An FYI for all my readers…

DLljf-IWsAAniUr.jpg largeWant answers about life direction, hardships, advice, counseling, & spirituality? As a Solitary Elder and Wise Woman – I have 22 years of experience of holistic counseling, a Medic by profession & a Herbal Practitioner. I provide integrated wellness and achievable life strategies.

I have moved off grid and WiFi access is not as easily accessible as it used to be. I still get so many emails daily asking for advice on personal matters and I simply cannot answer all of you. Spending time online when you are off grid is very costly. I can only make the time for subscribed customers through my “Wise Woman Counseling”. For direct contact and info you can email me at AldoraWiseWoman at (I think you can figure that one out – trying to avoid the robots from emailing me!)

About Aldora

Come sit a spell, and have a cup of tea. For a Kitchen Witch is what I be – Ever minding the rule of three… Blessed Be Aldora Dawn
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