Old sayings about Witches and Halloween….

-Take ten seeds from a Pumpkin shell, and go into the woods where the witches dwell. Plant them in front of the door in a cross, you will be rid of them without remorse.


-On Hallowe’en the witches resort, To test lovers hearts in a glass retort. If they turn black she knows what to do. Should it stay Red your lover is true. Throw ink down her well, to break the charm. And your lover is safe for it will shield him from harm.


-To see a white owl on Hallowe’en is a sign the witches are near. Throw a bottle of ink at his head and all are sure to disappear.


– (on Hallowe’en night) Backwards down the cellar steps you walk, don’t dare to miss a step, sneeze or talk. A lighted candle hold high over your head, at the bottom you’ll meet the man your to wed. If you turn to look, or laugh, or scream – the spells all off till next Hallowe’en.


-Look out Hallowe’en! When the witches ride their brooms astride, let timid maids beware! For oft they wait, for human bait upon the cellar stair!

– Fill the tureen for Hallowe’en and let the cups be clinking. For on this night to our delight the witches health keep drinking!

– All Halloween – when the world is wrapped in slumber, and the moon is sailing high, If you peep between the curtains you’ll see witches riding by.

-Good Luck for Halloween – On Halloween we’ll cast a spell, the witches will our fortunes tell, My true love I will try to find, I wonder who has me in mind?




– On Halloween you will not be scared of this witches broom  switching, because you yourself practice arts most bewitching.

– The fates tell by the cards your future destiny. But if you share an apple with a heart that’s fancy free on Halloween night at midnight a marriage it will be.

– With a goose wish-bone and four pumpkin seeds marked with the letters l-o-v-e, on Halloween place over door on the sill above. And he who first passes from under your future husband is to be – if he don’t blunder.

– Put on a witch’s cloak and hat, and gently stroke this old black cat, then watch the candles flickering flame and it may spell your true loves name.

– When doubt and fear creep o’er you and your heart is beating fast, look in a glass of water…if it’s clear, the die is cast.

– This is the night o’ Halloween, look at the witches here to be seen, your fortune at hand, a good one – very. In exchange for good things to make us merry.


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  1. Kat says:

    Friday the 13th, in the year 1313; marks the anniversary of a mass murder. Thousands of Knights Templar were executed in Europe.
    Roman soldiers were sent all over modern day Italy, Greece, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal etc. with orders to find and kill Templar Knights on the 13th. The misson was politically motivated by their enemies in high places.
    Sometimes called Free Masons, the Templar Knights were bankers to kings and Popes. A dangerous business it turns out.
    Many survived, and have since diversified their secret society. Today’s Masons are one of many groups that honor the traditions began by the Knights Templar.

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