My Wiccan Ways

To help you understand how my love for all things Pagan / Wiccan came about – I have to go back, way back…

My dreams are the most vivid – and I rely on them for guidance. While dreaming, I can travel anywhere and my method of travel is usually flying – by spreading my arms out wide, taking a run and a leap I can fly like a bird. I often wake up giggling and holding onto my tummy, when diving down to the ground too fast. I feel like I’m on a roller coaster. It totally freaks out my husband when I sit up in bed in the dead of night and laugh out loud! But this is how realistic my dreams are, and the detail is incredible – very much like being awake, but knowing the difference from the dreaming world. I can smell someone’s perfume and pick out the scent, and colors are more intense than real life.

I’ve experienced many things in the sleeping world. Spiritual encounters with relatives that have recently passed started at age 5 when my Great Grandmother passed away. It was my first funeral and after my visit up to her casket I proceeded to spend the next hour in the bathroom crying. My Grandmother came to me that night while I lay sleeping. She sat down on the edge of my bed and brushed my hair to the side and told me she was just fine and everything would be alright. That’s how it started anyhow, and as the years passed the premonitions grew, and I was surprised to learn how accurate they were.

I was raised without religion, my parents wanted us to have the freedom to make our own decisions about personal beliefs. When I was very young I asked my Father – “What happens when you die?” He said…”when you’re dead,…you’re dead…lights out, that’s it!” It’s what he believed, but it was like putting me in a dark scary room. I was scared about death from then on…and had terrible nightmares after that. Don’t get me wrong – I had a wonderful childhood but my Dad believed in things only science could prove. As I grew up, I was always searching for more, but no religion seemed to fit. I loved all Wiccan things but never knew that Paganism even existed. I believe that it found me, when I was mature enough and ready to embrace it. It’s a wonderful thing that fit me to a “T”! I worship the Spiritual world, the Gods & Goddess’s, celebrating Mother Earth and practicing Herbalism. Healing yourself through herbs is something I’ve done and studied since I was a young teen. Making my own tinctures, potions & teas is a very rewarding and powerful feeling. I believe in the Spiritual, Astrological, Karma, Chance, Love, Soul Mates, Positive & Negative energy. I’m lucky enough to have the talent in all that is creative. I love to sketch, paint, clay sculpt, gardening and I have my own stained glass shop where I create my own unique designs. I collect antiques and love hunting for them. Check out “Aldoras Emporium” for some of my goodies you can acquire!


One of the greatest influences in my life is my Great Uncle Sage who is a Wiccan Elder he has mastered Hindu Palmistry, Therapeutic Touch, Reflexology, Meditation, The Silva Method and he is a Reiki Master. He saw the gift in me at a young age and started sharing his knowledge when I was a young teenager. Without his guidance I may not have found this beautiful path through life that I embrace with all my heart every day!


Come sit a spell, and have a cup of tea.

For a Kitchen Witch is what I be –

Ever minding the rule of three…

Blessed Be,

Aldora Dawn

4 Responses to My Wiccan Ways

  1. Reid says:

    Can you please email me a bunch of spells for either a kitchen Wiccan or fire Wiccan? Thank you!

  2. Mesarthim B. says:


    I am a relatively new, but I make charms and little trinkets. I want to help people, but sometimes if I am mad at someone while making the charms. They don’t turn out that well… The people I mean. Once I gave my brother a charm and he broke his arm in three places. Then again he broke his leg. I don’t understand what’s happening. Can you help?

    Your Friend,
    Mesarthim B.

  3. Arcane Dame says:

    Hello Aldora,
    Would you please recommend an online source for a large variety of herbs and flowers? I have checked out Mountain Rose but they seem pricey.
    Thank you in advance.

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