House Magic

Your Home or Dwelling is a Deities Shrine. The roof and walls serve as a shield from the elements both physical and magical. A house sustains life, it’s sacred and powerful. The home can be transformed into a realm of positive energy that provides refuge from the ever growing negativity from the atmosphere in our world today.

A house cleansing ritual is a way to remove any negative energies that might be lurking in your home. This is especially useful when…

  • Moving into a new house,
  • There has been a lot of negativity there,
  • You’ve had a run of bad luck,
  • You sense an unwelcome energy-being or ghost,
  • Any time the energy feels heavy, dark, lethargic, or grungy.

In fact, it’s wonderful to do a purification ritual for your home regularly. You will really notice a difference in the feel of the house, and the smoothness of your life as well! Negative energies have a habit of collecting in our living spaces, and this affects our lives.

3-fold cleanse, purification, and blessing.
Part of the appeal of the Three-Fold House Cleansing & Blessing Ritual is that you can easily do it on your own, and it is very effective.

It uses 3 different Smudges of Sage, Cedar & Sweetgrass. Begin your house cleansing ritual by grounding, casting a Circle, invoking the elements/directions, and inviting any deities or guides you may like to help you. (This step is not strictly necessarily, but it will increase the potency of the work and also provide protection against unpleasant energies.)
~ Light a candle, invoking Divine Light and/or welcoming the Element of Fire. Wash yourself with the Light.
~Then apply the sage to the candle flame, and get it smouldering. Go around the house in a counterclockwise direction, wafting the smoke into every corner and closet.
~Pay particular attention to areas where water, electricity, or gas comes in or out, where the electrical panel is located, any heat sources, and appliances. Remember the hallways are rooms of a sort, too.
~In the center of each room, draw a circle or pentacle Above, and one Below.
~At every window, and even more so at every entryway, work the smudge in a circle spiraling in to the centre, or draw a pentacle with the smudge.
~While smudging with the sage, repeat this prayer: Cleanse this house and make it clear —Only good may enter here! When you’ve completed the house, snuff out the sage.
~Light the cedar, and go around the house. Use the same process, except for the rest you will go clockwise. While smudging with the cedar, repeat this: Blessings grace this cozy place it, All joy and peace may it embrace.
~After you’ve gone through the whole house, snuff out the cedar, and light the sweetgrass.
~While smudging with the sweetgrass, in a clockwise direction through the house, repeat this: Infinite Power of the Divine, Protect and bless this house through time!
~Once you’ve done the inside, go around the entire outside of the house with each smudge just as you did inside, and repeating the pentacle seal on every entryway.
~You may also do this around the entire property (unless other families live there too).
~End with this completion:By the Power of the Divine, This home is Blessed!, Blessed Be!
At the end of your house cleansing ritual, devoke any deities, guides, and elements/directions you’ve invoked, open the Circle, and snuff the candle. Now take a moment to feel the energy of the house now. It should feel very light, spacious, and clear.
(Caution – the use of smoke in the house may trigger fire detectors – if you disarm them, make sure to arm them after. You only need a little trickle of smoke – don’t flood the place or you won’t be able to breathe!)


A besom is best described as a wooden handled object used to sweep clean an area before it is used for ritual or spell work; which is why most people use an actual broom. Physically it can be as large or as small as is desired, and the materials it is made from can vary as well. It can be shaped like a fan or a cylinder or something in between. Anything that will remove negative and residual energy from a sacred space for the witch will do.

In the practice of witchcraft the main purpose of the besom is to sweep all negative energy away from an area in which a circle is going to be cast. This does not mean physically sweeping the floor with the besom; that should be done when cleaning. The metaphorical sweeping refers the moving of the air with the tool while visualizing the area being cleansed and ready for work. Make sure all areas that will be included in the circle, and close to it as well, are swept free of negativity and the energy of others before beginning a casting. The purpose of this movement of air is to purify an area before the circle is cast to prepare the area for magickal work.

When laid across the threshold of the house it can halts spells that have been sent to the house, and stop spells intended for those living within

Placed under a pillow dreams will be pleasant and the besom will guard the sleeper

Can remove energy from corners during a house blessing

Sweeps negative energy out of a person during a cleansing ritual

Can be used as the wand during a spell, especially if the focus of the spell is on protection.


We will cover these topics on this page soon to come…

House Lore

The Hearth




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  1. Nikki Powers says:

    Wonderful information here. How do I Devine any deities?

    • Aldora says:

      HI Nikki, Glad you like the site. There is no way in a blog that I can get into detail on how to evoke a god/goddess. It’s a very complicated, time consuming ritual. Once that only a very advanced elder Wiccan usually performs.

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