundance. A visually beautiful number, eight shows balance and symmetry. You may be about to make a major romantic commitment or celebrate an anniversary. Opportunities for financial growth may be on the horizon. Like seven, eight is a “luck” number, so good fortune is on the way if eights show up in your dreams. If you dream you are “behind the eight ball,” you have missed out on a lucky opportunity or somehow are blocked from achieving success.


To dream of running for office means you’d like to have more authority and power in your interactions with others. It can also mean you don’t feel you’ve been rewarded enough for your efforts. If you win an election in your dream, it symbolizes wonderful new changes are on their way.


Dreaming of electricity signifies drive and spontaneity — new life. It refers to a need to be more active. If you see something being electrified, it means you’re aware of the inner battle you’re currently having with igniting the passion in your life or your work.


To dream of being electrocuted signifies you may be shocked by the happenings around you. It also suggests you fear losing power in a close relationship or in your career.


The appearance of these large, solid animals may signify wealth, honor, and a steadfast character. As the elephants rule in the wild, their appearance in your dream may indicate you reign supreme in business and/or at home. How many elephants do you see in your dream? A herd of elephants may suggest great wealth, while a single elephant may represent a small but solid fortune. An elephant with its trunk held up is a symbol of excellent luck soon to come.


Rising in an elevator may symbolize a rise in status, such as a promotion, or a heightening of consciousness. Is the ascent rapid? Are you frightened? Exhilarated? A descent in an elevator might indicate a lowering in status or position, or a journey into the unconscious. A stuck elevator might suggest some aspect of your life is presently being delayed. A plunging elevator could indicate a rapid descent into the unconscious, and your fear of losing control in life.


If you have a dream of eloping, it’s possible you’re unhappy with your current love relationship and wish to run away. If you’re happy in the dream, it could mean you’re anxious for more stability in your emotion life and in love.


If you dream of being embarrassed, it indicates you’re unsure of what to do next. It also signifies a general lack of overall confidence. Issues from the past that used to bother you have probably resurfaced in your life. Resolve them, and you’ll stop having this type of dream.


To dream of embracing someone in a dream simply means that you have a new kind of affection for this person, or you see qualities in her that you would like to embrace in your own life. If you’re forced to embrace someone, it means you feel pushed to a level of intimacy and connection prematurely.


Embroidery, in a dream, can refer to departed loved ones or unfulfilled dreams of the past. Do you feel as if you’ve missed an emotional opportunity? Are you thinking about a relationship you broke away from in the past? This dream also refers to the little details in your life. What is it you are trying to weave together or create?


To dream of an embryo signifies beginnings and kernels of ideas you need to develop. It can also, of course, refer to birth, rebirth, and pregnancy.


An empty room, cup, container, or object is a metaphor for the way you feel about yourself currently. You’d like to fill the object, simply because you’re ready for things to go your way. This dream symbol also refers to boredom and loneliness.


An enema, in a dream, indicates something is emotionally draining you. It could also stand for people in your life who depend on you financially. What do you feel is pulling you under?


Dreaming of an enemy you know in your waking life signifies that you long for peace with this person but believe it is not possible. An enemy you do not know in waking life usually refers to yourself — you are the enemy. Are you running from the enemy in your dream or facing him?


To dream of an engagement is usually a release or wish-fulfillment dream. Perhaps you long to have more security in your love life so you can plan for the future. This is also a good omen of positive social experiences to come.


If you dream of putting together the engine of a car, it means your unconscious knows it needs to get down to basics — start over and rebuild things from the ground up. This may refer to a business, or to your insecurities and doubts about current relationships.


An entrance in a dream refers to the choices you need to make. Do you walk through the entrance? Are you scared to go in? You may dream about an entrance when you’re at a turning point in your life. To dream of making a big entrance signifies your need to be more socially proactive.


An eruption, in a dream, means you’re holding back in your waking life. You need to release some angst and start things fresh. If the eruption occurs as a volcano, it can refer to repressed sexual desire.


Dreaming of an escalator suggests slowly climbing the ranks in either business or spirituality. Who is at the top of the escalator? Can he or she help you with your pursuit? Does this person have authority over you?


If you dream of making an escape, consider whether you are avoiding or need to get away from something in your life. Examine the people in your dream. Are you trying to get away from them? Do you need to confront them about something they’ve done?


Whether you have this dream about yourself or about another person, it refers to you and harbored feelings of inadequacy. It could also signify guilt over how you’ve acted toward others around you.


A dream that takes place in the evening suggests a situation in your life may be coming to a close. To dream of stars shining in the evening sky suggests hope and brighter times ahead.


A dream of an evergreen — especially the word itself — may be a metaphor. To be “ever green” indicates wealth or at least financial stability. An evergreen or pine tree might symbolize hope or even immortality. A decorated evergreen or Christmas tree suggests giving or receiving gifts.


If you dream of taking an exam, it might indicate a concern about inadequacy or failure. A stack of tests could suggest you feel you are being tested too often. You feel that someone is judging you. Look at the surrounding elements in the dream. If you forget to go to class in your dream, it suggests you are worried about being unprepared.


To dream of exchanging one thing for another indicates a recent change in your way of thinking or even your style — the way you present yourself to others. What is it you’re exchanging? Notice the people around you in the dream and how they act toward you.


A dream of excrement can be a good omen. First of all, it can nourish new ideas and beginnings. It also signifies ridding yourself of what you no longer need to start out anew. In rare cases, it can refer to feelings of being dirty (see dirt).


If you’re about to be executed or about to witness an execution in your dream, it refers to the current sadness and heaviness of heart you feel. If you’re depressed, seek professional help. In rare cases, execution can also refer to the end of the old, and a new start, in terms of a way of life.


Dreaming of being an executive in your dream is usually quite literal. You may long for more power and authority in your career. In some cases, this also refers to having more stability in your home and family life. Or it reveals your desire to feel in charge of what is going on in your life.


More often than not, this is a literal dream referring to your current physical health. It may be time for you to take a break or go on vacation. Also, it can refer to feelings of being overly drained emotionally.


Exhibitionism, in a dream, is healthy. It signifies a willingness to take things on with open arms and to show the world your vulnerability. In some cases, exhibitionism also refers to an affinity for more sexual adventures. It suggests you feel free of the constraints of society or age.


To dream of being in exile usually represents one of three things. You could feel you’re being left out or punished by a social circle or relationship you long for. Or, it can mean you feel judged or criticized. Another possibility is that you just feel alone right now.


To set out on an expedition signifies an openness and willingness to have new adventures — both with travel and in your relationships. It’s a good sign for positive experiences soon to come.


A dream of an explosion could be an attempt by your unconscious to get you to pay attention to a matter of concern. An explosion may suggest a release or an outburst of repressed anger, or an upheaval in your life.


Eyes have been called the windows of the soul. If you dream of your own eyes, you may be opening up to a new way of seeing things in your waking life or to a heightened sense of your own intuition and inner wisdom. If you get something in your eye or your eye is bloodshot or otherwise unclear, something is obscuring your ability to see a situation clearly. If you are looking deeply into another’s eyes in the dream, you feel you are seen and known for who you really are — or you wish that were so.


Eyeglasses (or contact lenses), in a dream, refer to seeing the world more clearly. Your unconscious is trying to tell you to take a good look around. If eyeglasses are handed to you in the dream, you are being given the opportunity to expand your range of vision. You need to pay more attention to what is going on in your life right now.


If you see your own face in a dream, this is a symbol for the face you show to others and the world. Your face is your identity in the world. It represents the most public aspect of your persona. In the dream, notice the expression on your face. Are you smiling? Angry? Sad? The dream most assuredly will be trying to reveal something that hides beneath your the public “face.” If the face is the main element of the dream and you dream you are turning away, you may be having difficulty facing a situation or behavior in yourself or others.


If you dream you are on Facebook, you want others to be able to get to know you. If you are distressed in the dream by being on Facebook, you worry that you have revealed too much of yourself or are losing your privacy in some situation or personal matter of importance.


To dream of having a facelift signifies you’d like people to see you in a different light. What is it you imagine they feel toward you? On rare occasions, dreaming of a facelift can be a literal dream — you fear becoming and looking old.


Fairies are light, ethereal creatures of whimsy, fun, and guidance. Dreaming of fairies could indicate you want to embrace a lighter, more magical part of yourself or connect more deeply to nature and the spirit realms. Fairies can also be messengers or tricksters. Look at the situation or events in the dream to see what the fairies are trying to tell you about your life right now.


Dreaming of a falcon represents spiritual awareness and rising to new heights. It also indicates freedom from the burdens of society. In some cases, a falcon can signify news soon to come. If you feel a strong, positive connection to the falcon, it may be your totem.


Falling is a common dream symbol and usually an expression of concern about failure. The dream could be a metaphor for falling down on the job. In most falling dreams, the dreamer never lands. If you do hit the ground, it could mean you’ve struck bottom in a matter. If you are unharmed, the dream may be suggesting that you won’t be hurt by something you perceive as a failure.


To dream of being famous signifies you long to be in the public eye and to be rewarded for your previous efforts. This dream can be a release dream or a wish-fulfillment dream.


A mechanical fan moves air and, as such, represents spiritual guidance. It indicates clearing the air and clarifying your thinking. Fans in dreams may symbolize your need to go with the flow now and take things as they come. If you dream of followers who are fans of yours, you desire recognition for your accomplishments, or you feel supported in your creativity and work by many people in your life.


A dream of being fat might indicate a concern about your diet. It could also be a metaphor either for wealth and abundance, or for overindulgence.


The appearance of your father can have many connotations, depending on the context of the dream and your relationship with him. Typically it represents a need for advice in a troubling situation or the need to protect yourself in some situation. Someone in your life may have qualities that remind you of your father.

father figure

To dream of a father figure in your dream represents the need for more stability in your life. It could also be your unconscious telling you to be wary of the current situation you’re facing. If you have bad feelings about this father figure, you may doubt your place within your own family. Are those around you treating you with respect?


To dream of a feather floating through the air bodes well. Your burdens will be light and easily mastered. To dream of an eagle feather implies your aspirations will be met.


A dream of this short winter month might suggest you feel the need to retreat from the world. Perhaps you are depressed with the amount of time things are taking to manifest in your life. If you love the winter and winter sports, this could be a dream of pleasure and anticipation of some of your favorite activities. The dream’s setting or this time of year may indicate when you are at your best and happiest.


You get around in the world on your feet. Feet enable you to move forward in life, so when you dream about your feet, notice whether they are bare or in shoes. Bare feet may signify you are comfortable and feel free about whatever situation is currently going on in your life. If you are having difficulty moving your feet in the dream, think about where in your waking life you may fear moving forward. If your feet are steady in the dream, you feel confident and comfortable with your ability to get where you need to go in life.


A dream of a fence can indicate that you feel “fenced in.” A fence can block you or it can protect you. If you are “on the fence,” the dream might suggest you are undecided about something.


To dream you are suffering from a fever suggests a needless worry over a small affair. Be patient, and it will work itself out. This dream may also be a response from your body letting you know you are getting sick and that you actually have a temperature.


To dream of green fields, ripe with corn or grain, indicates great abundance. If you dream of plowed fields, you are getting ready to plant the seeds of your future. If you dream of lost crops, you fear some endeavor will come to naught. Perhaps you are ready to harvest all that you have created with your hard work and attention to detail. If so, enjoy!


Figs are one of the sensual symbols. A dream about figs can refer to all things erotic — desire, sex, sexual need, and longing. Who is eating the fig in your dream? A fig also signifies hidden pleasures you should take advantage of. They’re waiting for you.


To fight in a dream may represent a conflict or the need to resolve an issue. Are you winning or losing a fight? Are you fighting with a loved one? Pay attention to other details in the dream so that you may interpret it better.


To dream of filing signifies a hidden need to separate your feelings and emotions from a potentially difficult situation. It could also recommend getting better organized in your life.


Fingers, in a dream, refer to touch, emotion, accusation, warmth, and communication. In order to determine the meaning of the dream, take note of what you’re doing with your fingers or how the other person is using them. Translate this literally, and then look for other symbols in the dream.


Fire is a primal universal symbol, deeply embedded in the consciousness of all living beings. It represents rebirth, containing within itself the power of consumption and regeneration. Think about all the ways you use the imagery of fire in your daily life. If someone “lights a fire” under you, he is trying to get you going on something, but if someone “lights your fire” she ignites your passion. When you dream of fire — even the flame of a candle — you are being asked to come alive in some area of your life. Your subconscious is trying to connect you to that vital, primal energy of inspiration, life force, and passion. Fire is generally a favorable symbol, so long as you are not burned. Alternately, fire can symbolize destruction, purification, illumination, and a spiritual awakening. Look for other metaphors. What are you getting fired up about? Are you (or another figure in the dream) concerned about being fired or getting burned?

fire engine

A symbol of distress and ultimately of protection, a fire engine indicates worry over an important matter at hand with the hope that help is on the way.


To dream of fighting flames suggests hard work is required before you’ll achieve success. If you are trying to put out a fire or are watching others put out a fire, you fear an emotional issue or situation will get out of control and you would rather make it go away.


Fireplaces signify warmth, comfort, financial stability, domestic happiness, and a longing to increase your social status. Examine the aspects of the dream to determine which meaning fits for you. Sitting in front of a fireplace with a friend or loved one means you’d like to be closer, emotionally, to this person.


A dream of fireworks suggests a celebration, a joyous explosion, or a release of repressed feelings.


Fish are at home in the water, so dreaming of fish relates to your emotional life. Fish swimming can symbolize exploration of the unconscious or something that lies below the surface. The Jungian interpretation is that fish symbolize a spiritual quest. Fish in dreams also represent good intuition, so trust your gut. Fish also refer to the month of February/ March and the zodiac sign of Pisces.


To dream of fishing signifies a need to examine your emotions and to delve deeper into your unconscious. Because fish also refer to your intuition, you might be fishing for a solution to a problem — you already know how to solve it.


Dreaming of being physically fit is a good indication that you’re feeling psychologically good about yourself. This can also be a wish-fulfillment dream — you’d literally like to look better and be more fit.


Five is the connecting number — the swing number between the four basic symbols and the higher numerical vibrations. It reflects the shift from the more purely personal numbers of 1, 2, 3, and 4 (self, duality, mother, and father) toward the transpersonal experiences reflected in 6, 7, 8, and 9 (others, spirituality, eternity, and cycles). As such it usually represents change when it shows up in a dream. Change is unpredictable and can be for good or ill, so notice what’s going on when five comes into your dreams. Five can also represent the struggle between freedom and discipline, and can give you important messages about how you approach goals and tasks. If you are giving someone “high fives” in your dream, you are celebrating an accomplishment or shared success.


Your unconscious is aware of social issues around you. Are political issues irritating you? Perhaps you long for less confusion and more cohesiveness in a partnership. A flag can be a warning in a dream. If you dream there is a “flag down on the play,” then there is something inappropriate about your actions or someone else’s in a situation. Similarly, if you dream about seeing “red flags” in your dream, you are being asked to proceed with caution in that area of your life. Flags are also used to communicate and denote something of importance, so reflect on how the flags are showing up in your dreams to determine the meaning for you at this time in your life.


To see flames in a dream represents the need for purity and purification of thoughts and deeds. Take note of what is on fire to determine the exact meaning. Flames can also refer to hidden passion or a crush you prefer not to admit to.


Striking flint can represent fickleness or a little devil in you waiting to get out. It can also refer to love and marriage, or to a spark between you and another person.


If you’re flirting in your dream, you are trying to attract something new into your life. Who are you flirting with? If it has a positive outcome, it could be a wish-fulfillment dream rather than a prophetic one.


This can be an astral dream — your spirit actually could be floating. This is a very positive sign of good things to come; it means happier, more hopeful, and easier times ahead.


To be flogged in a dream signifies you feel you should be punished for something you’ve done or for treating someone badly. To see someone flogged in a dream indicates the need to settle some emotional issues in your life.


A dream of a flood might suggest you are being overwhelmed by emotion. Or, your awareness of the unconscious aspects of your being may be rising. A dream of flooding can also warn that personal matters are spilling over into other areas of your life.


Flowers have universal connotations of celebration, love, and ceremony. If you dream of dead flowers, however, you are dreaming about a part of yourself or your life that has passed. If you dream of flower buds, you are opening to new experiences or aspects of yourself. If the flowers are in full bloom, you feel confident and fulfilled at this time in your life. Flowers represent your own unfolding, so think about what in your life is flowering, blooming, or past its peak. The type of flower will also have particular associations. Think about the color and type of flower and the connotations you have to determine what the dream’s message is for you.

fly (insect)

You may be experiencing some pesky setbacks that are causing disappointment now. Try to be patient. It may take a little longer, but things should go as planned. If you dream of being bitten by a fly, you are being annoyed by someone in your circle of acquaintances.


A flying dream may suggest you are soaring, or flying high, as a result of a successful venture. Flying can also symbolize breaking free of restrictions or inhibitions. Flying itself can be a joyous experience in a dream, no matter what the symbolic meaning.


Dreaming of foggy conditions indicates a lack of clarity in some aspect of your life. Fog can also symbolize something hidden or something you’re not seeing. Keep in mind that fog is usually short-lived. When it lifts, you will gain a new sense of clarity.


A dream of foliage signifies concerns in love and in financial security. If the foliage is lush and green, it indicates good times ahead. If it is wilting, it may portend problems soon to come.


Because food is essential for survival, a dream of food has to do with nourishment — ideas, relationships, material well-being, and so on. It also suggests you are acknowledging new ways of looking at things and incorporating them (digestion) into your life. Pay attention to the foods you eat in the dream — are they healthy and nourishing, or bad for you?


To dream of a fool advises you to take a chance on something risky in order to be successful. It means a leap of faith is necessary for you.


Footprints may signify you long to emulate someone who is close to you. Perhaps you’d like to be as successful as that person or possess some of his qualities. It may also be a sign that you can see where you need to go in life but are not yet ready to step into those impressions.


A forehead in a dream signifies worry over a particular issue. Though things may be tough right now, this dream means you’ll soon find a resolution to the problem at hand.


A forest suggests an exploration of the unconscious. It can also symbolize a need or desire to retreat from everyday life — to restore and revitalize your energies through nature. To dream of a lush forest in complete foliage may mean prosperity and pleasure, although finding yourself in a dense forest could signify you feel lost emotionally.


Deceptive people may be around you — watch out! This symbol could also indicate contracts are not as they seem. Read the fine print. Forgery can refer to unexpected money, such as an inheritance or lucky lottery number.

forked line/fork in the road

You’ll have to make a decision soon. This dream indicates you should choose the simplest route for now.


You are looking for answers of a mystical nature. You have anxiety about the future and want to be reassured. What is it you are concerned about? Seek out the help of people you trust.


A dream of a fountain can suggest longevity and virility. Water is related to the emotions and unconscious, and a fountain can indicate an emotional surge. Also, a dream of a fountain can recommend examining your emotions. What is the condition of the fountain? A fountain with clear water suggests vast possessions and many pleasurable emotions. A dry and broken fountain symbolizes emotional emptiness. A sparkling fountain in the moonlight can indicate a hidden emotional pleasure.


Four symbolizes masculine, father energy. It is the number of stability, structure, and foundation. Even the appearance of the number, with its square 90-degree angles, suggests structure and support. When four shows up in a dream, consider issues of fatherhood or with your father. This may be a message about your own stability and security in life, including financial security.


If you’re currently arguing with someone, a fox dream may be a warning not to speak. Silence will help you gain control over the situation. Also, be careful of the people around you. Someone may not be as honest and forthcoming as she seems.


To smell a fragrance in your dream is a sign of happiness to come and good luck in love. It can also indicate a visitation from a loved one on the Other Side who wore a particular scent. If so, enjoy the reconnection.


Dreaming of fraud can be a warning about yourself or others. Who is committing fraud in the dream? If you’re the one committing fraud, it’s possible you’ve shown a side of yourself to someone and now feel vulnerable.


A dream about freedom can mean two completely opposite things. It could indicate you feel repressed and are longing for more freedom to do the things you’d like to do. It might also mean you are currently feeling good about the freedom you’re experiencing in life.


To dream about freelance projects can be literal — you’re involved or would like to be involved in these types of undertakings. It could also refer to the autonomy you’d like to express more often. Creative ideas should come to you more freely now.


If you dream of a gathering of your friends and they are all happy, you are feeling connected to others and happy with that support and connection. If you dream of a gathering of your friends who are sad and gloomy, you are feeling disconnected at this time in your life. You might want to reach out for support.


Frogs are transformative creatures — remember the fairytale about the prince who was turned into a frog? They start as tadpoles, grow legs and arms, and develop lungs. To dream of a frog may imply a major change or transformation in your life. Because frogs live part of their lives in water, a frog may also symbolize a leap into the unconscious.


Frost, like ice, may represent a cold emotional state, your own or someone else’s. To see a friend or lover in frost could mean chilly feelings regarding the relationship.


If you dream of frostbite, it could indicate a part of you feels stuck in a current situation or love relationship. It could also mean you’re not expressing yourself as well as you could or should.


Fruit, in your dreams, refers to health, long life, and knowledge. Are you yearning to take a class? It may be a good time to do so. Sometimes, fruit in dreams can be your unconscious giving you a literal warning to eat more healthfully.


If you’re on the run in your dream, chances are you’re running from yourself. What aspect of your life are you unhappy with? Being a fugitive also refers to running away from your problems in love, at home, or at work.


Rather than death, this usually refers to saying goodbye to a way of thinking or a way of life. It indicates change and transformation. In rare cases, it can refer to worry about growing older.


Fungus in your dream can refer to an actual physical problem. It can also symbolize a situation in your life that’s growing out of control.


Funneling liquid from one container to another refers to moving emotions, perhaps between you and someone else. You may be picking up the emotions of someone close to you or vice versa. Some people have this dream when their bladders are full in real life.


Dreaming of fur indicates warmth, nostalgia, and friends from long ago. Have you recently seen a friend from your past? Fur in dreams can also suggest you are feeling luxurious at this time in your life.

fur coat

Dreaming of a fur coat doesn’t necessarily mean you want one. Even if you’re against the manufacture or ownership of a fur coat, its presence in your dream signifies luxury and easy living.


A furnace usually relates to security in your life and relationships. Lighting a furnace might refer to new love and the possibility of the relationship growing in intimacy. An unlit furnace can mean you fear you will be unable to provide the necessary fuel to accomplish your goals in life.


The meaning of this dream depends on how you feel about a particular piece of furniture. If you dream of furniture from your childhood, you may be reliving issues from the past. If it’s a comfortable piece of furniture, you might long for more comfort or warmth in your home life.


To be in a fury in your dream indicates a certain anger you feel toward yourself with regard to recent decisions you’ve made. If you feel fury toward another person in your dream, you may harbor resentment toward him. You’ll need to deal with this soon.


If a fuse blows in your dream, this refers to repressed anger you have toward someone. It can also signify unexpected, startling news to come.


A dream of gambling suggests taking a chance. If you are winning, it may bode well for a risky business deal or even a new love relationship. If you’re watching others win, the game may symbolize fear of taking a chance. Whether you should be more daring or play it safe depends on other factors in the dream.


In order to translate this dream, notice what kind of game you’re playing and whether you win or lose. If it’s a board game, you may feel a bit insignificant in your current dealings. If you win, it’s a good omen of what is to come. If you lose, you may feel as if others are playing with you.


If you encounter a gang in your dream, it means you’re feeling nervous about a situation you’re currently in, and the need to escape is great. You may also feel that others have “ganged up” on you and you are trying to hold your own in the situation. Confront the problem, and you’ll cease having this unnerving dream.


To dream of garbage suggests a need to get rid of old, worn-out ideas or excess baggage in your life. Ask yourself if you are clinging to something or some condition you no longer need.


Dreaming of a garden sometimes indicates a need to bring more beauty into your life. It may be a metaphor for personal or spiritual growth. Or, it might suggest a desire to cultivate a new talent or to move into a higher realm of awareness. A garden with lots of weeds may symbolize a need to “weed out” old ideas so your spiritual self can blossom.


A gardener in your dream represents a person who takes care of things and enables them to sprout and grow successfully. These could be relationships, financial endeavors, or personal happiness. Who is the gardener? Do you know this person in your waking life? Chances are he or she has a positive influence on your life. If you are the gardener, you are actively tending to the details of your life.


In a dream a garnish on top of a dish signifies the ultimate details in terms of your soul. Because food relates to spiritual nourishment, the garnish is the final touch. This is a sign that you’re getting your life together — and it’s going well.


A gate may represent a portal from one state of being to another. Is there a gatekeeper in your dream? Do you meet the gatekeeper’s criteria for passage to the next level?


What are you gathering in your dreams? Flowers? Books? Whatever you’re gathering is what you hope to reap from your efforts. Take note of the object, and think about the associations you have with that item to understand what it is you are trying to pull together in your life.


To dream you’re in a gathering can mean many things, depending on what type of gathering it is. Is it a happy occasion? If so, it represents a time in your life when you are enjoying socializing with others. If not, you may be feeling emotionally connected to others who are going through a difficult time.


An apparition or ghost appearing in a dream may suggest that something in your life is elusive or out of reach. If a person who has died appears in a dream, consider your past relationship with that person and what he symbolized in your life. A ghost of a living relative or friend in a dream may mean someone you know is not as fully present as you would like him to be in your life. Or, if that ghost appears haggard, it may indicate a part of you that you fear is disappearing.


Dreaming of a giant can mean two things. If you’re scared of the giant, you’re aware of problems looming over you that you’re unwilling to face. If the giant is friendly, it could mean your life is about to expand in a big way.


If you’re given a gift in your dreams, it’s a good sign. You probably feel you’re being rewarded for a job well done. If your gift is broken or damaged, however, you may feel you’re not getting enough attention from loved ones. If you are giving the gift, you want to share more of yourself with others.


To dream of a little girl can signify a longing for innocence or purity in your life. It could also refer to femininity. If you see yourself as a little girl, it means you’re feeling vulnerable lately and may want to be taken care of. Perhaps some childhood experience is influencing your behavior in your current life situations.


Glass suggests separation and passive observation. Looking through glass in a dream may indicate something is clouding your brightest hopes. Receiving cut glass in a dream may mean you need to look at a situation from several different angles. As you do so, the pieces of the puzzle will fall into place.


Glassware represents your home life. If the glass breaks, it could indicate a recent or upcoming dispute at home. If the glass is beautiful or if you’re drinking from it, it indicates stability and good luck with family matters.


Flying in a glider signifies hopefulness and optimism toward the future. Possibly, you feel like you’ve been liberated recently from an oppressive situation. This could also refer to the positive progress of a new love in your life.


A globe, in a dream, signifies wisdom, world consciousness, and politics. It can also refer to upcoming travel. A globe is a circle, which signifies wholeness. You’re searching for completion in a project or venture.


If the scene around you in your dream is gloomy, you probably feel this way about your current state of affairs. What’s depressing you? Look to the other figures in the dream and examine whether or not they’re positive influences in your waking life.


If you dream of wearing gloves, regardless of the weather, it means you feel the need to protect yourself from something you are accepting into your life. To dream of old, ragged gloves suggests you may feel unprepared and unable to properly protect yourself. To dream of finding a pair of gloves may indicate you are being offered protection through serendipity.


Glue, in a dream, may signify your wish to bind something or someone to you. Do you want to be closer to someone? If you dream the glue is an annoyance, perhaps you feel stuck in a current situation or believe someone is not sticking to a promise he made you.


A goat signifies nature, femininity, and care-giving. If the goat is eating in the dream, it means you long to find more solid ground in your relationships. The goat also refers to the month of January and the zodiac sign Capricorn.


Dreaming of gold jewelry, coins, or a gold object indicates success is forthcoming. To dream of a room filled with gold suggests you feel very blessed and abundant in your life right now. If you dream your gold is not real, you are feeling deceived by someone or in some situation in your life.

gold dust

Seeing or feeling gold dust usually indicates a sprinkling of good fortune. Alternatively, the dust could mean that something treasured is crumbling and you fear the loss.


If you dream you are googling you are looking for a piece of information you feel you don’t have. If you cannot find what you are searching for, you feel the knowledge you seek is eluding you.


A goose is often associated with a golden egg; dreaming of one is a symbol of abundance. On the other hand, a goose in the oven or on fire suggests that your goose is cooked — you’re in trouble. Alternately, a big goose egg can mean “zero” reward for your efforts.


If people are gossiping about you in your dream, you’re concerned with your recent behavior and are worried what people may think of you. If you’re the one gossiping, you may feel unable to open communication with someone in your waking life. This person could also have qualities you don’t like, qualities that are also within you.


Grains indicate abundance, birth, and rebirth. They also refer to the start of a new project or undertaking. Dreaming of grains can also signify abundance and fruitfulness in financial ventures.


Notice the aspects of this dream. Are you dreaming of a grandmother who has passed on? If the dream is vivid and in color, chances are you’re having an astral visit with her. Perhaps she wants to let you know she’s fine or she has advice for you. If you dream of someone else’s grandmother, you probably long to be close to a maternal figure.


A dream about grandparents may signify that you’re looking for recognition and approval of your current efforts. If your own grandparents have passed away, check to see if this is an astral dream. Normally, you will receive visits from the Other Side from one grandparent at a time.


Grapes in a dream indicate fun, joyous times ahead. Don’t be so pragmatic — go with the flow. Be spontaneous and things will turn out for the best. Grapes also indicate enjoyment of life’s physical pleasures and nature’s abundance. If you are upset with someone, you could have “sour grapes” toward that person.


Dreams set in meadows or tall grass have a mystical, fluid quality to them. You may be in a period of new growth in your life and are in the process of discovering different aspects of yourself. If you are barefoot, you feel part of whatever is happening. If you dream you are lying in a meadow in an idyllic setting, you feel in the flow of events and secure with the natural and instinctual side of yourself. Dreams about awakening sensuality often involve tactile imagery like soft grasses, wildflowers, color, and light, so think about where you may need to reconnect with your natural sensuality.


Like many dream symbols, a grave is one that grabs your attention, especially if it’s your grave. A grave may portend a death, but not necessarily a physical one. It may mean you’re leaving the old behind, moving on to something new. As a metaphor, a grave suggests you may be dealing with a grave (serious) matter.


This is a warning to watch where you’re going in some situation in your life. The road ahead could be slick and slippery. If another person is involved, make sure you can trust him. Take time to plan and prepare if you are embarking on a new venture. The dream may mean you want to move things along faster and are looking for ways to “grease” the wheels so you can achieve your goal as quickly as possible.


Green is the color of plants and is associated with the heart chakra. It is the integrating or balancing point in the rainbow of colors. The color of money in many nations, green in a dream is often associated with abundance on the material plane. If you dream of green, you could be experiencing feelings of jealousy toward another person or situation — the “green-eyed monster” may be present. With the expanding consciousness toward green living, you may desire to be more in harmony with nature and her resources. Green is also a color of healing, growth, money, and new beginnings. It suggests positive movement.


Grief, in a dream, can be a good thing because it helps you deal with a problem you’re facing in waking life. Normally, you are actually suffering from something harsh in both the dream and in real life. The dream is helping you release the emotion.

grocery store

Dreaming of a grocery store refers to the many upcoming choices you need to make. Take note of what you purchase in the store. Is it a practical food, a staple such as rice or corn? Or is it a fun, sweet food such as cookies or cake? This is a warning about making the choices that best support and nurture you.


Dreaming of something grotesque refers to a fear you have within yourself. What is grotesque in the dream? What does it signify for you? If a part of yourself is misshapen or grotesque, you feel a quality you possess is negative or unhealthy and becoming visible to others.


Dreaming of a group can have two meanings. How do you feel toward this group? Are you included or excluded? You may feel left out in your personal relationships if you long to be part of this group. If the group annoys you, it means you resent having to join or follow the pack.


Growing, in a dream, refers to your emotional state. Are you the one growing? Are you watching something grow? If you’re growing straight and tall, it’s a sign of positive things to come. If your growing is distorted in some way, it means you’ll have some struggles, emotionally, but that you’ll come out of it a better, stronger you.


Seeing a guard in your dream may signify that something you deem valuable is being kept away from you. What is beyond your grasp? Does it have to do with emotions or with a valuable object? Most likely, the thing you crave most is affection or love from a person close to you.


Having a guest in your house can signify two things. Is this person someone you know? If he is, it’s someone you’d like to bring closer, within your circle. If the guest is a stranger, you’d like to feel freer with your choice of friends and within your social circle.


A gun in your possession can symbolize protection, but it is also a sign of aggression. If you shoot yourself, the act is what’s important, not the gun. Think about where you might be shooting down other people’s ideas or even your own opportunities.


Gushing water or fluid often refers to release — mostly sexual. For a woman to dream of gushing water indicates repressed sexual desire. Gushing water from a fountain can also mean upcoming joy and happiness.


Performing gymnastics in a dream signifies you’re feeling happy and liberated — or that you’d like to feel this way. If you’re watching gymnastics, it indicates a longing for simpler, happier times.


Gypsy dreams can translate differently, depending on how you feel about the gypsy. A gypsy can signify mistrust, misunderstanding, and misplaced values. But she can also symbolize adventure, freedom, and spontaneity. Analyze how you feel toward the gypsy, and you’ll get to the root of these issues.


To dream of being in a hailstorm, or to hear hail knocking against the house, represents being besieged by a troubling matter, thoughts, or emotions. Know that you cannot be hurt by your own strong emotions, so express and release them. If you fear being hurt by another’s emotions, you need to talk with that person about how his emotional out-bursts are affecting your life.


To dream you have a beautiful head of hair and are combing it indicates you are concerned with your appearance and the public self you show to the world. To see your hair turn unexpectedly white suggests sudden grief or shock over a situation. For a man to dream his hair is thinning might be a literal dream of a fear of baldness. For either sex, dreaming of losing hair reveals fears of losing your attractiveness or growing older.


A hallway can signify many things, but it usually refers to the many choices (doorways) along your path. If a hallway is empty, without doorways, it means you feel your path was chosen for you. If the doorways are open along the way, it means that you haven’t yet found your way — but you will.


Dreaming of a halo indicates a longing to return to innocence and spiritual purity. What is it in your life that you feel needs refining? Chances are, you’re dreaming of a person or place from the past that you once deemed perfect.


A dream of putting on or wearing a halter-top refers to a need to celebrate youth. Or, perhaps you’re too caught up in the need to be beautiful, and your unconscious is aware of this. How far will you go to stay young?


A hammer may suggest strength or power. However, because it can be used for either constructive or destructive purposes, the way the hammer is used is the key to its meaning in the dream.


A dream of a hand (or hands) is open to numerous interpretations, depending on what the hand is doing and the surrounding circumstances. Shaking hands is an act of friendship or an agreement. Hands folded in prayer may suggest you are seeking help or pursuing religious or spiritual urges. A grasping hand may reveal a fear of death. Something important could be “at hand.” Beautiful hands signify feelings of great honor and rapid advancement. Ugly and malformed hands point to disappointment and poverty. A detached hand represents solitude — people may fail to understand your views and feelings in a matter. Burning your hands suggests you have overreached your abilities and will suffer some loss because of it.


If you dream of a handbag, it indicates that you’re trying to work out day-to-day problems. You’re concerned with the details — appointments, bills you have to pay, and so on. A lost handbag means you feel you are losing your identity.


A handyman fixes things or makes repairs on behalf of someone else. When you dream of a handyman it may signify that you feel some aspect of your life is not being fulfilled and you need help to fix whatever is wrong. You don’t feel you can fix the problem on your own, so ask for help. If you are the handyman, you feel you are good at helping others with their problems. The dream might also mean you’ll be asked to help someone soon.


If you see someone being hanged in your dream, you are afraid of being judged without the chance to explain yourself. If you dream you’re being hanged for something you’ve done, it means you have enormous guilt. This is a warning to stop being overcritical of yourself.


To dream of a hangover signifies you’ve been overdoing some aspect of your life that’s unhealthy. It could be smoking too much or even drinking too much. Your unconscious recognizes this as a vice you would do better without.


To dream of being happy signifies you’re optimistic about what is to come. It also means you’re aware of the positive energy surrounding you now. Go with it. Luck is on your side.


To dream of a harbor suggests you are digging into your subconscious for answers to a current situation. You long for peace, safety, and tranquility in your life. You want to feel secure in your emotional life.


To dream of being in a harem can mean two things: either you long to be more open sexually or you fear your partner is being unfaithful. To see a harem may signify that you’re now open to try more creative things in life — perhaps exotic ones.


A harvest represents completion and abundance, and it may indicate that your reward is due. As with all symbols, personal connotations are important. For instance, if you grew up on a farm, a harvest dream could mean a longing to return to the past or to simpler times.


A hat can suggest concealment, as in “keep it under your hat.” Dreaming that you have a feather in your hat indicates achievement. A tall hat signifies responsibility and authority.


If you dream there is havoc or bedlam around you, you’re feeling overwhelmed in your life right now. If you’re causing the havoc in your dream, it means you are aware that others deem your behavior less than satisfactory.


A dream of Hawaii or things associated with Hawaii is most likely a wish-fulfillment dream. Perhaps things have become too staid and predictable in life. You long for some fun and excitement. Maybe it’s time to take a trip?


A hawk is a creature with keen sight. A soaring hawk in a dream might suggest the need for insight. It also might mean you should keep a hawk’s eye on someone or a situation.


Dreaming of a human head could indicate that you are “ahead,” or successful, in a matter of importance. A head also symbolizes a source of wisdom.


If you dream of seeing a hearse, it may indicate you sense some problems ahead that you feel could be deadly. If you dream of riding in a hearse, it signifies that you’re saying goodbye to a certain part of yourself. Be ready for new things to come.


To see a heart might relate to romantic inclinations. Is there a heartthrob in your life? Alternately, the image might suggest you need to get to the heart of the matter. On the negative side, if your heart is bleeding, it may mean you are sad or that excessive sympathy is becoming a burden for you, the recipient, or both.


If you dream of heaven, it could mean you’re aspiring to new heights in your love life or career. Examine who else is in the dream and what that person is doing there.


The heel of your foot or shoe may symbolize vulnerability, as in the Achilles’ heel story. It might also stand for an oppressive situation, as in “under someone’s heel.” Are you dealing with someone who is not trust-worthy? He or she could be the heel in your dream.


To dream of being afraid of heights signifies that you’re not doing enough in your career. You may have a fear of success, and consequently your own ambition is being thwarted. If you love heights, then you are soaring to new heights in some aspect of your life, or you are gaining new perspective on a situation or relationship.


Wearing a helmet in a dream denotes protection. The helmet could also symbolize a need to guard your time, thoughts, or ideas.


To dream of hemorrhaging denotes that your life force is being sapped by a situation or person in your life. Someone or something is emotionally draining you and you feel your energy is being depleted.


Denotes that you will have vexatious cares, though some pleasures will ensue. To dream of poisonous herbs, warns you of enemies. Balm and other useful herbs, denotes satisfaction in business and warm friendships.


To dream of a hermaphrodite could mean two things. Either you’re trying to unify the different sides of yourself, or you’ve been presented with two choices and you have an important decision to make.


Dreaming of a hermit is a sign that you need to be patient and wait for things to right themselves. Now is not the time to take action. It also means you enjoy the time you spend alone, and that it is time to listen to your inner wisdom.


To dream of a hero signifies you’d like more recognition in your career. If you dream you are the hero, it means you’re feeling good about yourself and can sense that things are now going your way.


Most likely, some plans you had or will have in the near future have been thwarted and you’re searching to find out why. Hiccupping, in a dream, also refers to making too much out of trivial matters.


If you’re hiding in a dream, it signifies that you’re embarrassed or may feel guilty about some of your recent behavior. It could also point to a desire to get away from the rigors of daily life.

high tide

To dream of a high tide symbolizes that a change, usually favorable, is in order — the tides are turning.


If you dream of going up a hill, it’s your unconscious telling you that you need to strive for more in life and love. If you dream of going down a hill, it may be that you’re afraid of setbacks to come.


To dream of hitchhiking is a message that you’ve been too dependent on others. You’ve relied on them to get you where you want to go, and now you need to take more responsibility for your actions. It may also be a warning that you’ve put yourself in danger in some situation and that you should be more careful in the near future.


If you dream of being hit in a dream, it means you feel others are taking advantage of you and are judging you harshly. If you dream of hitting someone or something, you may have resentment or anger bottled up and you need to express it.


A fat hog in a dream may suggest abundance, whereas a lean, hungry hog may foretell of a troubling situation. If the hogs are wallowing in mud, the indication might be that you’ve lowered your standards regarding a matter, or that you are groveling. A squealing hog suggests something distasteful has occurred or will soon occur.


Seeing a hole in a dream can symbolize a fear of the unknown. It may also refer to sexual desire and the need for sex in order to feel complete. A hole in your clothing indicates financial concerns.


Dreaming of a holiday is usually a wish-fulfillment dream. Perhaps things have been a bit boring lately or a little too hectic. This is the way your unconscious says you need to take a break.


To dream of a home usually points to how you feel about your life at the time of the dream. It can also refer to family life in general. Was the home in your dream cozy or a mess? Did you feel good in it? Who else was there?


Being homesick in a dream is usually quite literal — you long for the way things were in the past. It can also portend a call or visit from someone you once knew and haven’t heard from in a while.


Dreaming of being homosexual rarely has to do with your sexuality, unless this is a particular concern for you. More likely, the dream describes an emotional part of you that you’ve recently discovered. It might also mean you fear being different in some way.


A dream of a honeymoon can be a literal, wish-fulfillment dream. But dreaming of a honeymoon can also refer to a partnership in business. It’s a good sign of positive things to come. If the honeymoon goes badly, it could be that you’re nervous about the intentions of a new person in your life.


A horse symbolizes strength, power, endurance, majesty, and virility. A man dreaming of a horse might desire virility and sexual prowess; a woman might be expressing a desire for sexual intercourse. Riding a horse suggests you are in a powerful position.


Finding yourself in a hospital suggests a need for healing or a concern about your health. Seeing someone else in a hospital might indicate that the person is in a weakened condition. If you work in a hospital, the dream may relate to work matters. In the latter case, other circumstances in the dream should be examined to interpret its meaning.


Houses are common forums for dreams. Overall, you can think of a house in your dream as representing you or your life in the larger context. If you dream you are in your childhood home, perhaps your subconscious is using that location to let you know whatever is happening in your current life has its roots in your childhood experiences. If you dream you are in a hotel, you might feel you are not “at home” in some part of your life. Think about recent events and situations where you might have felt out of place or not totally comfortable with what was happening. If you dream you are in an office, almost assuredly you are processing experiences and emotions about your work life and career. Discovering new rooms in a house or following secret passages in an old house can indicate you are exploring the unconscious. This can also mean you are discovering new parts of yourself. A small house might suggest a feeling of confinement. If a house is under construction, it could symbolize growth. If it’s dilapidated, the dream might be telling you that improvements are needed in some part of your life.


To dream you’re hugging a stranger suggests you crave affection. If you know the person you are hugging, the interpretation will depend on your relationship to that person.


Dreaming of humidity represents an oppressive situation, either at work or at home.


Destructive and unpredictable, hurricanes in dreams can have different meanings depending on the context. A coming hurricane symbolizes torment and suspense. Possibly, you’re trying to avert failure. Looking at a hurricane’s debris suggests that others will save you from calamity. If you dream you are in a house that is shattered by a hurricane, or you are trying to save someone caught in the rubble, it may mean your life will suffer many changes; you won’t find peace in domestic or business matters. To see people dead and wounded as a result of a hurricane suggests you are concerned about the troubles of others.


Ice in a dream may symbolize your emotional state or someone else’s. Are you being given an icy reception? If you are in a tenuous situation, you could be skating on thin ice. In a sexual context, you could be acting coldly toward your partner (or vice versa). To dream of ice floating in a clear stream signifies an interruption of happiness. Ice is frozen water, so think about where your emotions can’t flow freely, and release the blocks.


To dream of hitting an iceberg in your dream means that things have been rocky emotionally, or you sense they soon will be. It’s a good indication that, though there are obstacles to overcome, you’ll be all right if you look for the warning signs and process your emotions as they emerge.

ice cream A dream of ice cream, especially melting ice cream, may suggest that obstacles are being removed and there is reason to celebrate. If ice cream is your favorite dessert, the dream suggests you’re being rewarded or have reason to treat yourself. It can also represent a desire for sexual fulfillment.


Icicles represent danger, or your concern about a matter that is hanging over you in some way. To dream of icicles falling off trees or the eaves of a house may suggest that some emotional misfortune will soon disappear. If you feel your own or another’s emotions are hanging over you, it is time to confront the problems, deal with the emotions, and process them.


Seeing an idiot in your dream signifies your unconscious is aware that you’re about to make a very foolish decision. If you dream of being an idiot, it means your self-confidence is low right now and you need to do something to bolster it.


Dreaming that you can’t read or write has two meanings. Either you’re having trouble expressing yourself in waking life, or there’s a breakdown in communication with someone close to you.


If you dream of being ill, ask yourself if you’re in need of being cared for or pampered. This dream might also be a message to watch your health.


To dream of being immortal signifies your need to rise up to your own and others’ expectations. Also, this dream can point to anxiety or an acute fear of getting older.


To dream of impersonating someone, or that someone is impersonating you, refers to envy you may be feeling toward someone to whom you’re close. Also, it signifies that your sense of self is being threatened in waking life.


A dream of impotence means you feel insignificant and powerless in some area of your life. Rarely does this dream actually refer to sexual problems.


A dream of a sexual encounter with someone within your family is not necessarily a warning about incest. Examine your relationship with the person in the dream. If you’ve recently been alienated from this family member, the dream may be an expression of your love or need for love in a shocking way that will catch your attention.


This dream is indicative of how you think others view you. If someone is indifferent toward you in a dream, it could mean you worry this is how he really feels. Your unconscious may be letting you know that he does truly feel indifferent toward you. If you are indifferent toward someone or some situation, think about whether or not you wish to continue that relationship or project. Instead, put your energy toward something that has greater meaning for you.


Indigo is the dark, blue-black color of the night sky and is associated with the sixth chakra, the place of intuition and mysticism. It symbolizes the subconscious, the bridge between spiritual and physical reality. It is a color of deep mystery, the unknown, and psychic energy. When indigo shows up in your dreams, you may be opening to intuitive wisdom or experiencing psychic or precognitive dreams. Pay attention when indigo appears, as it could be alerting you to hidden information not obvious in your waking life. If you dream of someone wearing indigo, you may need to be wary — hidden aspects may not have been revealed yet.


Infants signify new beginnings in life. You may be at the stage of a new venture where you are starting to explore your world and grow in your development.


Many times, dreaming that your partner is being unfaithful is simply a fear you have of being abandoned or cheated on in waking life. However, sometimes this is a warning sign that the deed is actually being done.


Dreaming that you come into an inheritance is a good sign of opportunities soon to arrive. The dream suggests you’ll be successful in your pursuits if you shoot for the stars. Dreaming of disinheritance denotes rough times ahead. If you dream of a will or making your own will, you are eager to create a legacy for others.


A dream of initiation suggests a new path is opening for you. It could be a career change or advancement. Often, initiatory dreams relate to a spiritual quest.


If you dream of being injured, it refers to your current emotional state. Perhaps someone has used harsh words with you lately or has let you down in some way that has affected you deeply.


If someone keeps asking something of you, in a dream, chances are you’re aware you need to get this particular thing done. If you answer her, it means you’ve decided to go ahead and do it. If you don’t, it means you’re not willing to deal with it yet, but you know you need to.


What’s annoying or “bugging” you? If you dream of ants, you may be feeling “antsy” about a matter (see ant). Most insects in dreams are about your fears or frustrations. And, almost all represent little problems, behaviors, or situations that are annoying you but have not risen to the level of a major irritation. You can look to your own associations with the particular insect showing up in your dream to better understand the particular issue that might be the source of the irritation. Think of minor annoyances that come up during the day (rather than major difficulties), and you’ll be on the right track.


To be insulted in your dream means you are being hard on yourself. What are the insults? Do you feel this way toward yourself? Many times, if you’re insulting someone in your dream, this is how you feel toward the person you’re insulting.


Many times, this dream is about wish-fulfillment and release. If you’d like to be more adventurous in life, you might also have this dream. The partner in the dream is less important than how you feel about the actual lovemaking. You may be desirous of greater intimacy and connection with someone in your life.


Being interviewed in a dream is similar to taking an examination. It suggests you feel you’re being judged. If you’re surprised by the interview, it may indicate you are feeling unprepared in a business or family matter.


Dreaming of intestines relates to your courage. Often someone who’s courageous is described as having “guts” or a bold action is considered “gutsy.” This body part symbolizes strength of will and the gumption to move ahead in the face of adversity. Notice in the dream how you feel about the intestines and the level of your intestinal fortitude. Are they strong and healthy, or weak?


A dream of an invalid may indicate that you (or someone else you know) feel weak or incapable of living independently. It’s an indication that you need to take charge of your life.


To dream that you’re invisible is metaphoric. You may feel you’re being ignored by others and would like to be recognized more for who you are than who others think you are.


If you receive an invitation in your dream, it could mean you’d like to get out more and be more social. If you send out an invitation in your dream, you’re looking for guidance from someone close to you.


Ironing in a dream signifies getting all the little things done in your life — paying bills, going to the doctor, running errands, and so on. Ironing can also refer to turning things around and making them go more smoothly.


An island can be viewed as an exotic place or as a separate, isolated land. Dreaming of an island might mean that a vacation is due, especially if going to the islands refers to your vacation destination. Alternately, finding yourself on a desert island may suggest you are cut off from others or from your inner self.


If you have an itch in waking life, it could translate into your dream. As a metaphor, itching in a dream refers to little nagging problems you need to deal with as soon as possible.


Dreaming of ivy growing on trees or a house indicates you are adding to what you have. You are experiencing beautiful growth on top of what you have already brought into being. If the ivy is taking over and you are concerned in the dream, it indicates something in your life is taking over — you need to cut back and regroup.


A jail may indicate you’re feeling restricted or confined. You fear being punished — or, you may believe you should be punished. Dreaming of being a jailer suggests the desire to control others or to gain more control of your own life. In some cases jail dreams may refer to a past life. Who was your jailer? Do you know him in this life?


To dream of this month may mean you are ready for new beginnings. The new year begins in January, and it is a time of resolutions and change. Think about what in your life you want to change and make a plan to do so.


Do you feel like you’re under attack? Jaws can be the entry point to an archetypal journey into the underworld. Such a dream might also translate as a disagreement with a close friend, family member, or partner. If your jaw is stiff in a dream, you might be repressing things that you need to communicate.


Who are you jealous of in the dream? Is it someone you know or is it a stranger? If it’s someone you know, this may be a literal dream. If it’s someone you don’t know, perhaps you are feeling a strong sense of inadequacy. Pamper yourself.


In a material sense, jewelry can symbolize affluence, but look to other aspects of the dream for confirmation. Jewelry can also stand for inner wealth, self-worth, values, psychic protection, or healing.

jewels (gems)

Dreaming of jewels signifies good luck to come. To dream of owning emeralds means you may inherit property. Dreaming of a sapphire denotes continuous good fortune. Diamonds represent fidelity and commitment in love. Think about what the particular gem means to you. Your dream may even be telling you that wearing that gemstone might be good for your vibration.


Dreaming that you are at work may indicate you’re overworked. You may be deeply focused on some aspect of your job, or you might want to work harder and achieve more.


If you’re the butt of the joke in your dream, you may feel you’re being taken advantage of or that people are talking badly about you. If you’re telling a joke in your dream, you’re trying to lighten a situation or provide comic relief.


If you’re the judge, the dream suggests you have a choice to make. A judge can also represent justice or fairness. Alternately, a judge may stand for a part of you that criticizes your ideas or behavior. Or perhaps you’re concerned that you’re being judged. Who is judging you?


Dreaming of a juggler or having a dream in which you’re juggling implies that you’ve been spreading yourself too thin lately. You might be trying to juggle a number of things in your waking life. It also indicates worrying about finances. Concentrate on one thing at a time.


A dream that takes place in this month symbolizes relaxation and freedom from responsibility. July is vacation time, the celebratory time of summer, so you may need to take a break or make time to get outside in the sunshine and relax.


Pick your metaphor. Are you “a jump ahead,” “jumping to conclusions,” “jumping the gun,” or “jumping for joy”? A series of jumps may be the take-off point for a flying dream. A great leap can also symbolize success or achievement, “a leap of faith.”


June is often associated with weddings and graduations. This may be a time in your life when you are celebrating a love relationship or feeling you have “graduated” in your personal growth and development.


A jungle may represent a hidden, dark part of yourself that you’ve been avoiding. Your unconscious might be advising you to explore this part of yourself. The dream jungle may also represent a great, untapped fertility for spiritual growth within you. Or, it might symbolize a situation in your life that is incredibly dense and complex, and through which you’ll have to find your way.


If you dream of junk or clutter, ask yourself if you’re clinging to the past — to things or ideas that are no longer useful. If something you value appears as junk in a dream, it may indicate that you need to reassess your values.


Being in front of a jury in your dream simply means you feel that someone is judging you. To be on a jury indicates that you have an important decision to make.


To see a kangaroo may suggest you’re hopping mad about something. It could also mean that you have the ability to “hop to” a particular matter that is pending.


To dream of karate indicates one of two things: either you feel that someone is opposing you and you need to defend yourself emotionally, or you have recently felt physically in danger and you want to be prepared.


To dream of ketchup signifies a certain element of sweetness in your life that you’ve been ignoring. Possibly, you’ve been too hard on someone close to you. Learn to open up to this person, and your life will be better for it.


A key can stand for a part of yourself that you’ve locked away, or something you can now access because you have the key. Such a dream may also indicate you hold the key — the answer — to your own concerns.

kicked out

To get kicked out of a place denotes sadness about not fitting into a group or social situation. In waking life, this may also mean you push people’s buttons or limits too much and too often.


Kicking, in a dream, represents hostility and anger. Are you the one kicking or is someone kicking you? Kicking also indicates a desire to get revenge on someone who has wronged you.


A dream of killing someone is not a warning that you might turn into a killer. Instead, the meaning is more likely a symbolic act of aggression. Who do you kill in the dream? What bothers you about this person? The dream may symbolize killing off an unwanted part of yourself, and the person you kill might portray characteristics you wish to eliminate.


If you see a kindergarten in your dream, it may mean you’re sick of people’s childish behavior. If you have children, dreaming of kinder-garten often indicates you want the best education for your own children. To dream of being in kindergarten suggests you long for simpler times.


A king is a ruler and a powerful authority figure. Dreaming of a king may mean you seek status or support. The king may represent your father or some other powerful figure in your life. If you’re the king in your dream, the indication is you have achieved a high level of authority or are a highly capable individual.


A kiss suggests a romantic involvement, but it can also be a metaphor, as in “kiss and make up” or the “kiss of death.” For married people to kiss each other symbolizes harmony in domestic life. Notice whether it is dark or light outside during the kiss. The former suggests danger or an illicit situation, whereas the latter represents honorable intentions. To dream of kissing someone on the neck symbolizes a passionate inclination toward that person.


For most people, the kitchen connotes the “heart” of the home. This is the place where you were nurtured with food and sustenance in childhood, and where you still nurture yourself and your loved ones. If your dream is set in the kitchen, think about how you are nourishing yourself or feeling nourished (or not) by the people and events in your life. The kitchen is also a place of connection and bonds of family and friendship. Here you might chat with neighbors and friends. Therefore, kitchens in dreams can symbolize intimate conversations you might have had or want to have with others — or even with yourself. When you dream you are in a kitchen, think about what you were fed (thoughts, beliefs, feelings, events) growing up and how you feed yourself today. Most often the kitchen represents nourishment of an intangible kind and lets you know where you need to better care for yourself. Perhaps you are feeling uncared for in a situation or relationship in your waking life. Notice what you’re doing in the kitchen. Alternately, a kitchen might suggest that something is in the process of being “cooked up,” such as a new project.


Flying a kite in your dream usually refers to a work or social situation that is taking off — you’re finally having success with it, or you’re just about to. If someone in your dream tells you to “go fly a kite,” you feel dismissed by others in some area of your life.


To discover kittens in a closet or a basement suggests the awakening of hidden aspects of yourself. Kittens can symbolize new ideas and projects.


Kneeling down in a dream usually means you feel guilty. It also indicates that you hope someone will accept your sincere apology. You may feel that a situation in your life will “bring you to your knees.”


A knife is a symbol of aggression. It’s also a phallic symbol. Examine the other aspects of the dream. Are you being stabbed in the back? Do you hold the knife, or is someone threatening you with it? A rusty knife may symbolize dissatisfaction, a sharp knife means worry, and a broken knife represents defeat.


A knight signifies honor and high standing. Are you searching for a knight, or are you acting like a knight? Knights are armored and therefore might represent protection — or that you feel a need for protection.


Knitting, in a dream, can refer to the small details in life. It might also symbolize peace within the home and with family. A dream about knitting may mean you are putting together the fabric of your life.


A knob appearing in a dream may imply you need to get a handle on a matter. Knobs also signify a means of passing from one room to the next, or from one way of life to another.


Dreaming of knots suggests you’re all tied up about something — worries and anxieties are troubling you. You may feel as if you’re tied in a knot. Alternately, if you or someone close to you is tying the knot, the dream might signify concern about an upcoming marriage or a desire for marriage.


A laboratory is a place where experiments are conducted. The implication is that you are unsatisfied with a present situation and are experimenting with something new. You might be testing a relationship with someone.


A dream of a labyrinth may indicate that you feel trapped in a situation or a relationship and are looking for a way out. It may also refer to the intricacies of a spiritual journey.


Dreaming of lace might indicate romantic feelings or a strong desire to feel more feminine. If a man dreams of lace, he might have feelings for the woman wearing the lace. Or, he could be acknowledging a softer side of himself. Lace has intricate patterns, so think about any relationships in your life that might be more intricate than they need to be.


Are you going up or climbing down the ladder? An ascent may symbolize a higher step into an inner realm or a promotion to a higher status in your career or social standing. A ladder also means you should be patient — destiny is guiding you.


Serving something in a ladle in your dream indicates you may feel restless. You may be annoyed with your job as a caretaker of others. The dream signifies a need for change and less responsibility. Take a break.


Lagoons symbolize doubt and confusion regarding an emotional matter, or a stagnant emotional situation.


In the Jungian world, lakes and other bodies of water stand for the unconscious or emotions. In one interpretation, the dreamer who dives into a lake is returning to the womb. In another, the dreamer explores the unconscious. But if neither interpretation fits you or your situation, examine the other elements in the dream. Is the lake clear or muddy? The former suggests lucidity and clarity of purpose, whereas the latter may represent muddled feelings or uncertainty about a matter at hand.


A lamb may stand for gentleness. It can also suggest vulnerability, as in “a lamb to the slaughter.” Or it may be a spiritual symbol, as in “sacrificial lamb” and “lamb of God.” However, a dream of a lamb may simply indicate your love of animals. On another note, is this animal your totem?


A lamp, like a lantern, represents light or illumination and suggests you are searching for truth.


A lance, by Freudian standards, is a phallic symbol, one of masculinity and aggression. Who is using the lance in your dream? Do you have intimate or aggressive feelings toward this person in waking life? Do you feel you need to defend yourself in a situation?


Dreaming of landing in an airplane, for example, indicates your wish to finish a current project successfully. If the landing goes well, it’s a good sign that it will.


Hearing another language spoken may indicate a desire to meet more people and, perhaps, to travel to foreign lands. It may also signify that you feel you don’t understand something or someone in your waking life. Perhaps you feel lost in foreign emotions or events.


Holding a lantern or seeing one in your dream means you’d like to shed some light on a current issue. Perhaps you’re aware that you’re not getting the whole truth.


This is a symbol of security, the “lap” of luxury. To dream of sitting on someone’s lap signifies safety from a troubling situation. To dream of a cat in a lap represents connection and comfort.


If a lasso is used on you, it means someone or something is holding you back. If you’re the one using the lasso, you are trying to capture an opportunity that you feel would be good for you.


To launch a boat — or perhaps a space rocket — in a dream signifies the successful start of something new. Usually, it refers to new ideas or financial projects. Examine how the launch goes to see how your new endeavor will fare.


Dreams of legal matters suggest you feel you are being judged.


Leeches are nightmarish creatures that suck blood. Is someone in your life draining your energy or resources?


Legs are frequently seen in dreams, and interpretation depends on the context. Overall, dreams of legs are about mobility and flexibility. A wounded leg might indicate inability to move forward at this time or that you feel your ability to get where you want to go is compromised somehow. Legs can also relate to your standing in the world, so think about how you view your position at work or home. Dreaming that your own legs are clean and shapely means you feel good about your abilities to support yourself.


Leopards are hunters, great climbers, and creatures of the night. What part of the leopard do you wish to emulate? If the leopard is attacking you, something from your shadow side needs to surface. You need to face your fears. If someone close to you is in your dream, you may feel that person is not as constant or committed as you believe — he may “change his spots” and hurt you emotionally in the process. If you dream of a leopard in a cage, you may feel your true nature is restricted at this time.


A letter sometimes symbolizes a message from your unconscious to you. If you’re unable to read the letter, look at other aspects of the dream for clues. An anonymous letter may signify concern from an unspecified source. Blue ink indicates steadfastness and affection. Red ink may suggest suspicion and jealousy, and a letter with a black border may represent distress or a death of some kind. Receiving a letter written on black paper with white ink may suggest feelings of misery and disappointment over a matter. If this letter is passed between husband and wife or lovers in a dream, concerns about the relationship may be present. A torn letter may mean concerns that hopeless mistakes could ruin your reputation.


A dream of lightning indicates a flash of inspiration or sudden awareness about the truth of a matter. Lightning can also mean a purging or purification, or fear of authority or death.


Lions are kings of the animal world and powerful hunters. A lion is also the symbol of the constellation Leo, so a lion in a dream may symbolize someone in your life who is born under the zodiac sign Leo. A lion in a dream may be calling you to claim your own power. If you are being attacked by a lion, you feel helpless and vulnerable in some situation in your life. If the lion is in a cage, you are afraid of your own power and feel it needs to be held back. Release the lion and empower yourself!

living room

The living room is the main room in most houses where you greet your guests and socialize. Usually when you dream you are in your living room, you are dreaming about the image you project in the world. This dream might be concerned with how you want other people to see you. Depending on the emotions and actions in the dream, you may feel you are being judged unfairly. Perhaps who you truly are and the image you want people to have of you are inconsistent. The feelings and actions in the dream, as well as the other people present in it, will reveal specifics. What is surfacing about your public image?


To dream of losing something in a dream often means your unconscious is working out the loss of something very real in your waking life. What do you feel you’re parting with? Is it a healthy thing or something you actually still need? The thing you lose in the dream is often not literal; it’s a symbol for the actual lost object, relationship, or opportunity.


To dream of a lottery signifies taking a chance or throwing your fate to luck. If you dream of holding the winning number, then luck and good fortune regarding a matter at hand may follow. To see others winning in a lottery suggests you wish good fortune for those you know.


Luggage stands for your personal effects or what you carry with you on a journey. What happens to the luggage in your dream? Lost luggage might indicate concern about your identity or about being prepared for the journey. Stolen luggage might suggest you feel someone is interfering with your attempt to reach a goal.


This dream could point to the magical aspects of creativity or, on the darker side, to deceit and trickery.


A mailbox symbolizes sending and receiving communication. Think about what you want to communicate and to whom. An overstuffed mailbox means you have been ignoring the little details of day-to-day life. An empty mailbox means hoped-for communication has not come.


Whether you are male or female, a man in your dream represents a part of you. Notice the events in the dream and the man’s actions to understand the dream’s message. For a woman, dreaming of a man often means she is being asked to embrace a more assertive part of herself in order to accomplish what she wants in life. If you fear the man in the dream, perhaps you fear a part of yourself could hurt others.


A manuscript represents the collection of your hopes and desires. To interpret the dream, note the shape or appearance of the manuscript. Is it finished or unfinished? Are you at work on it? Did you lose it?


You’re searching for a new path to follow, or are being guided in a new direction. What countries or regions are depicted on the map? What do these areas represent to you? These could provide clues to the dream’s meaning.


March marks the beginning of spring — a time of new beginnings and new growth. If you dream of March, it may be your birthday month. Or, the dream may mean you are looking forward to new beginnings in your life, or to a sense of renewal and rebirth. If you dream you are marching or being forced to march with others, you may feel you are following someone else’s lead or that you don’t have control over the direction your life is taking. Are you following your own dreams or someone else’s?


A mask hides your appearance and your feelings from others, but the dream may signify that you are hiding your feelings about a particular matter from yourself. If another person(s) is wearing a mask, perhaps the dream is warning you that he is not being truthful.


May is the season of flowers and Mother’s Day, so a dream of May can indicate you are thinking of your own mother or want to become a mother.


Taking medicine in a dream can be a potent symbol of healing your wounds. It also suggests that you have to “take your medicine” and do what is necessary or required of you.


A merry-go-round suggests that you are going around and around in life and never moving ahead.


A meteor or falling star may indicate that your wish will come true. Or, the dream could suggest you are engaged in wishful thinking. Look at the other elements in the dream to decide which possibility is true for you.


A microphone may symbolize the desire to communicate your ideas more forcefully or to a broader audience. You may wish to perform or to find a way to make your opinions heard.


A microscope symbolizes the need or wish to find something that’s out of sight or hidden from you. A microscope allows you to bring into clear vision something that your natural vision might miss, so think about what needs clarifying in your life. Also, think about where in your life you might feel that you are being “put under a microscope” or otherwise judged or evaluated in a way that has you feeling uncomfortable. If you are the one looking through the microscope, you may be too tied up in meaningless detail and missing the big picture, or conversely, you may need to dig into the details to find out the truth of the situation.


Milk symbolizes nurturing. It can also represent strength and virility. To dream of milk portends prosperity and happiness. To dream of giving milk away may mean that you are too generous for your own good. Dreaming of sour milk means you are not nurturing yourself in the way that you need.


Like fog, mist indicates a period of temporary uncertainty. Seeing others in a mist may mean things are not clear in your relationships with these people or in some situation involving others.


To dream of mistletoe signifies connection, celebration, and happiness in love. If you dream of kissing someone under the mistletoe, you desire greater intimacy with this person, or this person possesses a quality you wish to embrace.


Money represents energy, power, freedom, security, and influence. Think about what money means to you. Dreaming of gaining money suggests abundance; losing sums of money symbolizes a draining of physical and emotional resources. To dream of stealing money indicates you feel you need to get power and security from others.


The moon represents feminine energy, nighttime, mystery, and duality. Your emotions might be running high right now. Try not to make too many impulsive decisions. Wait until you’re calmer. The moon also indicates feelings about a relationship and the mysteries of the human heart. Dreaming is very active during the moon cycles, and if you dream about the moon, notice the phase. Is the moon full, shedding clear light along the path? Or is it a new moon representing the start of a new chapter in your life or in a particular situation? If you cannot see the moon in your dream as you search the night sky, then you are in the dark about some situation.


Morning represents a fresh start or a sudden, positive change of fortune. To dream of a cloudy morning indicates that heavy matters may over-whelm you.


To see your mother in a dream means you are connecting to qualities in her or in your relationship that you need at this time in your life. Perhaps you want to be mothered now. What is the context in which she appears? Think also about your feelings toward your mother and any unresolved emotions or issues between you. This is a perfect time to heal old wounds. If your mother has crossed over, you may be receiving a loving visitation from her.


A dream in which your mother-in-law appears suggests that you are looking to deepen connections or to resolve problems with her. Think about the qualities in your mother-in-law that you admire or that trouble you. You will find these same qualities in yourself. Perhaps your dream is asking you to become less engaged in someone else’s life; allow her take more responsibility for herself.


In a dream, a motorcycle is like a car in that you should notice the model, make, size, and any other pertinent details. Motorcycles are associated with the rebel, so you might feel the need to rebel against some part of your life. A motorcycle can also symbolize freedom. You might feel burdened with responsibility in your daily life; at night your desire for freedom and a carefree life emerges.


A mountain represents a challenge. If you’re climbing the mountain, you’re working to achieve your goals. Descending a mountain suggests that things are easier now and your future success may be ensured.


Mules are known for their contrary behavior, as in “stubborn as a mule.” To dream of a mule suggests that you may be acting in a stubborn manner that others find annoying. Mules are also work animals. Consider whether you are rebelling against some aspect of your job or career.


Murder symbolizes repressed anger, either at yourself or others. If, in your dream, you murder someone you know, consider your relationship with that person. If you’re the murder victim, the dream may symbolize a personal transformation.


Music in a dream symbolizes emotional matters. Consider the type of music you heard and how you related to it. Did it fill you with joy? Did it make you sad or angry? Did you recognize the tune? If so, does it connote a particular event or time in your life, or convey a message?


A nail in a dream can have a variety of meanings. To “nail it down” suggests putting something together or holding it together. If you “hit the nail on the head,” your intuition is right on the mark. If you step on a nail in your dream, it’s a warning to be more aware of your surroundings. If you break a fingernail, you may need to take better care of yourself, physically.


Being nude in a dream can symbolize a wish for exposure — to be seen or heard. It can also relate to a need to bare the truth. Alternately, a dream of nudity can have sexual connotations and suggest that you are no longer inhibited. Dreaming of being naked in your daily life means you fear embarrassment or exposure.


Hearing your name called in a dream can mean one of two things: either someone is trying to get your attention in waking life, or you are trying to alert yourself to something important that is happening around you. It may also be that your guides are attempting to contact you.


Napkins are used during mealtime to keep yourself clean, so this dream corresponds to the part of your life that nurtures and feeds you. If the napkins are dirty, you are not feeling nurtured in your life right now. If the napkins are clean, you feel you have the resources to feed your inner being. On the other hand, it can indicate you need to clean up your life in some way.


To dream of navigating a spaceship, boat, or other craft indicates a desire to come out on top in a current situation. This dream says that, although there will be obstacles, if you’re careful, you can find your way and navigate through obstacles.


A neck can be a sexual symbol related to the slang term “necking.” It can also represent taking a chance, as in “sticking one’s neck out.” Alternately, if there is pain related to this part of the body, someone or something might be a “pain in the neck.”


To dream of receiving a necklace signifies a pleasant gift that highlights your ability to speak for yourself. To dream about losing a necklace may mean you’re afraid you will lose the opportunity to express yourself. This can also be a literal dream — you fear losing a particular necklace. If the necklace is too tight around your neck, you may feel closed off in your expression.


A dream of a needle and thread might indicate that a matter is being sewn up or that a deal is being completed. A needle might also suggest that someone is needling you. To dream of threading a needle symbolizes you are trying to find an opening in your life.


If you dream of a neighbor, think about the qualities you either like or dislike in her. These qualities reside in you as well, so pay attention to the events in the dream to figure out the message.


A nest is a symbol of home and might indicate a desire to return home. If you are moving, it might relate to your concerns about your new home.

If there is an egg in the nest, the dream might relate to a concern about your savings or “nest egg.” To dream of a nest full of eggs is a good omen. An empty bird’s nest may denote worry about tough times ahead or sadness about your own “empty nest,” aging, and being alone.


If you dream of a newspaper, chances are you feel out of the loop and your unconscious is urging you to be more on top of things. This is also a good sign that news is on the way.


A night setting for a dream might suggest something is hidden or obscured. Nighttime in a dream suggests a lack of clarity. There might be a need to illuminate something.


Nine is the number of completion and the ending of cycles. It also signifies accomplishment. You may have attained a goal. If so, celebrate and acknowledge yourself and your achievements. You may be experiencing an end to a career, lifestyle, relationship, or even to an outdated way of thinking. The number nine encourages you to let go of what no longer serves you. When nine shows up, ask for support to easily release what is meant to move out of your life. If you are “dressed to the nines” in your dream, you have reached the pinnacle of elegance and opulence.


North is the place of dormancy, winter, and hibernation. It is also the compass point for direction in life, the reference point for finding your way in the world. You follow the North Star. If you are searching for “true north” in your dreams, you might be trying to find your own core of integrity. If you are heading north, it might be a fallow time when you can rest and regenerate. In Native American traditions, north is the place of the elder or ancestor, and of wisdom; it represents retreat and healing.


A nose can be a symbol of intrusive behavior, as in “sticking your nose into someone else’s business.” Dreaming of a nose may suggest someone else is interfering in your life or that you are being nosy.


November is the time of Thanksgiving and a return to hearth and home to prepare for the winter. A dream that takes place in November could suggest going within and reflecting on all you are grateful for in your life.


A dream of a nurse suggests you are being healed or are in need of healing. It also implies a desire to be pampered or nursed. The dream could relate to a relationship or a project that you are nursing along.


An oak tree represents strength, stability, endurance, truth, and wisdom. A dream of an oak may suggest that you have established a strong, proper foundation.


An oar can represent masculinity and strength; it dips into the water, which symbolizes the emotions. To row vigorously suggests you are moving through an issue or situation quickly and aggressively. If you have only one oar and are rowing in a circle, it might suggest frustration with a lack of forward movement in life.


An oasis suggests you’ve arrived at a place of comfort and sustenance — that you are being nurtured. Or, it might suggest that you’re taking a break from your journey or have succeeded in reaching a destination on the journey. Alternately, the dream might imply that you need a rest or vacation.


If there are many objects in your dream, you need to analyze each object and the symbolism around it. Many times, the objects represent how you, the dreamer, feel about yourself.


Obstacles in dreams always translate metaphorically. In other words, you have placed a burden or problem in front of yourself, and all you need to do is step back and see the picture more clearly in order to solve the dilemma.


The ocean often represents the emotional setting of your life. The context of the dream is important here. Sailing through rough seas suggests you are capable of dealing with life’s ups and downs. Large waves can also represent untapped powers, strong emotions, or the unconscious. Catching a large fish in the ocean can suggest opportunity or that you are delving into the wealth of your unconscious. To be lost at sea may mean you need direction. To be anchored in the ocean might indicate you have found a place in life.


October is the harvest month, so to dream of October portends success. New friendships or business affairs will ripen into lasting relationships.


If you smell an odor in your dream, it could be literal. You might smell an odor in waking life and it filters into the dream. Otherwise, good odors signify good luck and bad odors signify the opposite.


An officer, whether military, police, or otherwise, represents an authority figure. Dreaming of an officer, especially if you don’t know the person, can suggest a fear or wariness of authority figures or a need for guidance from an authoritative person.


A dream of oil represents great wealth or inner wealth, if you are pumping crude oil to the surface. Using aromatic oils in a dream can represent sacred matters. A person associated with oil might be slick, or a smooth talker.

old man If the old man guides or directs you in some way, he is, in Jungian terms, an archetypal figure. If the man appears to be weak or injured, he could symbolize some part of yourself that requires attention or someone in your life who needs your help. The dream may also advise you to redefine your beliefs about aging.

old woman In Jungian terms, an old woman is an archetypal symbol of feminine power, or the gatekeeper between life and death. If she is weak or injured in your dream, she may represent a part of yourself that needs attention, or someone in your life who needs help. She could also represent your own inner wisdom — the sage crone.


The number one almost always represents new beginnings, whether it shows up alone or in combination with other numbers. It is the initiator, usually a very positive indicator that you are moving in a new direction in life. It also signifies divine unity. You become one with another. One can indicate a time period such as one month or one year.


To dream of an operation could mean you’re worried about some aspect of your health and you’d like to become more physically fit. It also represents change from a current situation.


Orange is a joyful color linked with the second chakra. The second chakra is the place of your emotions, childhood experiences, and sensuality. It is associated with your emotional nature, water, creativity, and propensity toward addictions. Orange is a bright color that connotes warmth, connection, and affection. If you are dreaming of orange, you may be revisiting issues from childhood or opening up your creativity. Because orange is associated with childhood, a dream about the color orange might encourage you to be playful in the way of the child, especially in creative pursuits. When the second chakra is healed, you are in balance, so orange can also represent balance and harmony.


An oven might represent a gestation period. It also symbolizes the womb and feminine energy. A dream of an oven could relate to a pregnancy or a creative project you have in the works.


An owl represents both wisdom and mystery, and is a symbol of the unconscious. If you hear an owl screech in your dream, it could mean that unsettling news is coming. If an owl is your animal totem, listen to your own inner wisdom and you will know what to do.


An ox is a steadfast, strong, and hard-working creature associated with stability and wealth in many cultures. To dream of an ox implies strength and endurance, and an ability to carry on against great odds.


If a wall is being painted in your dream, the act may suggest something is being hidden or covered up. Pay attention to the color(s) as they can add information about the dream’s meaning. Painting at an easel may indicate you are ready to express your artistic or creative talents.


To see papers piled high indicates a certain level of stress in waking life. Perhaps you feel you aren’t taking care of your responsibilities. If you’re signing papers in the dream, it indicates you’ll soon have a decision to make — and you’ll make the right one.


If you dream you’re in paradise, you are happy and content at this time in your life. Notice what is around you in your paradise — people, animals, scenery, and so on. Your dream will give you valuable information about what creates feelings of happiness and contentment for you.


Dreaming of a park may suggest a wish to relax and enjoy life. Walking in an unlit park at night may mean you are delving into areas of darkness and danger, or that you are pursuing hidden or mysterious matters. If you are parking your car, you may need to take a break from your journey at this time. If you are unable to find a place to park your car, you feel you cannot stop working right now, even though you are tired and need a break.


To dream you are at a party suggests a celebration is in order. If you are concerned about a particular matter that remains unsettled, the dream may indicate a favorable resolution.


A dream about this bird suggests you have a reason to be proud, just as the peacock displays its colorful tail feathers to get attention or show power. Alternatively, it could mean that someone you know is arrogant and unduly prideful. Pay attention to your emotions in the dream to interpret the meaning.


Pearls are gems hidden in oysters, which come from the sea. When you dream of pearls, you are dreaming of finding hidden “gems” within yourself, particularly of an emotional nature. If someone gives you pearls, you are receiving wisdom from your higher self or someone else whose opinions you trust. Let your inner gifts shine!


If you dream of pepper burning your tongue, it could mean you feel hurt by sharp words recently spoken — by yourself or someone else. To sneeze from pepper in a dream indicates that something in your life is irritating you and you want to get rid of it.


Because a photograph is an image of a person or object rather than the real thing, a dream of a photograph hints at deception or falseness. If you recognize a person in a dream photo, be aware that a part of you doesn’t think the person is being authentic and open with you. To dream of seeing yourself in a photograph may indicate nostalgia for the past. Or, you may feel trapped by an image others have of you that is not who you truly are.


A physician appearing in a dream might indicate that healing is at hand. A physician is also an authority figure who might be offering a diagnosis on some matter. Sometimes, a physician may take the form of a trusted friend who isn’t a doctor but whose nurturing traits are healing.


Music in general represents joyous or festive feelings. Note the condition and type of music coming from the piano. A broken piano symbolizes a need to reconnect with your creative, joyful side and to express all the aspects of who you are.


Taking a pill in a dream suggests you may be required to go along with something unpleasant, but positive results should follow. If you’re taking a birth control pill, it’s a warning to pay attention to current sexual activities. This might also mean you don’t feel ready to embark on a new stage of life and want to prevent it from happening.


A pilot symbolizes someone soaring high in the sky. He’s in control in spite of the fast pace. A dream of a pilot may mean you’re in the pilot’s seat concerning some issue in your life. Because air symbolizes the mind, the issue may involve intellectual pursuits or communication.


See airplane.


Seeing a planet or visiting another planet in a dream may indicate a new adventure, a new way of thinking, or a new dimension of creativity.


If you dream of ripe plums, you are feeling nurtured in life. If you are gathering plums in your dream, you need only do a little work to secure your heart’s desires. Receiving or eating a plum could indicate a “plum” opportunity is coming your way.

polar bear

Polar bears live in the frozen water and, as such, may symbolize a need to delve into old, frozen emotions to find the truth in a situation. Because polar bears are white, they blend in completely with their background and hunt from under the cover of this camouflage. Think about where in your life or relationships you are hiding or camouflaging your true feelings. Like other bears, polar bears are creatures of great beauty and strength. Where do those qualities exist in yourself or others? Polar bears are facing extinction, so the dream may contain a message that some part of you that resembles the qualities of a polar bear may be killed off by your current life circumstance.


Police officers represent authority; they uphold the law. A dream of police may serve as a warning against breaking the law or bending rules. It might also suggest a fear of punishment. Alternately, the dream may indicate a desire for justice.


A pond signifies tranquility and a placid outlook — either your own or that of a person in the dream. Your emotional life might be calm and peaceful right now.


If a woman dreams of being pregnant, it could indicate a desire for a child or the onset of an actual pregnancy. A pregnancy could also symbolize something new coming into your life — an idea or project that is gestating.

president of the United States

Not as uncommon as it may seem, a dream of talking with the president of the United States may represent an interest in lofty ideals or political matters, or a strong desire to be a politician.


A priest represents a spiritual authority serving as a guide. Alternately, a priest might symbolize a dictatorial figure or one who judges and condemns. A dream of a priest may indicate the need to follow or eschew conventional religion. Look to surrounding details for clarification.


Constraint and restriction are implied by this dream symbol. If you see yourself at work in a prison, the dream might suggest you’ve limited your creativity or that you feel it’s difficult to escape your job for a better one.


A professor may represent knowledge, wisdom, and higher education.


A prophet provides knowledge, guidance, and perhaps a peek at the future. The symbol may also indicate that you need guidance.


Stepping into or stomping through puddles represents a parting or clearing away of emotional troubles, with good times to follow. To dream that you are just wetting your feet in a puddle may mean you only want to dip into your emotions a little bit.


To see a pump in a dream suggests energy is available to meet your needs. A functioning pump could also symbolize good health. A broken pump signifies a breakdown or disruption in the usual way of doing things.


A dream of a puppet might indicate that you feel manipulated in some aspect of your life. Alternately, if you are behind the puppet or holding the strings, the dream may mean you’re acting in a manipulative manner.


If you dream you are being quarantined you feel restricted by others. You may also believe you have been unfairly set apart in some way. You fear some part of your life or your behavior is unacceptable to others and needs to be healed.


A dream of a quarrel may indicate that inner turmoil is plaguing you. If the person you’re quarreling with is someone you know, look at your relationship with the person and see if you can identify the area of disagreement. The dream may hold clues to help you resolve the differences.


Both an authority and a mother figure, the queen is an archetypal symbol of power. If you are the queen, the dream may be suggesting a desire for leadership. If someone else is the queen, the dream may indicate you see the woman as capable and powerful.


A dream of a quest may indicate a desire to achieve a goal or embark on an adventure.


A dream of quicksand indicates you need to watch where you are headed. If you’re already in the quicksand, you’re probably mired in an emotional matter and feel as if you can’t escape. The dream could refer to either business or personal matters.


A quill or fountain pen is a symbol of masculinity and signifies you need to follow your heart’s desire. It’s also a sign to stay steadfast in your convictions.


A quilt suggests warmth and protection. A patchwork quilt symbolizes joining together various aspects of your life to form a protective covering.


The rabbit is a symbol of fertility and magic, like the rabbit pulled from the magician’s hat. Although fertility could relate to the conception of children, it might also concern financial abundance, the success of a particular project, or other matters. A white rabbit may signify mystical experiences.


If you are racing in a dream, perhaps you’re involved in an overly competitive situation or you’re in a rush. The message might be that it’s time to slow down and relax.


A fresh downpour symbolizes washing or cleansing away the old. Alternately, a rainy day may indicate your emotions are gloomy right now. To hear the patter of rain on the roof may signify domestic bliss, while seeing a downpour from inside a house may represent feelings of sadness and loss. Seeing it rain on others may mean you feel emotionally tied to the fortunes of others.


Usually seen after a storm, a rainbow in a dream may mean that favorable conditions will arise after a brief storm. Seeing a low-hanging rainbow over verdant trees may signify success in an endeavor.


A ram is the zodiac symbol for Aries, so if you or someone you know are born under the sign of Aries, the ram may represent that person. If you dream of a ram charging you with its head down, it indicates you feel under attack. If the ram is close to you in the dream, it may indicate the attack is near or that you will have little time to react. A ram charging from a distance suggests you will have time to respond to the situation. Consider whether someone in your life is trying to “ram” something down your throat. If the ram is quietly grazing in a pasture, the indication could be that you have powerful allies on your side.


Rapids represent danger and a fear of being swept away by emotions.


Rats are cunning survivors who live underground and near water. Dreaming of a rat or rats may suggest the deterioration of a situation. Or, someone might be behaving like a rat toward you. What are your own associations with rats? Whether or not you are afraid of the rats in the dream will help to clarify the message.


Red is the most intense of the colors in the spectrum of the rainbow. It has the longest wavelength and is associated with the root chakra, the spiritual center of your connection to the physical world and to nature. Red represents vitality, energy, and physical stamina. It can also refer to anger as in “seeing red.” Because red is the color of blood, it can symbolize the life force. If you dream, for example, that you are bleeding, look to see what situation in your life is sapping your energy and vitality. If you are wearing red in your dream, you are feeling vital and alive in the situation described by the dream. Red is also the color of passionate love and sexuality, so when you dream of red you may be dreaming of the passion you have for someone or something in your life. Red often indicates the dream originates from the deepest level of your being.


A referee in a dream can symbolize an inner battle, or it can relate to conflict in your daily life. Can you identify the issue? If so, weigh the two sides, negotiate, and reach a settlement. Sometimes working with an unbiased third party can help.


To dream of religion — discussing it or practicing it — indicates that you may be evaluating your spiritual path. Religion is dogmatic, so you may be going through a period in which you are revisiting beliefs or feeling rigid in your belief system. You may see others as rigid in their beliefs and think they don’t accept you. If your religion is an important part of your life, you may be receiving guidance or comfort in your dream from your spiritual beliefs.


Ribbons are often associated with gifts, beauty, and decorations. As such they are usually happy portents when they appear in a dream. If you are trying to tie some ribbons together, you are in the process of pulling together various aspects of yourself and your life. If you are decorating your home with ribbons, you are adding beauty to your life in small ways. Look at the colors of the ribbons to find more meaning.


Rice is the dietary staple of the majority of the world’s population. A symbol of fertility and good fortune, rice in a dream signifies your ability to feed and nurture yourself and others. If you dream you are throwing rice at a wedding, you are sending good wishes for a happy life.


A dream of floating down a river might indicate an inability to control where you are going. Or, it could mean you are at ease and confident about going with the flow. Are you allowing surrounding circumstances to direct your life rather than taking charge? A dream of a surging, frothing river may relate to deep-seated emotions that need to be processed. In mythology, a river sometimes symbolizes death or passing from one state to another.


A road is a means of getting from one place to another. What is the condition of the road in your dream? A smooth and straight road suggests the path ahead is easy. A road with dips and curves may indicate you need to be aware, flexible, and ready for change. A roadblock suggests there are detours or obstacles in your path.


A rose symbolizes the feminine and is associated with romance, beauty, and love. A dream of someone handing you a rose may indicate an offering of love.


To dream of something in ruins suggests the deterioration of some condition in your life. Keep in mind that when things fall apart, an opportnity to rebuild inevitably appears. If you are planning a trip, especially one to another culture, a dream of ancient ruins could symbolize the adventure of the journey ahead. Alternately, it could mean you have the ability to access knowledge or wisdom from the past.


When you run in a dream, you may be in a hurry to reach a goal or to escape from something (usually yourself or a current dilemma). The dream may indicate that you’re rushing around too much and need to rest. Are you running alone or with others? The former may symbolize that you will overcome your competition in business matters, while the latter may represent participation in a joyous occasion. If you dream of running for exercise, it means you are moving toward a pleasant and successful life. Running and not getting anywhere indicates a feeling you’ve lost control of a certain situation in your waking life.


To see yourself sacrificed or making a sacrifice in a dream suggests you’re giving up something important for the sake of others. Closely examine your feelings about the matter. Decide what changes, if any, need to be made.


A dream of a sailor suggests that you are working on a ship. Symbolically, it could mean you are working on matters involving the unconscious or your emotions (see ship and water).


A saint in a dream indicates you’re being guided or are seeking guidance from a higher source. Pay attention to what he says or does, and take his advice.


Dreaming of salt generally indicates unpleasant situations or unhappy surroundings. Are you due for a move or a change in career? It could also mean you need to spice up your life.


A school dream may indicate you are gaining a deep level of knowledge or that your unconscious is processing lessons from your waking life. What happens in the school is important to the interpretation. If you’re late to class or show up to take a test without ever having gone to class, you feel unprepared for something in your life. If you’re looking for a school or classroom, you may be searching for the best way to continue your education.


Is there something or someone in your life you want to cut off? Scissors also indicate a need to “cut it out.” Or, the person with the scissors may be acting “snippy.”


Scrapbooks are full of things from the past that are filed away and forgotten. Note the other details of the dream. Are you viewing a scrapbook with someone? What are you placing in the scrapbook? The dream may suggest an unpleasant situation that needs to be put in the past.


Dreams of the sea represent unfulfilled longings or the ebb and flow of emotions. If you dream you are “at sea,” then you might be feeling lost in some situation in your life. If you are dreaming you are unable to see land, then you might be feeling emotionally overwhelmed by some situation in your life and unable to see how to resolve it. Think first of your emotional life. Because the sea is deep, expansive water, the emotions coming up may be very deep within you and extremely important.


September is the first month of autumn and the time when many children return to school. Therefore, this symbol could indicate a harvest period, a time of decline, or a search for knowledge depending on your feelings and the actions in your dream. Think about what you associate with September, including the holidays Labor Day and Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year.


Seven is the number of spiritual attainment, connection to the Divine, and luck. There are seven days in the week, seven sacraments in the Roman Catholic faith, seven chakras in the Hindu and Buddhist traditions, seven notes in the musical scale, and seven colors in the rainbow. Even in mythology and folklore, the number seven shows up repeatedly (for example, Snow White and the seven dwarves). If seven appears in your dreams, expect good luck that has a spiritual foundation. Meditate on the number seven to understand how you can best develop and work with spiritual energy in your waking life.


Dreaming of your shadow may suggest you need to address hidden parts of yourself. Perhaps you do not accept these darker aspects of your personality and project them onto others. The dream may also mean you need to incorporate the shadow side into your psyche.

shaking hands

A handshake marks either a new beginning or an ending to a situation. Are you saying farewell to someone in a dream? Then perhaps you are saying goodbye to a matter at hand. If you’re meeting someone new, you might be embarking on a new venture or relationship. To dream of shaking hands with a prominent leader may mean others hold you in high esteem.


Is there something in your life that needs to be cleaned up or removed? To dream of shaving yourself connotes you are in charge of your future. Shaving with a dull razor suggests a troublesome or painful issue. A clean-shaven countenance indicates a smooth journey.


Do you perceive yourself as one of a flock? This can be a comforting image in terms of being part of a community. Or, it may indicate you lack individuality or the will to strike out on your own.


A shell usually symbolizes a womb. Depending on the circumstances of the dream, it can portend the birth of a child or a new project. A shell can also represent protection. Is it time to emerge from your shell?


Because a ship travels on water, the dream may signify a voyage through the unconscious or a journey involving your emotions. Consider the state of the ship and the condition of the water in your interpretation. To see a ship in a storm may indicate your concern over a tempestuous or unfortunate affair, either in business or personal matters. To dream of others shipwrecked may mean you feel unable to emotionally protect friends or family. If you dream that you are shipwrecked, then you are feeling at the mercy of your emotions and powerless to successfully navigate the situation. You might be burning out from overwork or chronic stress, so take time to consider where in your life you are feeling powerless to create positive change.


Shoes are a means of moving ahead. Shiny, new shoes might suggest a journey is about to begin. Well-worn shoes, on the other hand, might indicate you are weary of the journey or that it is near completion. Mismatched shoes could mean the journey is multifaceted. Consider the old cliché, “If the shoe fits, wear it.”


A tool for digging, a shovel in a dream may indicate you are searching for something or are about to embark on a quest for inner knowledge. A shovel might also represent labor or hard work ahead. A broken shovel could mean you are experiencing frustration in your work.


To dream of taking a shower may symbolize cleansing or spiritual renewal. It might also signify a bonus, reward, or blessings being showered upon you.


If you dream of being ill, ask yourself if you’re in need of care and pampering. This dream might also be a message to watch your health. A sick family member represents some issue that is troubling your domestic life.


Hearing singing in a dream signifies a pleasant and cheerful attitude. You may hear promising news soon. If you are singing in the dream, note the type of song you are singing.


Six is almost always associated with career, so notice what is happening with your work life when six shows up in your dreams. Six was the number of days it took to create the world according to the Bible, therefore some spiritual texts associate it with worldly pleasures and the imperfection of humankind. Often six symbolizes romantic relationships, whereas the number two describes all types of relationships. Six is the sensual lover aspect. If in your dream you are at “sixes and sevens,” you are scattered and need to organize your thinking around a particular situation.


Dreaming of skating may signify you are gliding over a matter at hand, or you may be skating on thin ice. Make note of all the aspects in the dream. Are you headed toward something? Are you skating away from something? Skating can be liberating, but it can also be frightening if you’re not sure how to do it. (See walking and running.)


To dream of a skull and crossbones is a traditional sign of danger and possible death — a warning. If you just dream about a skull by itself, notice the feelings in the dream. Most likely this is a dream about personal transformation (like dreaming of a corpse or dying), not about death. One skull looks just like another, so think about where in your life you might be feeling a loss of your unique identity, or where you might have “lost face.”


Dreaming of the sky symbolizes hope, vitality, and a creative force.


If you dream of smoke filling a room, it suggests a situation is being obscured. On the other hand, if the smoke is clearing, clarity is imminent.


A snake is an archetypal image that can have numerous interpretations. According to Medicine Cards: The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals by Jamie Sams, and certain Native American teachings, snakes represent transmutation. Snakes do not always have a negative connotation; they also symbolize healing. A snake coiled around a staff is a symbol of health and medical practitioners. Are you afraid in the dream? What associations do you have in your waking life about snakes? Consider your feelings and the events in the dream before making a final interpretation. Analyze your dream and what’s going on in your life to see what makes sense for you.


Snow can represent purity if seen in a pristine landscape. Because snow is a solidified form of water, it can also stand for frozen emotions. If the snow is melting, frozen feelings are thawing. To find yourself in a snowstorm may represent uncertainty in an emotional matter or sorrow at failing to enjoy some long-expected pleasure.


South is the place where daylight is the longest and the brightest, where the sun most evenly bathes all equally. It equates with summer. South is also a metaphor for declining fortunes. If you are “heading south” in a dream, you might be experiencing a reversal in your plans. In astrology, the south relates to childhood, your heritage, and the past. If you dream of returning to the south, you may be revisiting your past or past lives. In some South American shamanic traditions, the goal of the south is to shed the old and the past so the present can come into being.


A spaceship in a dream may suggest a journey into the unknown or a spiritual quest.


Thrusting a spear at someone in a dream may represent an effort to thrust your will on another person. If the spear is hurled over a field or toward a mountain or an ocean, the dream may mean you are making a powerful statement to the world (see field, mountain, or ocean).


Spiders may symbolize a careful and energetic approach to your work. Most likely you will be pleasantly rewarded for your labors. To dream of a spider spinning its web signifies your home life will be happy and secure. A dream of many spiders means good health and friends. Spiders also represent creativity, so you might be experiencing a need to express yourself creatively at this time in your life. If you are afraid of spiders, you fear something happening in your daily life will trap you.


A square shape represents solidity and a strong foundation. If you dream of squares, you may need to be precise in your work or personal life. You might be building a strong foundation in some area, or trying to “square things” with someone else if you’ve had a misunderstanding or dispute. If you are called “square” in your dream, you may feel left out of a group or that you don’t fit in somehow. If you are hiding in the corners of a square structure in your dream, you may feel “cornered” in some way and want to protect yourself. A square can also represent equality and balance, as no one side is longer than any other. If you dream of a town square, you may be feeling the need to get together with others for companionship and common activities.


Squirrels are resourceful creatures that save and hide food to get through the cold months. To see these creatures in your dream may mean you need to “squirrel” away some of your resources in preparation for leaner times ahead.


Climbing a stairway in a dream can mean you are on your way to achieving a goal. Descending a stairway, or falling down one, might indicate a fall in prestige or economic status. To sit on a step could suggest you are pausing in your everyday life to consider where things stand.


Dreaming of a statue or statues could signify a lack of movement in your life. Statues are also cold and can symbolize frozen feelings.


To dream of a stillborn infant indicates a distressing circumstance or a premature ending to a new venture.


Stones, rocks, and boulders in dreams can have various meanings depending on the circumstances and feelings in the dreams. A stone can represent a person in your life whom you feel you cannot reach on an emotional level. Someone could be “stone cold” to what you desire. Or, you may have withdrawn emotionally from a relationship and your dream imagery is letting you know that your feelings have gone cold for that person. If, in your dream, you are dodging stones, think about whether you feel attacked on some level in your day-to-day life. Because stone is hard, dense, and enduring, it can also represent qualities of strength, endurance, and solidity — you may feel that someone in your life is a solid person or that you yourself possess these qualities. If someone is being stoned in a dream, you may be receiving an intuitive message that someone you know is addicted to drugs or is feeling victimized. Work with your own connotations about stones to come up with the interpretation that works best for you.


To dream of an approaching storm indicates emotional turmoil in some aspect of your life. Dark skies and thunder may also warn that danger is approaching. Alternately, a storm could symbolize rapid changes occurring in your life.


To dream of being suffocated may have to do with the way you’re sleeping. Is your breathing being obstructed in some way, by a cold, asthma, or a blanket? If not, it’s possible you fear being bossed around or caged in. Other people or circumstances may be suppressing your expression.


A dream of killing yourself probably is a symbolic reflection of what’s going on in your conscious life. Such a dream might reflect a personal transformation, divorce, career change, or other major life shift. You are essentially killing your past — becoming a new person.


Dreaming of the sun is usually fortuitous. The sun symbolizes light, warmth, and energy. In Native American lore, the sun represents the father or the masculine principle.


A dream of swimming suggests you are immersed in an exploration of emotional matters or the unconscious.


A sword is a symbol of strength and power. It also can cut to the bone. Dreaming of a sword might suggest that aggressive action is required.


To dream of an empty table might suggest a concern about a lack of possessions. A table laden with food may symbolize a time of abundance.


The appearance of a tambourine symbolizes a need for fun and joyful expression.


Traditionally, tattoos were associated with the strange and exotic, although they are much more commonplace today as means of self-expression. To dream of seeing your body tattooed suggests you want to wear your true beliefs and feelings in a way that can be seen and known by others. You may also feel a need to express your originality and uniqueness, and to stand out from the pack. If you dream you are a tattoo artist, you may want to help others express their unique gifts and talents.


Dreaming of teeth is one of the more common and shared dream experiences. Interpretations can range widely depending on what is happening to the teeth in the dream. On the most basic level, you show your teeth when you smile or feel comfortable enough with another person to relax. Teeth are part of your appearance, so if you dream of losing your teeth or that your teeth are dirty or damaged, you are having an anxiety dream in which you are worried about how you appear to others. Teeth also enable you to take in nourishment, so you may be receiving information about your ability to nourish yourself or to digest some situation in your life. If you dream you are biting something, you might desire to “get your teeth into” a project or situation at work. If you dream your teeth fall out, this is an expression of anxiety. Think about what is causing anxious feelings or where you feel your might be seen as inadequate.


A telephone might symbolize the attempt to contact the unconscious. If the phone is ringing and no one answers, the dream might suggest you are ignoring the call of your unconscious. If you have trouble hearing the person on the other end of the line, it suggests you’re having problems communicating in a relationship.


A tent provides shelter and is usually associated with camping. A dream of a tent could indicate you need a getaway — a retreat from everyday life.


Texting in a dream signifies a desire to communicate. You are trying to get your message across to someone. Notice the emotion associated with the action. If you are frustrated and can’t get your text message the way you want, perhaps you feel unable to communicate with a particular person in your waking life.


Thawing represents a rebirth or a return to pleasant conditions. To dream of seeing ice thaw may mean something or someone who’s been giving you trouble will soon yield. Your emotions or feelings in regard to old injuries or resentments can also be thawing.


If you dream of someone stealing something, the implication is that something is being taken from you. It could be a boss or colleague who is stealing your energy or ideas rather than an actual theft of goods. If you’re the thief, the message may be a warning that you are taking what you don’t deserve and should change your ways.


A dream in which you are thirsty suggests you are in need of nourishment — physical, mental, or emotional. To see others relieving their thirst suggests nourishment may come from others.


A thorn may represent an annoyance of some sort, such as “a thorn in your side.”


Three is the number of the triangle, the trinity, and the mysteries of body, mind, and spirit. Three almost always represents creative self-expression and nurturing mother energy. If three shows up in your dreams, ask yourself what creative projects you are being prompted to begin or continue. If you are dreaming about a relationship and three shows up, beware of a triangle. This symbol can also portend a pregnancy.


Aggressive and fierce in the wild, these animals in a dream may mean you feel threatened at this time or fear repercussions for your actions. However, if you see yourself fending off an attack, this may mean you will be extremely successful in your ventures. If you dream you have a tiger by the tail, you are conquering your fears and feeling empowered in your waking life.


Swift and terrible agents of destruction in nature, tornadoes in dreams suggest your emotions concerning a particular situation could be hurtful to you and others.


To dream of a seething torrent of water suggests profound unrest in your emotional state or that of another person in the dream.


This is the term for your animal or spirit guide. Usually, your totem is the animal to which you have the deepest connection. If you’re afraid of an animal in your dream, it is not your totem.


To dream of a tower could symbolize vigilance, as a watchtower, or punishment or isolation, as a guard tower. Dreaming of being in an ivory tower indicates you or the subject of your dream are out of touch with the everyday world. Usually a tower in a dream represents the realm of your mind, ideas, and beliefs.


A train symbolizes a journey. If the train isn’t moving, the dream might be suggesting some impediment in your life. If you can’t find your luggage, you might be concerned that you’re not ready for this journey. If you are on a smoothly running train but there are no tracks, you might be concerned over some affair that will eventually be resolved satisfactorily. Traveling on the wrong train may indicate you’re on the wrong track or going the wrong way.


A dream of a treasure may suggest hidden talents or abilities that you can now unearth. It could also indicate latent psychic abilities.


When you dream about a tree it may represent a desire to be out in nature. A tree might also symbolize a part of your life, your body, or even your home. Trees in dreams may indicate whether or not you feel securely rooted in your life. Notice whether the tree has leaves, flowers, is in the process of shedding leaves, or is in the dormant stage during winter. Dreaming about a tree whose leaves are falling may be a message that some part of you or your life is in transition. You might be losing something that was an important part of you. A tree in winter, bare of leaves, may mean you feel exposed at the present time. Dreaming of a tree whose roots are exposed may mean you are being uprooted and are worried about your safety. Trees can represent your foundation and sense of security. They can even denote your family ancestry — your family tree. Notice the type of tree as well, as that may provide more information about the dream’s message.


A dream of being on trial suggests you are being judged or are afraid of being judged. Alternately, a trial in a dream could indicate you are judging others (or yourself) too harshly.


Triangles have many spiritual and mystical meanings. In relationships, triangles represent worries over unfaithfulness or betrayal. If you dream of triangles, you may have three projects or concerns with which you are dealing, and each may feel equally important. A triangle in a dream could represent the trinity, or body, mind, and spirit. You might feel you are caught in the middle between two people. A triangle has beautiful symmetry and harmony, so you may be in a period in your life during which you feel balanced and peaceful. Triangles in dreams can also indicate that you need to look at a situation from more than one angle to see the whole picture. If you dream of a pyramid, you may be dreaming of past lives or of a desire for greater mystical knowledge.


A tricycle indicates you feel you need support to get where you want to go. Perhaps you need additional training to be successful.


To dream of triplets indicates greater success than anticipated. For a man to dream of his wife having triplets represents a happy occasion, overflowing feelings of joy, and good will. Triplets contain the symbolism of the number three, so read about the meanings for the number three as well as triangle to decipher your dream.


From a Freudian perspective, a dream of a tunnel suggests a vagina, and a train entering the tunnel represents sexual intercourse. Usually, however, a tunnel shows you moving from one part of life to another, but you can’t see the outcome yet. A tunnel may also be a link between two conditions. When you exit the tunnel, you will enter a new state of mind.


Although dreaming of a turtle might symbolize slow, painstaking movement, the shelled creature is also a symbol of spiritual development and patience. It could mean you feel at home wherever you go. If you dream the turtle is out of its shell, your dream might be telling you it’s time to come out from under your shell.


If you hear a bird tweeting in your dream, most likely this portends a message (see twitter).


A dream of twins may mean there are two parts to a matter of concern or two aspects to your personality. Read more about the vibration of the number two to gain more understanding.


If you dream you are twittering, then, like texting, you are trying to communicate with someone. If you dream you are trying to twitter and can’t, you feel blocked in your ability to communicate at this time — even in short, brief communications.


Two is the number of relationship and partnership. When it shows up in your dreams it may be telling you something about your personal or business relationships, the opportunities and the challenges. Two is also the number of harmony and balance, as well as duality — of opposites. You may be asked to make a choice between two options.


If you or someone in your dream is ugly, you feel unattractive. Or, you don’t like your own or another’s behavior. This dream could point to an unhealthy trait that you or another possess. You may also fear rejection based on superficial criteria.


If you dream you have an ulcer, something is eating at you. What in your waking life is bothering you? If the ulcer is bleeding in the dream, the situation is sapping your life force. Change the situation, or your reaction to it, if at all possible.


An umbrella represents protection against adverse conditions. Because rain (water) symbolizes the emotions, this dream could refer to an emotional flood from the unconscious. If the umbrella is closed and a down-pour is soaking you, it indicates you are open to your emotional needs.


To dream of being underground often symbolizes contact with your subconscious. Other images in the dream will provide more meaning about the nature of the contact. How do you feel about the situation? Is there something you’ve been hiding that should be brought to the surface? Do you feel protected by the underground cavern or room? Or are you hiding or being held prisoner? Dreaming of an underground railway could indicate passage to another state of being — a personal transformation.


A dream of underwear may mean you are exposing something that is under cover or hidden. It could also indicate that you’re bringing matters from the unconscious to the surface.


If you dream you are unemployed, this could represent literal events transpiring in your waking life at the time. More likely you are releasing fears that you won’t have meaningful work or that the work you do won’t support you. If you dream you are on an unemployment line, you feel you have to rely on others for your survival.


To dream of a unicorn is always a good sign — it means happy circumstances will soon be yours. Unicorns protect you and cancel out the bad forces around them. To touch the unicorn’s horn means you’ll have luck for months. Dreaming of flying on a unicorn suggests you’ll have true friendships and good health.


Riding on a unicycle requires balance and skill. If you dream you are on a unicycle, you may be trying to achieve balance in your waking life. If you fear falling, it could refer to a project or situation that requires a great deal of finesse and skill that you are not confident you possess. Alternately, you’re the “big wheel” and on your own.


A dream in which you urinate may simply indicate that you need to wake up and go to the bathroom. Symbolically, the dream may represent a desire to eliminate impurities from your life.


Dreaming you are vacuuming means you want to clean up something in your personality or your life. If the vacuum is clogged or not working properly, you feel unable to fix the problem at hand.


Are you afraid of losing your home, stability, or livelihood? Perhaps you want to break away from social regimentation and responsibilities.


Uncovering valuables may symbolize the discovery of self-worth or inner resources.


To dream of a vampire may indicate that someone is draining energy from you or taking advantage of you. The message is to guard against people who take too much of your time or energy. To dream of battling and staking a vampire suggests triumphing over someone with harmful intentions.


A vault usually holds valuables. Your ability to open it determines the nature of the dream. If you hold the key, the vault may be a symbol of wealth and prosperity. If you are unable to open it, the dream may signify that you are being frustrated in your effort to achieve wealth or a specific goal.


If you dream you are growing vegetables, you are in the process of creating something healthy and nourishing in your life. If you are eating vegetables, you are feeding yourself vital nutrients and feel good about doing so. If you dream you or someone else “is a vegetable,” you worry that you are not in control of your own destiny.


A dream in which someone or something is veiled suggests you’re hiding something or that something is being hidden from you.


Veins are like tributaries that carry blood to the extremities. If you dream your veins are blocked, you feel your vitality or life force is blocked in a certain area — work, creativity, relationships, and so on. If your veins are discolored in the dream, you may not feel fully energized and alive; you aren’t sending energy throughout all parts of your life.


If you dream of a ventriloquist, you should beware of deception and fraud. Who are you letting speak for you? Find your own voice.


If you dream of a verdict, you feel judged and believe what happens in your life is up to someone other than you. If you deliver a verdict, you have strong ideas about what other people should do, and want to control someone else’s behavior. You may also feel you are being treated unfairly in a situation. Or, you might believe you have done something wrong for which you need to be judged or punished.


If you dream of being a victim, it may indicate you feel helpless in a particular a situation. If someone rescues you, the dream suggests help is available.


If you dream you are taking movies with a video camera, you are trying to hold on to memories of experiences that are important to you. If you see a video of yourself, you may feel other people aren’t seeing your real self, just an image of how they expect you to be. If you are playing video games, you may be trying to best someone in your waking life. Or, you could be stuck in a repetitious pattern in a situation or relationship in which you feel games are being played.


The color violet is the highest frequency and is associated with the seventh (or crown) chakra, the place of divine connection. This delicate, ethereal color reminds you that the physical world is transitory. If you dream of violet, you may be in the process of having a spiritual awakening or wish to open more to spiritual concepts in your daily life. Violet is also one of the colors of wisdom. If violet shows up in your dreams, you may desire to withdraw from the world and retreat within. You may be a “shrinking violet” and need to be alone, or you might experience fear about being center-stage in your waking life.


A violin being played in a dream may portend a romantic interlude — a time of love and harmony. It can also mean that you or someone else is high-strung.


Encountering a visitor in a dream indicates that a new condition is entering your life. If you welcome the visitor, the change may be for the better. If you turn the visitor away, you’re unwilling to change or you don’t accept what is being offered.


Dreaming that you hear pleasant voices indicates positive communications and connections with others. If the voices are angry, think about where you are frustrated or angry with yourself or others. If the voices are sad, you need to process and release sadness or grief.


The eruption of a volcano or a smoking volcano may suggest that your strong emotions are rising to the surface and need to be expressed before you explode.


To vomit in a dream may be a dramatic exhibition of a need to rid yourself of something or someone. You need to eliminate something you truly cannot digest — thoughts, events, emotions, behavior, situations, or relationships.


Vultures clean up what is dead. If you dream of a vulture, it might indicate someone in your life is just waiting for you to fail. Perhaps you are being asked to clear out what is dead and no longer useful from your life. It may be time to let go.


If you dream you are a waiter or waitress, you are most likely spending too much of your energy taking care of others rather than focusing on your own needs. If you are being waited on, you feel you are getting what you deserve and that others are there to help.


Waiting in a dream is a sign that you are not in control of whatever it is you want to happen. Perhaps you are waiting for someone else or waiting for a situation to change. Waiting usually brings with it feelings of impatience and frustration, so think about where you are waiting in life and what you can do to move things forward.


If you dream you are at a wake you may be processing feelings of loss, or that an aspect of your life that you cherished has died. If you dream of people at your own wake, your unconscious is letting you know that other people are aware that some aspect of you has died.


A dream of walking means you are on your way toward a goal. Notice where you are walking. Do you encounter any obstacles? Is your path easy, or are you having difficulty? Walking and not getting anywhere indicates a static situation you need to change.


A wallet carries personal effects, such as your identification. It also contains money and credit cards. If you dream of losing your wallet, you may have concerns about your sense of self or your finances. What happens in the dream and how you react can help you determine its meaning.


If you dream you are putting wallpaper on the walls, you are trying to conceal or cover up something. If the wallpaper has an outdated pattern that stands out in the dream, you may have inherited old habits or patterns from your family that don’t really belong to you.


Walls, like fences, can protect or block. Where are the walls and why are they there? If you need better emotional boundaries, you may dream of putting up a wall. You may also dream you are putting up a wall to keep someone from you, or that someone you know is putting up walls in your relationship. Fears of intimacy could cause you to wall yourself off from your own happiness. This dream might also suggest you need better boundaries in your relationships.


A dream of war could relate to reliving your past in the military. Whether you’ve served in the military or not, a dream of war might symbolize internal turmoil or a need to make peace with yourself or others. By examining other elements in the dream, you may determine the message behind the aggressive behavior. This could even be a past-life dream.


If you are washing something in a dream, you may be attempting to cleanse or purify yourself. If a stain won’t come out, the dream may relate to a concern about something from your past connected with feelings of guilt.


Water is another of the primal symbols deeply embedded in the collective consciousness. The symbol of water has to do with movement, rhythm, life-giving nourishment, and the ebb and flow of your emotional nature. If you dream of water, most likely your subconscious is using this primal symbol to help you understand and process emotional issues. Emotional release dreams almost always involve water imagery. Consider your emotional state when you have water symbols in your dreams. If you dream you are drowning, you feel overwhelmed emotionally at this time in your life. If you dream you are trapped in ice or snow, your emotions have hardened and you are having difficulty identifying and releasing them. If the water in your dream is warm, pleasant, and cleansing, you are feeling emotionally balanced at this time in your life. A dream of water can also relate to the unconscious. In the Freudian perspective, water relates to sexual matters, usually the female genitalia (see lake, ocean, river, and waves). To dream of muddy water means your feelings about a certain person or situation are not clear. If the water is clear, you know what your heart desires. Rough water may connote problems communicating or getting along with a loved one.


Water signifies the unconscious or the emotions, so to dream of water-falls may represent a sudden or dramatic change in your emotional state.


Waves symbolize the power of the unconscious. Enormous breaking waves may represent powerful emotions; gentle waves suggest a tranquil state of mind.


Weapons may signify you feel under attack or need to protect yourself. Consider who is holding the weapon and how it is being used to determine the dream’s meaning.


A wedding unites two people, and dreams of weddings may indicate you’re in the process of integrating the masculine and feminine aspects of your nature. This dream might also symbolize a union of ideas or another type of partnership or connection. Weddings are joyful, social occasions, so dreaming of attending a wedding represents a desire for celebration and connection with others. If the wedding doesn’t take place, you fear a connection you are trying to cement in your life may not happen.


Dreaming of weeds suggests that something needs to be weeded out of your life. An overgrown garden might signify that something is being neglected in your life.


A well in a dream reveals that resources are available deep within you, although you may not be aware of them. To fall into a well symbolizes a loss of control regarding a matter at hand. A dry well indicates you feel a part of your life is empty and needs to be nourished. To draw water from a well denotes the fulfillment of emotional desires.


In many traditions west is the place of the adult and associated with the season of autumn. New life (the east) has moved through the ties of the past (the south) and come into full expression. Now it is time to move on. In the history of the United States, the west represented adventure, exploration, and the courage to move into the unknown. In the Peruvian shamanic tradition, west is the path of the warrior who has moved beyond fear and stands in harmony, balance, and peace. Because the sun sets in the west, something may be coming to an end in your life. Or you may be experiencing a peak in your professional or personal life, as west is also the place of attainment.


As in the saying “you’re all wet,” wetness represents uncertainty or a lack of knowledge. Maybe someone is giving you bad advice about a particular situation. If something or someone is wet in a dream, emotion may be clouding the issue or the relationship.


A whale is an enormous mammal, and to dream of one might indicate that you are dealing with a whale of a project. On the other hand, a whale dream may suggest you feel overwhelmed. Whales live in the water, so they can represent your relationship to the unconscious and the emotions.


Being whipped in a dream refers to two things: you feel you deserve punishment for some transgression, or you feel someone is taking advantage of you undeservedly. If you dream of whipping someone, beware of your own manipulative or aggressive tendencies.


Water represents the emotions or the unconscious, so to dream of a whirlpool may indicate that your emotions are in a state of flux and can ensnare you unless you exercise caution.


A dream of a whirlwind suggests you are confronting a change that threatens to overwhelm you. Pay attention to the other aspects of the dream. Are you facing this danger alone or with somebody else?


Dreaming of wind softly blowing means you may feel supported at this time in your life. If you dream you are walking against a brisk wind, it indicates you are courageous, able to resist temptations, and determined to get through obstacles in both your thinking and your actions. If, however, in your dream the wind blows you along against your wishes, it signifies you might feel you don’t have control right now in a particular situation or relationship in your life.


If a window appears in a dream, it may symbolize a view of your life from the inside out. Are there changes you would like to make? If the view is illuminated, the outlook is bright. If you are on the outside looking in, you may feel you have been excluded from something.


Drinking wine in a dream might be a sign of celebration. It can also represent an elevated or altered state of mind. In a spiritual sense, wine can symbolize a transformation. For an alcoholic or someone who has been affected by one, wine or other alcoholic beverages can signify a negative influence.


Wings provide a means of transport. In a dream, they may suggest you will soar to wealth and honor, or that you feel supported by others in your life.


The Halloween image of a witch might be symbolic of a scary or evil scenario. For those involved in Wicca or attracted to New Age ideas, a witch might indicate worshipping and respecting nature and the earth.


In Native American lore, the wolf symbolizes good medicine and represents the pathfinder — a teacher with great wisdom and knowledge. Dreaming of a wolf can be auspicious. Alternately, the wolf can be a symbol of a lone male aggressively pursuing a young female, as in the story of “Little Red Riding Hood.”


The appearance of different types of women can symbolize different things in a dream. Usually the woman will represent parts of yourself, whether you are male or female. Notice the woman’s actions in the dream to further understand how she relates to your waking life. Other people in dreams almost always represent an aspect of yourself. If you know who the woman is in the dream, then think about the qualities of that person and which of those qualities you may possess or aspire to possess. Even if the woman in question has qualities you don’t like, your dream will be showing you those qualities as part of your own shadow side. If it is a woman you don’t know in your waking life, notice the actions and the feelings in the dream. A woman on her own is not an archetype, but if the woman is a mother, a virgin, a prostitute, or a movie star, for example, then you are connecting to the archetypical qualities of each of those symbols. In that case, you should reflect on where in your own life you may be emulating, or desiring to emulate, a particular archetype.


Writing is usually difficult to read in a dream, so the message is often symbolic. Writing could serve as a warning, as in “the writing is on the wall.” Writing could also suggest your inner self is seeking contact with your conscious self. Ancient writings in a dream indicate you are seeking knowledge from the distant past.


Dreaming of a yard may relate to your childhood — a time when you played in the yard. The dream may symbolize a longing for a carefree time, more personal space, or something to fill the vacancy of the yard.


If you dream of a year, it represents a time period for something in your life to complete or manifest. That time period may or may not be an actual year. In your dream, the “year” may just represent a longer period of connected time. A year is a single period of time that embodies the vibration of the number symbol of one. It is one unit, just as one day is a unit and one month is a unit. If you dream of multiple years, the important element is the number, not the duration of time (day, month, year). Pay attention to the number in that case and look up what that number symbol means.


If you dream you are yelling at someone, it represents unexpressed anger or frustration either at yourself, another person, or a situation in your life that you feel unable to change. If you are being yelled at in your dream, you feel others are judging you. If you hear someone yelling from a distance in your dream, you may unconsciously be asking for help.


Yellow is the color of the sun, the life-giving force on the planet. It is linked with the third chakra, the place of your sense of self, your self-esteem, and your will. It is also often associated with an active mind, happiness, and the element of fire. If you dream of yellow, your mind may be particularly active right now. Or, you could be trying to empower yourself in your work and other areas of your life. Yellow is also associated with cowardice, the opposite of empowered will in action. If you dream that something treasured in your life is “yellowing,” you may fear some aspect of yourself or your life is fading away.


Saying “yes” to something in a dream or hearing or reading the word yes in a dream means you are ready to move forward in some area of your life. You feel positive about whatever choices you are considering at this time.


If you dream you are practicing yoga, you desire greater flexibility and physical ease in your life. Because yoga is a mind-body-spirit discipline, you may also be integrating these three facets of your life.


If you dream of a yoke or see yourself yoked in a dream, you feel compelled to do things for and/or with others. You may feel you can’t rely on your own power alone or accomplish your goals by yourself. To whom do you feel bound? Where are you following the directions of others in your waking life? If you are experiencing a transition in your life, this transition may have been thrust upon you and is not one you like (for example, a divorce you didn’t initiate).


A dream of a youth might signify that younger people are energizing you. Seeing yourself as younger in a dream may point to youthful self-empowerment.


Dreaming you are on YouTube means what is going on in your life is for public display. Notice your emotions in the dream. If you are happy about it, this means you desire to have a more public life. If you are worried, you feel parts of your life that you would prefer to remain hidden are being revealed.


Dreaming of zebras galloping indicates you want to accomplish something quickly. Zebras are herd animals, so you may need to connect with others at this time. Zebras also have distinctive markings of black and white — are you seeing things only in black and white in some area of your life? Perhaps there are shades of gray to the situation.


Zero is the empty space, the void, the unknown. When zero shows up in your dream, the answers you seek may not yet be known. You could also be experiencing emptiness in some area of life. On the positive level, you are ready to receive new gifts from the universe once you have allowed yourself to create open space in your life. Zero also forms a circle and can stand for wholeness and completion.

zip code

If you dream of your zip code, this dream is about your identity and the public persona you show the world. If you dream of a zip code you don’t recognize, you may be moving. If you dream of a zip code from childhood, you may be experiencing situations or emotions at the present time that mirror similar experiences from childhood.


Zippers bring things together or keep things closed. If you dream you are trying to zip something up, you are trying to keep something in your life from opening up and falling apart. If you dream you or someone else is all “zipped up,” you are reserved and have trouble being spontaneous. If you are told to “zip it,” you may feel you can’t express what you truly want to say.


If you dream of the signs of the zodiac, you may be dreaming of particular people in your life whose birthdays fall in those particular signs. Or, the zodiac sign could indicate the time when an event will start or reach completion. If you dream about the entire wheel of the zodiac, you are receiving spiritual information about your energetic vibration in the world and the influences currently at work in your life.


A dream of a zoo might relate to a feeling of being in a cage. It could also symbolize chaos: “This place is like a zoo.” Alternately, it could recall a time of recreation, relaxation, and pleasure.



19 Responses to Law of Attraction & Dream Dictionary

  1. Kiara Armstrong says:

    Thank you for expressing this, everything. I feel so happy because It spoke to me less of what would happen and more of words that have happened and are happening which made me feel like there is so much meaning (which I knew) but the meanings are from reasons in this consciousness that are only happening to help, give love to me <3 thus to all. <3 Namaste xoxox one love

  2. Mari says:

    could you explain a dream I just had? I had two dry areas on both so my arms, the forearm area, and coming out of them were ants, not a swarm just a steady number. I took my arms to several people to help me wipe off the dry skin because underneath was new skin but the ants were just coming out from underneath. this is, by far, the weirdest dream I’ve had in a while. I think I felt a little anxious in the dream but tried to stay calm as I looked for help and tried to make it seem like it wasn’t a big deal.
    Any insight would help. thanks, mari.

    • Aldora says:

      Mari, in order to interpret a dream – there’s way more information I would need about you than we can get into in the comment. It’s quite like a psych appointment. Takes lots of time and energy to figure out dreams. They do have meaning – just not as easy as one may think to interpret. Good luck, Aldora.

  3. Kathy Mantilla says:

    I’m so glad I found this site . I usually have bizarre dreams that I can never explain . Some of these on the list I already had dreams of . Funny that Mari mentioned about her bizarre dream . I had one similar and it was that my mother went to the doctor and had high blood pressure but then she also had a cut on the edge of her finger and in her cut finger came out a nail filer . I was so scared in my dream and wore up with anxiety which why I was trying to find answers and led me to your site . very informative and thank you

  4. Layla says:

    Please answere… I have a dream once a year about a girl being abused by her father and I save her, we walk through a dangerous lake and into the woods there’s cave and she wants to go their but I say ” no we must go in the woods, we must find the witch” so we walk and then we get tired so I lift the girl on my back and we fly and it hurts to fly and the in a crack between all the trees we see a figure walking in a brown cloak and she makes me feel safe, and happy I’m so relieved i found her, and then I wake up… Strange… Can you tell me what it means…

    • Aldora says:

      Hi Layla – I don’t interpret others dreams as there are too many things associated with them that I can not perceive without knowing you. Sorry and best of luck, Aldora.

  5. Kelsey says:

    My dad keeps having dreams of an apparition visiting him and asking if he’s ready to go. He keeps turning it away and says he’s not ready. Many of his dreams have been like this for the past month. He thinks he’s going to die… I would really like to know what is going on. It’s not something that I enjoy hearing about.

    • Aldora says:

      Hi Kelsey, I do not interpret dreams of people I do not know. Your father should seek advice about this if he is inclined to do so. Sometimes people mis-interpret dreams and let them be deciding factors that interrupt their everyday lives and decision making. Take things lightly and not so literally, use caution but don’t let it stop you from living your life. Good luck, Aldora

  6. Vanja says:

    It was a very strange day yesterday… I was unable to communicate normally with other people for a reason, unknown to me. When I went to bed later that night, I even told myself for some strange reason that this night I’m about to have prophetic dreams. And so it goes… I dreamt about being somewhere at the seaside for a vacation. Everything went smooth on the outside, people were happy and relaxed, but my gut feeling was very unsettling. I say myself sitting on the terrace of my rented apartment with a beautiful view of neverending sea, and staring in awe I suddenly saw a gigantic fire ball (maybe a meteor), falling rapidly from the sky. It must have crashed somewhere far far away, like on the other continent (I’m from Europe). Immediately I started to warn people around that we are in danger from a possible tsunami, because I was convinced that the meteor has fallen into the sea. However, nobody seemed to believe me… they were mocking me in disbelief. There was only one girl that believed me because she saw the same thing. Then there was suddenly another scene in my dreams: I walked into my rented appartment room and there were 3 animals and one person sleeping in peace. All 3 animals, a cat, a rabbit and a little bear slept with their paws covering their eyes. The person sleeping there was the girl that believed my story. But I think she had my looks, my figure – my body. But I – my conscience – stepped into the room. When I witnessed the animals and myself sleeping, I got a sense of peace and calm. Then suddenly I walked to the girl sleeping (myself?) and whispered in her ear: “WAKE UP! WAR IS COMING!”
    Needless to say, this dream really freaked me out. I still don’t know what to make of it. Could it be, that the dream was not about me? That it was a warning? That’s how it felt …

  7. donna guess says:

    i wonder if you would please give me just a bit of your insight on 2 quite disturbing dreams i recently had…….2 nights in a row these were the dreams…….1st night i dreamed a man (possibly someone i know who is deceased), he was raping a young man about 10-13 yrs old and i was nearby with a few other unknown people,they didnt seem like strangers. i was in distress and yelling,screaming at him to stop i couldnt seem to be ab le to physically get to him to save the boy, then he did it again as everyone but me was just standing there like it was normal..end of dream…….very next night i dreamed my 23 year old son had come home and was crying, devastated and told me he was raped and i comforted him and hugged him as he cried and i woke up crying and heartbroken…….i am so disturbed by these dreams and i feel ive got to figure them out……..any thoughts you could share would be appreciated……thank you!!!!!!

  8. Roman says:

    I still remember a strange dream I had, a few months to maybe half a year back. In it, I was outside of one the apartments in my complex, one I knew. On the flat concrete in front of the front door, was sitting my mom. Yet, it wasn’t -really- my mom. I don’t know if I can explain it properly, but whatever it was simply took form of her I feel. She’s not even able to sit on the ground in reality, or position her legs the way she did. She’s overweight, along with having a physical handicap that stops her from doing anything like that. Whatever it was, had sort of a strange presence, and it felt spiritual, almost higher. It seemed to have deep knowledge perhaps, I don’t know. But it attempted to make me manipulate my dream, by creating a kitten, in which I failed to do so. When I couldn’t, it said that I “wasn’t ready”. Could this simply just be some silly dream, or something more?

  9. zai lor says:

    what is the meaning of seeing small white dogs in your basement and having a feeling that you know/own the dogs, but at the same time you have never seen them before in real life?

  10. Brand new mommy says:

    I’ve never experienced anything like I did today. I dreamed my child’s fathers girlfriend put a spell on me to hurt me and took my baby out of my Arms. While dreaming, I heard my newborn baby crying and tried to wake up and opened my eyes but couldn’t get out of the bed. My body felt numb and heavy like I was pinned down. I looked to see my baby in his bed beside mine and I seen a dark figure peeking at me from the side of my bed. What does this mean because it scares me?

  11. joy bailey says:

    I had a dream where my ex boyfriend said he made me something, then I woke up, what do you think that means?

  12. Jessie lives long says:

    i had a dream in witch i was being abusedd. half way through the 9th attack i stood up and urinated on the abuser he punched me in my lady areas. the abuser looked exactly like my old schools princlple who everyone believed was a nice guy. after he punched me i asked him why he did that and he said nothing. he exploded into a thousand stars. i cried out for him and from the darkness and hand that i believed was his reached out and slapped me hard.after that everything went dark and a new scene t’was entered, i was in an unfamiliar bedroom and in the corner was a crying baby with my face but the body of a castrated monkey. then i woke up. Then suddenly a man with no face came out of the shadows and stroked me it was scary but i liked it. Obviously i was incredibly confused and some explanation would be much appreciate.

  13. January Elise says:

    dear jessie,
    After reading your comment i instantly recognised your dream. I too have been having this dream (mine is reccuring), but instead of a monkey is a man child.
    I too would be interested in a reply/analysis
    Thanks, jan.

  14. Vicious says:

    I have a question. Being Pagan and raised by Pagan parents, they both have passed away. I dreamt of my mother. She delivered me a message to go to the altar. It seemed real. I felt upset, extremely shaken. What am I to make of this?

  15. Heidi says:

    I keep dreaming of a witch in red velvet hood up. On her left side she has her arm and cloaked raised. When she reaches me, she hands me a baby from her cloak. It is cold.winter?

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