A Wiccan Altar is typically a piece of furniture, such as a table or chest, upon which a Wiccan practitioner places several symbolic and functional items for the purpose of worshiping the God and Goddess, casting spells, and/or saying chants and prayers. Upon the altar typically rests a cloth, used to protect the surface from damage by candle wax, spilled liquid, or dust from burnt incense. This cloth is often adorned by a Pentacle, or other spiritual symbol.

Common items on a Wiccan altar include: Athame, Broom, Candle, Mortar & Pestle, Chalice, Gemstones, Incense, Pentacle & Wand.

(Some of the items represent the Earth’s Four Elements, but elements may be represented more literally, with Gems,  Salt, Water, Plant Material, etc.)

An Altar is your place of worship – your sacred space, a place of protection from outside forces. Altars can be set up inside or outside. If you are a Green Witch and grow a lot of herbs, do a lot of protection spells – they are more effective if you have an outside Altar as well.  It starts with a piece of furniture, (a desk, chest, small table or armoire for example) This is where you place all your symbolic and functional items that represent you, and the path you follow. It’s important to keep your Altar area clean – dust free, with no clutter of other (non –Altar) objects around it.

It takes time to build your Altar, it’s a very personal process. Don’t be too quick to run out and buy everything you see because you want your Altar completed right away. The item has to feel right when you find it, almost as if you stumbled upon it and it was attracted to you.

3 Responses to Altar

  1. Kayti says:

    Hi there, Darling! I just wanted to say that I absolutely love your site! Your list of herbs is really helping me memorize. Thanks! 🙂

  2. River says:

    What I find strange is that I built little altars for years before realizing that I’m a witch. They always had candles and shells and stones and little trinkets and flowers or leaves that I became attached to. I love discovering those little things.

  3. victoria says:

    This is very interesting to me. I used to collect stange things and set out little stuff all over my room as a kid. My mom brings home pebbles, leaves and bird feathers because they attracted her attention. I am just recently looking into all of this. I feel very attracted to witchcraft. I don’t know what it is, but i has drawn me in for years now. Thank ou for maintaining such an informative site!

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