What’s Brewing?

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  1. SueRose says:

    Hi …love your website. Was hoping you can help with a recipe to balance hormones… nothing works from Doctors. ? . Something I can cook up myself X Thanks loads…

  2. bob says:

    Hi, i am looking for something for addiction and ADD, my biggest addiction nowadays would be cigarretts. I do not do well on ADD meds because they are addictive.

    I also have atleast mild depression/lethargy that accompanies the ADD.

    I have been doing some reading on herbal stuff, and figured wiccans can be a good source of that type of knowledge

  3. Sandra Trevino says:

    I’m very new to Wiccan.
    I love the idea of what it represents. Love, Respect, Peace. Not hate or ignorance. That all living creatures are as one and should be viewed as special to all’s well being. I am learning herbs and all the wonderful ways herbs can heal and give an over all balance to your mind and body. Question…what is the best way to write my “Book of Shadows”?

    • Aldora says:

      HI Sandra, and welcome to the Wiccan path! Write your book of shadows like you were keeping a diary. Document all your favorite recipes, meme’s, and words of wisdom. It’s your Grimoire of information – tailored to just you. So you can refer back to things you did. I like to section mine seasonally. So I can refer to last year’s Spring time sections to see what I need to do and when for things like planting my garden, etc. I keep track of full moon, daily temperatures, snowfall…what I cooked for dinner, invented recipes and tinctures. No book of shadows is the same as another. I like it to be big so I can add pictures and scrapbook clippings as well. By the time 10 years go by you may have a few volumes of books. So nice to leaf through your old ones and see what you were up to years ago! Blessings on your journey, Aldora.

      • Samwell says:

        try Jesus he is better than this path of wickedness.

        • Aldora says:

          hahahaha…to each his own Samwell. Nothing wicked about my path. The people of this world worshis over 5,000 gods & goddesses. What makes you think your’s is the right path?

  4. Lorna Friend says:

    Hi I was wondering what you would recommend to help ease the symptoms of menopause. Would really appreciate your help.

  5. Melinda Gower says:

    Blessings to you…..
    At my age after working on all Spiritual, I have enjoyed your help. I am a solitary Witch and work with the woods, earth and kitchen. I make many things, and bless our Goddess and Gods. I worship with the moon and I put my runes and crystals out to our Moon to be Blessed. I am so happy and contented. I also help a few people, close by and hope I can do more. Thank you for your help.
    Blessings to you )0(

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