~Emails~ You all Make a Difference in my Life Everyday!

An incredible email from David, and like many others I get everyday. I am always very touched with kind words from my readers. My main goal is to help you all have incredible lives with many paths and that you understand all the signs that may greet you on your journeys. – Aldora

Good Morning Aldora,
I have never commented on any articles or websites till now. You are incredibly gifted and knowledgeable in your field. Just reading your website (and the comments listed) has given me a few more of the puzzle pieces I need for my journey. After the passing of my sister who was Wiccan and head of a small Covern for over 13 years, I became interested in her beliefs (which she did not openly talk about). As other people mentioned in the comments section, I began to see similarities and “gifts” that coincided with certain spiritual types.
I would like to submit a suggestion to those still researching Paganism, Wicca, and other Earth based spiritual religions. Go way back. Look for the oldest books and articles on your particular interests. Then research the authors to see what influenced them. This will provide a foundation and history of what you believe and will help “weed” out the fame seekers.
Thank you.


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Come sit a spell, and have a cup of tea. For a Kitchen Witch is what I be – Ever minding the rule of three… Blessed Be Aldora Dawn
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