Witch’s Cupboard

What’s in a Witch’s Cupboard you ask?

When I was young I had an attraction to herbs and their healing powers. Herbs to use for teas, tinctures, tonics, infusions, salves, oils, incenses, potions, and even in your daily meals. Common items found in a Wiccan cupboard might be: Spell books, books of shadows (grimoire), recipe & cookbooks. A collection of measuring utensils,  old glass jars, crystals, candles & talismans. If there’s a little “Witch” in you,  your also likely attracted to vintage and antique knick knacks, kitchen collectibles, cookbooks,  crystals and gemstones.

5 Responses to Witch’s Cupboard

  1. Amy says:

    This section would be great if it included plant names, properties, and historical info and uses. You have a lovely webpage.

  2. Nancy says:

    While young I was a more stone, crystal type, now I am older, I have some but not many. Haha one cupboard is dedicated to my spices and herbs tho! I cook with so many, I also got my love to build me two shelves extra on the wall. I am definately going to learn to make homemade things, after all it is what I love doing.

  3. Elisabeth says:

    I had a small bird fly in threw the kitchen door.
    Not the first time this has happened…
    Iv had a couple of death attempts…in the past.
    I get a little on edge…
    With the little winged messangers….
    What to do Now??? Is My Question??? All- Hallows is My Birthday!!! I hope Im Not going to have another death Attempt!!! Yikes!!!!

  4. SueRose says:

    Would love some help with remedies …recipes. .
    For lung clearing ..my mum has COPD .. made her up a batch to clear sinuses. .. does not seem to help lungs tho. If anyone has any ideas please help the ?

  5. Yesenia says:

    At my work they found two red objects with rope string tied the safety pin at the end is that what kind of Witchcraft is that

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