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Are You Lost?

Do you find yourself constantly trying to ‘fit in’? Always struggling to make connections with other people? Life’s tough and sometimes the feeling of doom and gloom is too much to handle alone.

I was in the same boat over 34 years ago when I was a teenager. I had a great Uncle who was a Wiccan Elder, a Sage. I was lucky that he spotted the differences in me and gave me some light ‘introductory to Wiccan’ reading material as Google just wasn’t a thing back then. My parents didn’t approve and discouraged it. Like I was a flower struggling to bloom and they restricted me from getting any water. I moved away from home at the early age of 17. I was strong and determined and decades later, I’m still in full bloom. Living my life in the Off Grid Wilderness. At one with Mother Earth and all the beauty she shares with me each day.

Can I help you? You bet!

Is it going to be difficult? Yes! Life is not easy, but with hard work – it’s rewarding. Besides, your life is worth fighting for!

You wouldn’t have come to this site if you weren’t already soul-searching. I’m here if you want to reach out. I have 5 new spaces for expanding my email group next month. This means we do one-on-one private correspondence for a week, sorting through your life, challenges, goals, fears – you name it, we will get through it together. You will never have to feel alone. Simply email me to set up your first appointment.

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